The hidden truth behind evolution that some scientists don't want you to know

The Hidden Truth Behind Evolution That Some Scientists Don’t Want You to Know

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The subject of evolution is a controversial one.

There are some people who’ll try to convince you that it’s not.

These people are the ones that want to pass off evolution as something that’s an absolute fact.

Most teachers, professors, and scientists base their research and teachings on the theory of evolution.

It has become the most accepted theory for how the human race has come into being.

But the problem is that scientists who speak against evolution are automatically discredited, their work is scrutinized, and their intelligence is attacked.

Always speak the truth in love no matter the cost

The ability to voice your opinion without ridicule on the subject of evolution is quickly diminishing.

If you’re a scientist and have some criticism against evolution, then prepare to be made fun of, ridiculed, and maybe even lose your job.

How the Theory of Evolution Can Hurt You

If you don’t question the theory of evolution and just take it as truth, then you’ll be believing a partial lie.

Christians don’t debate natural selection or microevolution. But we do debate macroevolution which is also known as a “change in families.”

I’m planning on writing a future blog post in which I will share with you what some of the problems with the theory of evolution are.

So if you don’t want to miss out on that blog post and you’re not a subscriber, then click here to subscribe.

The biggest problem I have with the theory of evolution is that it tries to replace God.

When I was an atheist, I believed in evolution for many years even though I knew that it had its problems.

However, believing in evolution fit my lifestyle because I didn’t want to be accountable to Almighty God.

 living for yourself or hurt you but living for God will bless you

There are many scientists, who while conducting their research, have found that Darwinian evolution is failing to explain our universe.

Some of these scientists are getting punished for voicing their thoughts on how evolution is falling short.

But nevertheless, some of them are standing bravely behind their scientific research and convictions.

One Website That is the Voice of Skeptical Scientists

I recently came across an excellent website called Dissent From Darwin.

This website says that there are many scientists that are having trouble justifying Darwinian evolution as the theory that explains our universe and the human race.

They have signed their names in a petition to voice their stance that they have problems with evolution.

They are scientists from all over the world, and some of them come from the most prestigious and well-known universities like Harvard and Princeton.

So go ahead, and click on the button below to go visit the website.

And don’t forget, don’t just believe what is on the Internet and what’s written in textbooks.

Question everything and find out the truth for yourself.

It's better to question something and live the truth

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Not everything about the theory of evolution is true.

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  1. “These people are the ones that want to pass off evolution as something that’s an absolute fact.”

    There are countless thousands of powerful evidences from DNA sequencing that have repeatedly shown all life shares a common ancestor. Evolution is the strongest fact of science. If this fact conflicts with your religious fantasies nobody cares.

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      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I welcome all sorts of opinions and I love it when they differ from my own 🙂

      The topic of evolution isn’t as simple as some would like to make it out to be. If you notice in my blog post, I said that believing in evolution is believing a partial lie. There are some parts of evolution that are well supported like natural selection.

      However, what is not supported at all and cannot be proven is a change in families. For example, you have the canine family and the feline family. Darwinian evolution says that one type of family evolved into another type of family. However, this is not supported in the fossil record.

      If you’re interested in more information about this part of evolution that I’m referring to, then please watch this movie .

  2. If you were to present one scientifically verifiable dispute to evolution we would love to hear it. But you can’t because there isn’t any. We don’t care about proving or disproving the existence of your God. It’s irrevelvant. You are just fooling yourself- and that’s fine- just don’t you dare try to teach your beliefs in a science class.

    1. Post

      Thank you very much Bill for proving my point. It’s your kind of attitude that I’m referring to in my article.

      As far as evolution goes, I’m not arguing against natural selection. If you read my article, then I said in it that the problem with the evolution is that it is a partial lie.

      The problem that I have with the evolution is the change in families. Please note that I’m not talking about changes at the species level but at the family level when it comes to the scientific hierarchy classification. For example, you have the canine family and the feline family. Darwinian evolution says that one type of family evolved into another type of family. However, this is not supported in the fossil record.

      Furthermore, the burden of proof for evolution is not on me is on you. If you recall, science is based on the scientific method. Part of the scientific method is that you create a hypothesis and then an experiment. Then the experiment can be tested and then you can verify the results in any laboratory.

      If this can be done with evolution, then there wouldn’t be such a debate in the community.

      Lastly, there is plenty of scientific evidence that shows that Evolution is not true and what is written in the Bible is true. In fact, I can give you an example from an article that I read yesterday. Here’s the link to it if you’re interested.

  3. That’s a great website Peter. I have a friend who’s a biochemical engineer and he talks about the mathematical impossibility of biochemical evolution. He says his scientist friends who are evolutionists simply ignore that. I think though that as our knowledge grows even the secular scientific community will come to realize we need to rethink the answer to the question. It seems the website you shared is the beginning of that process. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Thanks so much Kurt for your kind words. Your biochemical engineer friend sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders.

