Video on Making Your Baptism Stylish Causes Christian Outrage

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Since a lot of people are still on break because of Thanksgiving, I’m going to be releasing the guide to getting thousands of followers on Twitter next week.  So be sure to stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, I share with you this video that gets filed under the heading of, “Oh my gosh, are you KIDDING me?”

I first saw this video and I was outraged and alarmed at the same time.

Nevertheless, I had to share it with you so that you can know the current state of Christianity in our country.

One friend of mine thought this video was a parody on baptisms.  I assured her it’s not Yell.

So what do you think of the video?  Should we do anything about it?

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  1. When I had my baptism done, they just did it in the auditorium of the church. Poured a pitcher of water over me on the stage. Simple as that. Of course they asked me some simple Christian theological belief questions first.

  2. I don’t see anything inherently wrong with this other than the message is completely missing. I mean, there’s no scripture that prohibits wearing a nice white dress and releasing doves, as long as you stay on point, which is accepting Christ and being redeemed by his blood.

  3. This is the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen in a while. Since when has the sacrament of baptism become a “fashionable thing”. Its not about fashion, or a party, or cake. It’s not even about you. It’s about Jesus. Thats it! Someone should (politely) beat the director/writer who thought it was a good idea to make this video. This is such a joke.

  4. So is this person a Christian I heard nothing about Christ in this video….. you understand what I mean…. I dont watch the show but she just kept saying stuff about purity but nothing about Christ….

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