115 amazing instructions for the end times

115 Amazing Instructions From God For Living in the End Times

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Do you believe that we’re living in the end times?

I think that if you take a look at Scripture, then you can see that our world today lines up with many end-times prophecies.

The problem with living during the end times is that it’s so easy to get discouraged sometimes.

Open up your favorite news app and at the top of the list you’ll find news stories about wars, murders, and hate crimes.

When are these things going to come to an end?

And more importantly, how are you supposed to live your life as a Christian during the end times?

Ready not Jesus is coming back

You’re Setting Yourself Up For Failure

If you don’t know what the Bible says about how you are to live your life during the end times, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

There’s a reason that God put every single word in the Bible, and one of those reasons is to instruct you in how to live.

Not only do you need to know what the Bible says about how you should live your life during the end times, but you also need to obey it.

So did you know that there are 115 instructions found in the Bible that encourage believers to do certain things?

If you’re like me, then you probably had no idea.

But my friend, John Edmiston did.

John is a digital missionary who specializes in spreading the gospel and making disciples in countries in the 1040 window.

If you’re not familiar with where the 1040 window is on a map, then here is a picture..

1040 window

The 1040 window is an area of the world which has many people who need to be won to Christ.

Download this Free Resource

John is the CEO of Cybermissions and founder of Global Christians.org

John is the CEO of Cybermissions and founder of Global Christians.org

John is the founder of several awesome websites online, one of which is Global Christians.

I highly recommend that you visit his website and that you follow him on Twitter.

John has very graciously created this resource that gives you 115 of God’s amazing commandments that instruct you in how you’re to live in the last days.

You can download it for free by clicking on the button below.


God's commandments will save your life  

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115 amazing instructions for the end times

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  1. Just a couple of thoughts: 1) of course we’re living in the end times; the church has been living in the end times since the Spirit was poured out, and it will be the end times until Jesus comes back – whether that is tomorrow or another 2000 years down the line.
    2) Those instructions are simply how the Bible tells us to live – again, equally valid in all times and all places, whether Jesus is coming back tomorrow or in AD4015 (although I sure hope he comes sooner than that…). There are no special requirements for the last generation – it’s always been “follow me”, “make disciples”, “be holy”, “love God and love your neighbour”, “resist the devil” etc.

    Personally, I think it’s more important – and more fruitful – to focus on how we’re supposed to live here and now, in the situation we’re actually facing, than pretending that the times we’re living in are somehow special (and thinking so much about the end that we forget the present). Every age faces its challenges, and that’s what we should focus on. Jesus will return when the time is right; until then, I will concentrate on the job at hand.

  2. David, it is great that you are living by biblical principle snow, praise the Lord! However the Bible DOES give specific commands for those days, (as you can see if you actually read the PDF). With the return of Israel and the growing apostasy in the church millions of people around the world are seeking guidance on how to live for God in apocalyptic times. (John Edmiston – the author)

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  3. The gates to heaven are wide open to us all that believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit living on the inside. Choosing fleshly carnal desires over the Holy Spirit will be man’s fall from his loving grace. His amazing signs and wonders are appearing for all who seek his kingdom. Stay the course no matter what weak humans with fleshly desires choose. All our answers are in his word. II Timothy warns us what to expect. God bless us all during these difficult times.

  4. The book of truth is open to us as promised here at the very end. It won’t be accepted by many just like “they”
    wouldn’t accept our LORD when HE was physically on the earth. Most of the new knowledge
    is in Daniel 11, misinterpreted but now made alive by all the events. (I’m writing this in the midst of the CV)

  5. Good blog – I did get it on the bitly link – thanks. It’s very interesting. I believe some of those instructions are before the rapture and some after. Is Dani (above) speaking of the site, daniel11truth.com? Also an interesting site. I do believe the LORD is coming shortly. Praying for all whom the LORD has called will repent and be saved. Thanks

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