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Does Christian Hip Hop Smell Like the World?

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Have you ever given any thought to Christian hip hop? Actually, did you even know that there is a genre of music called Christian hip hop?

As it turns out, there’s some debate about this type of music.  In this blog post, I’ve included a Christian hip hop video that I recommend you check out so that you know what we’re talking about.

Either way, whether you’ve heard about Christian hip hop or not, it’s important that you take a stand on which side of the argument you’re on so that you’re not caught off guard if it ever comes your way.

But First, a Little Bit of My Testimony

I grew up in a church where we only sang hymns.

For the longest time, I was so entrenched within the 4 walls of my church that I didn’t know that there were other kinds of Christian music in genres like country, blue grass, rock, metal, etc.

My testimony is one of a prodigal. My grandma led me to the Lord when I was a child. I walked with God as a boy until my senior year in high school.

That’s when my family went through a MAJOR trial that rocked our world!

I asked God to help my family during this trial that we were going through. I asked Him change the rough times that my family was going through and to come through for me the way I wanted Him to.

But He didn’t.

At the time, I didn’t know that this trial was a part of God’s plan to do something deep in my life as well as in my mom and dad’s lives too.

So I blamed God and I walked away from Him for eight years, where I did what was right in my own eyes.

I partied, drank, had “fun” until finally I had enough.  I was empty, life was pointless, and I was ready to come back to God.

So I rededicated my life back to Jesus after those eight years.

When I came back, I came back with a bang!

I went from not believing in God to totally being committed to Him. I went from not going to church to going six times a week.

I got re-baptized and I began serving God in a ministry immediately at my current church.

How I Found Out About Christian Hip Hop

So when I came back, that’s when I discovered all the different types of Christian music out there. I know, it sounds like I lived under a rock and in a way I did.

I was surprised by the Christian rock music that I heard and even more when I found out about Christian metal.

Then more recently, I found out about Christian hip hop (rap). Here’s a Christian hip hop song by an artist called LeCrae.

At the time of writing this post, this video has 2.7 million views on YouTube!

If you’re not familiar with who LeCrae is, he is one of the most well-known Christian hip hop artists. He not only does music but he also speaks and is heavily involved in evangelism.

So What’s the Big Deal?

I didn’t know this but apparently not all people feel the same way about Christian hip hop.

There are some Christians that think Christian hip hop smells too much like the world.

They think the artists in the videos come dangerously close to how the non-believing artists of today act in their videos.

While they don’t have scandalously clothed women, fancy cars, and all the bling, some artists adopt mannerisms that come from the hip hop culture.

Then on the other side, there are those who believe that hip hop can be a great way to engage non-believers with the Gospel and with Christianity in general.

They think it’s a great way to reach the types of people who love hip hop.

They argue that the videos are clean and that the lyrics glorify Christ and the Kingdom.

So I’d like to hear from you. What’s your take on Christian hip hop? Does it smell like the world or is it a legitimate tool to communicate the things of God to non-believers?

Christian hip hop

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  1. I feel, like most things, we have to use a measure of discernment before embracing all “Christian Rap”. I am encouraged that there are some true Christian artists using the rap genre to spread the gospel truth to both young believers and non-believers (as evangelism). Part of the problem associated with bringing and keeping young people engaged in the Christian life, as well as in the Church, lies in the method(s) of presenting the Word of God to the young. I don’t suggest that Church is principally for entertainment, but musical styles other than those of traditional hymnals have been used and adopted in the past (i.e., R&B). There does not seem to be any good reason to suggest that rap cannot be used to share/preach the Word of God now. However, (again, as with all things) but we must be careful. There are some artists that, though they say God or the name Jesus, they don’t preach the truth of the word. Some seem to have more self-serving motivations for performing in the name of the Lord, and it comes out the more you critically dissect their “message”. To quote a line from a gospel rap artist that I heard many years ago, “So my Lord can speak through a donkey, but He can’t speak through hiphop?” All things are possible with the Lord, and given this, we should not allow ourselves to limit Him. However, we should be careful before just accepting anything.