      I pray that you’re right about the secular scientific community coming to a realization that we need to rethink the answer to this question. I think the teaching of evolution (macroevolution) in schools and universities really is a stronghold of the enemy that we need to pray against.

      Blessing bro 🙂

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  5. Hi Peter, I don’t know if I can make a clear and logical contribution to this subject. I think that the main issue we face in presenting an argument for creation to atheists and evolutionists is that we tend not to look at evolution as a religion in its own right.

    Engels, Marx designed Evolution into a religion to be a vehicle to move humanity away from the truth in the nineteenth century. They enshrined it in communism to enforce on the people a godless totalitarian regime which would not tolerate the truth as Christians know it.

    You have only to look at the place of socialism in the United States to see how effective their plan has been in educating the people toward a Godless society and a New World Order. It is becoming more and more obvious that the a growing part of the population are becoming less tolerant of Christian ideology and are now prepared to be both openly dismissive of Christianity and even prepared to attack Christians.

    We live at and interesting juncture in time where I believe we are close to the end of the Church Age and the tribulation. I feel that we can only do as Christians have always done and share a simple version of the gospel to those who are lost and may be found. The Holy Spirit will convict them and they will repent of their sin if that is what is meant to be.

    When the end game of the Mystery of Iniquity plays out in a satanic tyranny many will cry out to God in repentance and in search of forgiveness. Our part is to sow and water in anticipation of a great harvest of souls in these last days.

    1. Post

      Thank you Bruce for sharing your perspective through your comment. I think it’s very valuable for people to see all sides of the argument and you bring in an interesting perspective on this very important topic.

  6. Hi Peter I feel the same way there is no change of kind. Therefor you cannot prove evolution. Just as Ray Comefort says in the video evolution vs God science is something that you can test and observe but you know it is a fact. Macro evolution makes not sense since that is a change in kind hence that shows that micro evolution is fact Marco is false. Last you need more faith to believe in macro evolution than you do in God since we have Jesus and the Bible they only have blind faith.

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  8. One? Really? Just one? Ok here you go 1 scientifically verifiable fact that evolution is not possible especially on a macro level. Not 1 single change that alters the physical anatomy of a species in a major way has ever been more than a defect or abnormality that has made the subject in question more likely to succumb to natural selection. The Dna you referred to is as I am sure you know is programmed to destroy these mutations. The best a species can do is adapt to the environment. Now lets not stop there. For a species to thrive it needs the correct climate, food, water and in the case of primates a male and female. Apart from those the species would fail. Now lets say 50 billion years to be very generous. By complete chance, males females of the same species, a food source in the perfect climate close to safe to drink water all have to come together at one perfect place in time and then they have to produce offspring.. then all of that has to happen an infinite more times to populate the earth with every genus and subspecies all the while natural selection is taking place. It is not possible under the most accomodating circumstances. This doesnt even make it to the realm maybe its a mathematical impossibility. Lastly the same science and math that requires our atmosphere to have stayed within certain parameters to correctly date our earth requires vastly different and unknown values to promote the beginning of life.

  9. If evolution were to be proved to you, to your satisfaction, Peter, would that change your mind about Jesus?

    Evolution doesn’t speak to the origin of life or the origin of the universe. It only addresses the biological evolution of species. If you accept “micro” evolution, then you accept “macro” evolution as there is no difference, only time makes a difference.

    If you believe that evolution says a “monkey gave birth to a man” you don’t understand what evolution is saying. Those tiny changes that make your children look different from you add up over millennia and it’s only when we look backward over time that it’s possible to show how the offspring of a creature 1000 generations ago are now a fully different species.

    Anyway, millions of Christians accept evolution and have no trouble fitting it in with their beliefs, to say that Christians don’t believe in evolution is flat wrong.

    1. Post

      Hi Lucas, I really like the points that you bring up. I enjoyed reading your comment, it’s very smart.

      Here is my opinion. I do not believe that micro and macro evolution are the same. Let me explain. Microevolution is also known as natural selection which is what you referred to briefly in your comment.

      Macro evolution is not a change in species. So as I’m sure you know, in the scientific classification system, it’s broken down as follows (1) Kingdom; (2) Phylum or Division; (3) Class; (4) Order; (5) Family; (6) Genus; (7) Species. Macro evolution is a change in family, or is also known a change in kinds.

      So for example, there is the canine family. Look at the variety within the dog family, or kind—
      from the tiny Chihuahua to the huge Great Dane. They have incredible differences, but they are still dogs.Within the horse
      kind are the donkey, zebra, draft horse, and the dwarf pony. Despite their distinctions, all are horses. There are huge variations within humankind, from Asian to African to Aboriginal to Caucasian. But we are all within the same species, Homo sapiens.

      Darwin’s theory of evolution, is based on the concept of macroevolution. This is the inference that
      small variations within a kind can accumulate and lead to large changes over long periods of time. One
      kind of creature (such as a reptile) will supposedly become another kind of creature (such as a bird),
      requiring the creation of entirely new features and body types. I don’t believe that there is any scientific proof that this is true.

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