Are You Making This Mistake in Your Prayer Life?

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I know that when I begin praying, I’m supposed to start by thanking God for who He is.  I’m supposed to come to Him with a humble attitude and acknowledging what a great God He is.

But there are times when I’m so overwhelmed with something that’s going on in my life, where thankfulness and acknowledging how great He is go straight out the window.  Instead, I’m fixated on my problem and telling God how badly I need His help and how badly I need Him to intervene in my life.

Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever felt that way?

Many times we feel so overwhelmed with our life’s circumstances that we become paralyzed.  Maybe its triggered by something negative at work, our children messing up royally, or because of a relationship that has gone sour.

At that point we become so fixated on our problem and on ourselves, that it becomes super hard to be thankful or to have a Biblical perspective on life.

But there’s a cure for that.  Check out this video from the wonderful folks at Living Waters.

Isn’t that so true?

Imagine your prayer life where you always put others before yourself.  Imagine how your attitude would change and the joy that you’d have in your heart even though your difficult circumstances haven’t changed.

Imagine yourself becoming someone that is immovable by your circumstances, anchored in Christ, and giving thanks to Him ALWAYS.

That’s who Jesus wants us to become!

The author of Hebrews writes about Jesus:

“Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

How can the words “joy” and “cross” even be in the same sentence?

It’s because Jesus put OTHERS first.  He put YOU first.  He put ME first.  He put His Father first.

So the next time that you want to put you and your problem first, remember how Jesus ordered His priorities and follow His example.

Father First, Others Second, You Last

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  1. Thank you for sharing that reminder. One thing I love about Psalms is often David gets right to the point of pain. Unloads and then finishes with declarations of praise. Thank you for saving me in the past, You are the Almighty, I will YET praise you. In those dire moments of prayer venting, Holy Spirit reminds me to visit the altars of remembrance and my faith is strengthened.

    1. Amen to that Rebecca! I agree with you, the Psalms are just awesome and I love how David is just so real. He writes about his struggles, he writes about his pain points, and at the end he always gives God the glory for delivering him.

      What a wonderful God we serve 🙂

  2. There are two aspects that I observe in this and I believe that we need to consider them

    1. Jesus gave us a model prayer or what we call the model prayer, in Matthew 6 and also we have the Prayer guide that uses the Acronym A.C.T. S. which guides us to pray in that order Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication

    2. Just like us coming to the Father in Heaven consider a child coming to you with certain requests ( really many times we do act as children when we come to the Lord)

    There is a way to approach out Heavenly Father with awe and respect and we do this because be come to the Father through Jesus, and I am sure that Jesus when we come to Him in desperate situations and forget all that is around us many times, knows our intent and though we have a model prayer and have not used the procedure (for a lack of a better word) it does not mean that Jesus will not listen to our prayers.

    I will venture to say that if you focus on all of the needs that are around us, we will end up mostly just thanking our Lord for allowing us to be called Children of God and for the many blessings we receive daily, every breath we take every cent we receive all that we have comes from the Father in Heaven

    So the next time you have an urgent need, thank him for what you have, He gave you freedom from sin, he hung on the cross for you , for me without that life would have no purpose.

    Challenge: Have you an urgency to be a part of the great commission or is it just about you? Pray about your involvement to further the Kingdom as your first priority in life – check out

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head Mirv. You are so right, many people sometimes forget that Scripture gives us the model for how we are to approach our Heavenly Father. We really need to follow the directions of how God wants to be approached instead of following how we think we should approach God.

      Also, thank you so much for those links, I’m sure people from the Not Ashamed of the Gospel community are going to find it very helpful.

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