    1. I really like what you wrote Tyrone. It seems to be a very balanced approach. Ultimately I think what I really enjoyed about your comment was that the Word that is being preached has to be true to the Word of God. I totally agree!

    2. Sorry I didn’t mean to click the down arrow. I was aiming for the up arrow and my mouse glitched. I agree that we need to be real careful because we are not suppose to be like the world but different than the world.

      1. No worries Gabriele about the whole mouse thing, it’s all good. Thank you for sharing your point of view, I feel the same way too. We are in the world but not of this world. Blessings on your day 🙂

      2. My take has been that God doesn’t need anything the world has to offer, besides that, Christian rap has not caused a good old fashioned revival like our country and the world needs

      1. It really depends on what your “METHOD” is to reach those that aren’t Christians, You know?… I personally believe that… For someone to reach God… Ya you can have support from others.. But I think it’s something that you have to find on your on… You go through your OWN.. situations with God… He flags things that he thinks- He KNOWS… That is what YOU need at that very moment. Everyone might be the same in Gods eyes… But we reach him in very different ways… Some are born that way.. Others, take time… Of course Lecrae is an example as a person who is christian and it took time to get to where he is today. (My opinion, Love to hear comments or ideas)

        1. Jake, no-one is born a Christian. No matter how much you are surrounded by Christianity when young, it will still take time when you are older to fully understand and indulge in God.

        2. its true i agree Lecrae has done a wonderful job using that type of method to persuade humanity to live for Christ.alot of other rappers want to do the same.

    3. We all have to remember Satan was made by god out of pipes and was made to be a musical instrument so we as Christian have to fine tune our ears and listen carefully for misleading lines because the devil is so cunning that we wont notice.. Take for example the song that Micheal Jackson made that the churches sang in their choir named (we are the world) where he said that Jesus turned stone to bread, which Jesus didn’t do so we all have to be careful… Thanks…

    4. I carry the Gift of Discernment, and Sorry my friend Rap music is not of God. Rock n Roll isn’t either. God wants us to Use our discernment Wisely. Many are perishing in hell for Using Rap music to attract others. Check out Angelica Zambrano testimony, I got Convicted the moment I watched it and The Lord came to me in a Dream and the next Morning I got saved by his Grace. Sorry but Only God can Attract and Save a Soul. We can only warn.

      1. I’m sorry But I don’t agree with what you are saying only because I am a Christan. who is holy ghost filled and water baptized I am a Worshiper of Jesus Christ, and recently the Lord has been putting Songs in my Spirit that are Rap songs I have dreams of lyrics or hear them directly from God I read my Word and make sure that it is lining up to the Word of God. and it does. So are you gonna tell me it’s not of God if God is the one giving it to me? It’s not that God can’t use a person in Rap music. The problem is that ppl have Compromised the word of God for there own personal use. They have perverted it’s true meaning and misconstrued the scriptures or some of it is not glorifying God in anyway. So everything We do we are supposed to do it unto the Lord because only What you do For Christ will last God has charged me to make a Cd for him and I am doing just what he requires of me This Cd will glorify Jesus and not myself in anyway and it’s gonna be Gospel Rap to and I know God told me to do it. God can use whatever he want as long as it Glorify him and not Flesh or Sin It cant be a Compromised Word

      2. Rap Music and Rock and roll music isn’t of God. But Christian rap music or rock n roll music might be of God. But like I said, I’m not sure. Read my comment at the bottom of this page.

