the greatest is love

Will You Be Able to Have a Great Love Like This? [video]

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Have you ever loved someone who couldn’t reciprocate your love? Maybe you loved someone and they weren’t able to show you that they loved you in the same way that you loved them.

Well, today’s blog post is just about that and there’s a neat video that you don’t want to miss either.

My Grandma’s Story

Summer times were my favorite times of the year. My sister, Marian, and I would visit my grandparents for months at a time while school was out. I loved spending time with my grandparents, especially my grandma.

She came to Christ at the age of 40. In her own words, she used to tell me that before she came to know the Lord, she was easily angered, she had no contentment, and she was after the things of the world.

But after she gave her life to Jesus, her life radically changed. She had love in her heart, she stopped lusting after the riches of this world, and she became an evangelist.

Her name was Yvonne.

Since she wanted for all of her family members to be saved, she would witness to us every opportunity she had.

When it came to my sister and I, she would tell us bed time stories about the Bible that were absolutely riveting. She was quite the storyteller and she know how to make it exciting.

To make the Bible more appealing to us, Grandma Yvonne would hold a contest between my sister and I. It was a scripture memorizing contest, whoever could memorize more scripture would get their favorite chocolate bar.

Oh the things we would do for chocolate :-).

I loved my Grandma Yvonne, she was a really special lady ♥.

But Then Something Happened

About 6 years ago, my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She was forgetting who her family members were, she wouldn’t be able to find her way home from a stroll in her neighborhood, and she was forgetting to take her medication.

She went home to be with the Lord a few years ago after living a glorious seventy-something years (sorry, I don’t know what year she was born).

So when I came across this video, it reminded me of the kind of love that my grandpa had for my grandma after she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Check it out.

My grandpa was a selfless man and he loved my grandma all the way until the end. After she got Alzheimer’s, he would make sure she took her medication, he would buy the groceries, make her food, and do all sorts of things for her that she could no longer do.

He loved my grandma so much, that within a few weeks of her passing away, he went home to be with the Lord too.

I now understand that my grandpa couldn’t have loved my grandma the way that he did during her final years unless he had the love of God in him.

God’s love enables us to love others even when we get nothing in return.  

The Bottom Line

The world will never know such a deep love unless they know Christ.

I hope that you never have to have a loved one get this terrible disease of Alzheimer’s.  But God forbid that you do, you’ll be well equipped to handle it because you have Jesus by your side.

the greatest is love

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  1. I really loved this story… It so reminds me of the love that my grandparents had too. Except my grandfather had a stroke and was unable to care for himself for 20 yrs… my grandmother was his sole caretaker til the end… she gave up everything to take care of him… not wanting to put him in a home as others wanted her to… I’ve always been in awe of love like that, always wanting to emmulate it. Thank you for sharing this special relationship with us!

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  3. How precious. Their love for each other was so apparent. It’s definitely the real love that only comes from God. I’ve never had anyone close to me with that disease, but I knew a couple in my church that endured it. She cared for him at home until the last two weeks of his life when he finally went to a nursing home. She didn’t do it alone; it was a family affair. Their daughters would relieve her so that she could go to church, run errands, etc. It was sad the few times I saw him during that time, and he didn’t recognize me. I could only imagine the grief the family felt. That was years ago, and they are both with the Lord now.

    1. Thanks Kaye for sharing that with us. I hope that you will continue to never have anybody that you know plagued with that disease. As you can imagine, it’s so hurtful when family members see their loved ones and they’re not able to remember them. But nevertheless, the love of God helps us to go through all of these things. God bless you Kaye 🙂

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