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The Myth of You Can’t be a Serious Scientist and a Christian Debunked [video]

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Some atheists would have you believe that you can’t be a serious scientist and a Christian at the same time.

These are the same people who paint the Bible as if it’s something that is for those who believe in fairy tales.

“If you believe in the Bible then obviously you are either not well-educated, you can’t think for yourself, or you just sniffed a bunch of glue when you were a kid and you don’t have many brain cells left,” they would have you believe.

I should know about these types of people because I used to be one of them.  I was an atheist for 8 years of my life before I gave my life to Christ.

The Lie That’s Going Around the World

There is a myth on college campuses, in the scientific community, and in many countries around the world that would have you think that science and Christianity are in opposition to one another.

But that is just a lie.

So when I came across this video, I thought I would share it with you.  Check it out, it’s just 3 minutes long.


The Bottom Line

Like Andrew mentioned in the video, there are many world views that claim different truths about God.

There are some, who in an effort of wanting to be agreeable and likeable, say that all the different truth claims about God are true and that everyone will experience their own truth. So…

  • If you’re a Christian, then after you die you’ll go to the heaven written about in the Bible.
  • If you’re a Buddhist, then you’ll get reincarnated in the next life.
  • If you’re an atheist, then when you die the lights will just turn off and there is no afterlife.

This world view that all truth claims about God are true is so appealing because it promotes love and tolerance but really, it’s poison in a perfume bottle.

But because of the law of noncontradiction, which states that contradictory statements cannot be true in the same sense at the same time, we know that there is only one truth.

John 14:4


If you believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father, then share this on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.  You never know how God will use a video or a blog post to plant a seed in someone who has yet to know Christ.

science and christianity

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