      3. What form of music is acceptable to God? What form of music hasn’t been adopted by the world at some point in history? Music is morally neutral. Lyrics are not morally neutral and have the right to be judged and compared to scripture. If any music lyrics that we listen to don’t conform to scripture or biblical ideas and standards then it is unfit for a believer to listen to. Many forms of music have been used by Satan. Many forms of music including Christian rap have been used by God. I know of Christian rap that is more theologically sound then an old hymn. No doubt there are wonderful and Godly old hymns that are dear to my heart. There are just as many Christian hip hop songs that are the same. The psalms repeat singing new songs in praise to God. Why does rap have a bad connotation? Because mainstream rap uses evil lyrics meant to encourage sin. The music, the beat, the style have no morals. I don’t understand someone who cannot understand this concept. Man has a way of turning beautiful Godly things evil. For instance pornography is evil but projects sex with a negative connotation. Should we then ban all together from the Christian world view. No. God created sex for one man and one woman to enjoy and procreate in the context of marriage. It is a beautiful thing in God’s biblical context. Christian Rap that is theologically sound is a beautiful praise to God. There fore I would argue that God, not man, created Christian Rap.

    5. Hi – I’d like to clarify the line you quoted saying that God couldn’t speak through Hip Hop. It was a rhetorical question. It was basically saying to all the people who say Christian Hip Hop is bad or God doesn’t speak through it – He was saying so God can speak through a donkey, but he can’t speak through Hip Hop music? Of course he can. That was his answer. He wants the doubters to ask that question to themselves. He was making the point of people saying God can’t use Hip Hop to spread his Word…he was saying if God can speak through a donkey, then I’m pretty sure he can speak through Hip Hop.

      1. But yes you do have to be careful which ones you listen to. It is true that some have self motivating reasons. Either way to God be the glory.

  2. Same goes for anything that labels itself as Christian. But what I do know is that I grew up listening to rap. All kinds. And just like generations before me embraced contemporary christian music into the churches much to the dismay of many traditional churches, I too welcome the the wonderful work of God being done in this beautiful form of music.

    1. That’s cool Geno, I think that many people in your generation feel that same way. Maybe some of the people from the older generation are the ones that are on the opposite side of this argument.

  3. As long as the Holy Spirit is in line with God..and it brings Glory to Him and His Kingdom..give it all you got..JESUS has His eye on you. Just Continue to pray for guidance and wisdom. don’t worry about people’s.criticism.

  4. i’ve heard that the hymns of today were originally lyrics set to bar-tunes, interesting.

    i think like all things, we have to be discerning. a lot of these artists are breaking down heady and deep theological content into accessible and familiar language and lyrics. this stuff has edified me before and has certainly been useful in doing outreach to friends who very often process information and the world through hip-hop.

    as far as “looking like secular artists”, i agree that this can be specifically dangerous to the genre of hip-hop because the genre itself is very “ME-centered” and arrogant in its artform. with that being said, i think many of these artists are simply seeking to speak the language of those who they are communicating too, and are doing so strategically and within the parameters of whats-biblical.

    i think a more pervasive problem would be “Christian celebrities” to begin with. often we become fans of Christian rappers, pastors, athletes, etc. and lift them up inappropriately, without realizing were doing anything wrong. it can be a very deceptive idolatry.

    1. That’s a really comment, you bring up a lot of good points. One of the things that I wanted to ask you was about the celebrity pastors and artists. Often times, they start out small but then they build a Fanbase, and they become popular. So once one of these pastors or artists reaches that star status, is there something that you recommend them to do at that point in their ministry?

      1. sheesh, I wouldn’t know what its like so it would be hard for me to comment. I think the struggle would be staying humble, but also utilizing what you’ve been given for the glory of God (to who much is given, much is expected).
        I think the responsibility is more on the fans to check their hearts regarding their affections towards these artists and pastors. a pastor or artist can have the best intention and be doing everything correctly in the position their given but still have followers who lift them up higher than they should.
        definitely a good and important question.

        1. Right on, I think you are right – there’s a burden that falls upon the pastor and there’s a burden that falls upon the fan or the average congregant who enjoys the message/song

    2. Ya. A newer artist, Andy Mineo, talks about that. He mentions in his song “Superhuman” that a lot of times we turn them into heroes and celebrities, and we give them a high platform they shouldn’t have, and don’t want to have!

  5. <3 hip hop! I think that it's just like many other things in the church, pagan holidays being celebrated Harvest, Easter…etc We have turned these things into ways of getting out the message, why not hip hop? It's awesome and it's reaching youth and many others for the kingdom of God. I love Priest Hood, La Crae, Grits, it comes down to each individuals relationship to Christ & who can judge that but Christ Himself?

    1. Those are some good points that you bring up Gloria. What do you say to those people that say that Easter and Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated because their origins are pagan? How about those who don’t put up Christmas trees because that’s pagan too? Just wondering about your opinion 🙂

      1. I think it’s sad that we keep living by the law and in a way oppressed by this guilt or legalistic way of thinking. I grew up in the church and it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me, i strayed because i felt that if God was going to punish me because of my attire or appearance that I would rather not deal with Him at all and this was an early stray at the age of eleven until the age of twenty five, when I came to a personal and deep relationship with Jesus. That’s when i realized all of it was lie from satan and that’s when i was able to know Him personally through His word and what His word said was nothing like what those preachers taught. Jesus Himself told John when he asked Him why others not of “their group” were casting out demons and healing in His name that john was no to forbid anyone from doing so. Mark 9:38-41 We all may not be from the same denomination but if we believe in Jesus and His true word, we are His children and we are all able to minister in ways which He has provided us with, that includes music, worship, teaching, etc…. not everyone comes through a preacher! Also, Paul in Colossians speaks clearly about not allowing ourselves to be judged by men by what we eat, drink, or celebrate…2:16( Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days) paraphrased. I just thank Jesus for setting us free of the law and for not allowing us to continue to condemn ourselves after He has set us free from legalism. i am compassionate when it comes to this type of thing in the church, i know what it feels like to be trapped in everlasting guilt and condemnation, & i share it with anyone who gives me the chance because knowing Jesus is knowing true and righteous freedom.

        1. Wow Gloria, it seems to me like you have quite a testimony! It seems like God has done so much in your life, praise Jesus 🙂 it is interesting that you bring up legalism, really that is what it is when we judge another type of Christian music style. I personally try to have an open mind. I wanted to hear from the community what their thoughts were because I know that there have been arguments on both sides. It’s good to know where you stand 🙂 God bless you

  6. I think that it’s wonderful. I am pushing 60 years old and I think that any type of music that touches people, that would not have the chance otherwise, and teaches them about God and Jesus, is great!

  7. I grew up with southern, traditional, conservative, “Bible belt” philosophy and was taught that if it didn’t come from a hymnal or wasn’t southern gospel it wasn’t of God. Similiar to your background I went through a tough period in my own life (due to sinful choices and a wrong relationship with Christ). Although I never “turned away” from God I went on a long journey of discovering who God is and who I am in Christ. This jouney (still traveling) has radically altered my views and philosophy. I saif that to say that for me personally, it’s a matter of perspective…I believe that God has called us as followers of Jesus Christ to “go into the whole world” and proclaim the Gospel. In the world that we are in today we must engage the culture – sometimes, most times, that means getting dirty – coming out of our insulated bubbles of protection and meeting people where they are. Many cultural subsets will not hear what you have to say unless you earn their respect and “speak” their language. Christian hip hop is a great example of this. Will there be greyed lines and questionable things…absolutely! We must depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us wisdom. For me; I desire to do ANYTHING, short of sin, to reach this world with the truth of the Gospel. I applaud LeCrae (and others such as him) and thank him that he created an opportunity through his boldness to engage people that otherwise I could not.

    1. Wow, that is awesome Shane! Thank you for sharing your background and a little bit of your testimony with us. It’s a very interesting point that you bring up about engaging culture. I’ve heard some people argue that when we do that that it’s possible to compromise the message. But I’ve also seen Christians engage culture and still preach the gospel right on. I’m totally on your side and I agree with you 100%. So now that you have been through your journey, do you listen to other types of Christian music besides hymnals?

      1. Yes, I do…I love music and it is a major part of my life. I’m glad that I can honor God with it and it be a “normal” expression of my life and not something reserved for a “church service.” I do love the hymns, though…just enjoy them a lot more with a good back beat! Thanks for the post and I enjoy your blog!

    2. Shane that was awesome! Thank you for sharing that. I wasn’t sure what to think of all the different types of music, sounds, beats, etc. If it makes us stumble, I guess we should but on our armor and fight it or avoid it. Thanks again and God bless!

  8. I believe that the Satan does not create anything new. He only perverts what God already created. God created music. Satan (who was originally in charge of the choir of angels) just corrupts what was sacred. I believe worldly music is not his creation but merely a perversion of what God created. Christian Hip-Hop to me is simply “redeeming what was originally heaven’s” 🙂

    1. Oh I see Brenda, that’s a very original way of looking at it 🙂 have you ever thought that when we go to heaven, what kind of worship music are we going to be singing to Jesus?

      1. I believe heaven will be diverse. There will be hymnals, gaithers, rock, metal, hip-hop, classical, all kinds of genres!!

    2. Yes thats true cause im a christain rapper as well. And i recently was wondering how to rap my message with out comprimise! But to also rap with salvation of Christ in it! We all have situations, especialy with out Christ so u have to remember what it was like to be them, and not knowing how powerful the lord is. So it is important to tell the story as a raper from both sides to salvation at the end . And never to give up trying to please God in any situation,and that life and death is in the power of the toung and that the gospel can be preached in many forms and tools. To say anything else is to limit Gods power is that why God got mad at moses at the burning bush!

    1. That’s cool Joe, I know that you don’t really hear that it’s a Christian song until the middle of the song. Maybe LeCrae did it that way intentionally so that he can reach nonbelievers who will typically close the browser as soon as they see anything Christian. But this way, he kind of hooked them. I don’t know that that is the case for sure, I’m just putting in my two cents 🙂

      1. Ya. I feel like that’s what CHH needs to be like. I don’t want to put a box, but i my mind that’s the perfect mold.He touches on a real life issue and worldly problem, and then brings the people to the cross

  9. I don’t believe in Christian Hip Hop, to me Hip Hop is a culture not a spiritual concept, nor does have anything to do with God. Now if you want to speak on Christian Rap, Gospel Rap, Gospel Artist or Rhythm & Praise Music then you have my attention. We must realize that titles doesn’t define who we are, nor does it make us a better person. It is the person who make the vision of the title. So many people are so caught up on titles, they haven’t seen the whole vision about bring forth Christian Rap or Gospel into the community or the churches of today. We must build a solid and strong fellowship as artist and as producers, management companies and more. Me, myself I am a A&R Management company and a music production company, that does more then just work with artist, but mentor them, uplift them and help them see the whole vision of their work, for their music is to change lives, promote spiritual concept and give people the truth. It is time for us to get back to the basic, and stop leaving out God. He is the Head, in everything we do. Listen, Learn and Lead by the Spirit of the Lord is our motto here at Grand Legacy Ent.

    1. Thanks Grant for sharing your thoughts about this blog post. To better understand your position, how would you label the video that is in the article by LeCrae? Would you call it Christian hip hop or is it Gospel Rap?

  10. For the first 24 years of my life I listened to the worst of the worst in terms of rap/hip-hop. I hated God and cringed at the mention of Jesus. After He saved me, I was made new and discarded all of my old music, wanting only to worship Him. That said, I think the discussion is completely skewed. The same concerns we mention about Christian rap/hip-hop can be said about mostly any Christian genre. We have Christian rock bands who smell just as much, and sometimes more, like the world…yet we don’t talk about them nearly as much and they are usually accepted on Sunday mornings within the service.

    I also fell into a trap a few years ago when I was listening to folks like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Brothatone, etc. pretty heavily. I then started listening to some of the stuff from my old life thinking, “well, it’s not against God, so it’s fine”. For me, it was a 1 Cor. 8:13 kind of thing. I was slipping. Not sure if that would be a problem for other folks.

    1. Hip hop has been the focus Bill so that’s why I chose this genre. I also used to listen to hip hop so that’s why I’m interested in reading your point of view. So are you saying that its ok for some Christians to listen to certain types of Christian music and for others it’s not, depending on wether that type of music causes them to go back into their old lifestyle or not?

      1. You’re right, and I wasn’t trying to be negative about your post, although I apologize as it now appears so as I read my post again. I think there are instances where some Christians struggle where others don’t, such as with alcohol.

        With me (and this is where I stumble), am I listening to the music because it makes me feel good (carnal), or am I listening to it because I truly believe it is glorifying Christ? The music that is scripturally sound, exalts Christ completely, and doesn’t make the “sound” the focus is where I differentiate.

        I think it’s a difficult discussion but one that needs to be held. Is it a “time and place” sort of thing (inside/outside church)?

        1. No problem Bill, I actually didn’t find your post to be negative at all and I found it quite edifying. You spoke the truth, you were transparent, and you shared your heart 🙂

          I do think that this is an important discussion to have and that’s why I put it on my blog where we can discuss it as a community. I really like how you wrote about having your heart checke for why you are listening to the music. Are we listening to music because it makes us feel good or are we listening to it because it glorifies Christ? I think that’s the bottom line and that is the true test.

  11. I think as long as the artist does not stray outside of a Biblical framework, it can and should be used. But once they go outside that framework that’s a different story. Most people don’t realize, but there was a time the organ was considered an instrument of the devil because it was not the usual instrument of the church. I think we should be careful to follow what God tells us in the Bible but not make up new rules only because that’s the way its always been done. Seek answers in the Word, not the culture (even if only the culture of the church).

    1. Amen Connie, I think that you make some really great points in your comment. I like how you wrote that we should seek answers in the Word and not the culture. I think that you show some great insight especially because they are founded on the Bible. I wish that more people would think like you 🙂

  12. Personally I don’t want to take a stance for or against “Christian hip hop” because I’m against the concept of “Christian” genres. My view is that the American Christian music industry has an issue with a very simplistic, legalistic black-and-white world view. Dividing everything into “Christian” or “worldly/anti-Christian” leads to a very legalistic theology, which is hardly Christian at all. But this is really a different discussion.

    If it glorifies God, it is good. This applies to both hymns and hip hop (the only difference is that you’ll find it easier to find the hymns…). IMHO the “Christian hip hop” issue has less to do with theology and more to do with culture shock.

      1. Hi, sorry for the wait, lost the site but found my why here again thanks to Disqus 🙂 I’d be glad to elaborate, I’ll try to keep myself as short and clear as possible.

        My first issue with creating “Christian” genres is that it’s a dichotomic concept which is not in line with reality. Of course music can have a Christian message, but people are Christian, not music. Music is much more nuanced. There are even non-Christian artists that can have explicitly Christian messages in their music, and there are “non-Christian songs” that are very much in line with Christian values. And the values will remain regardless if you perform them as Hip Hop, Power Metal or Gospel.

        My second issue with creating “Christian” genres is that it fosters a self-image that we as Christians would be less capable of creating culture. While the people behind the music may be extremely talented, the music is imitative rather than innovative, since it only aims to mirror culture, not create it. As a result Contemporary christian music (“Christian [insert-genre-here]”) is always one step behind (or more). Thus “Christian music” can only expect to gain a Christian audience, because it the only incentive to listen to it is that it is Christian. Using “Christian music” as a means to reach people is severely crippled from within by the Church’s own bizarre values. Sometimes you end up with Christians pushing people out of the Church rather than drawing people in!

        I hope I didn’t come across as someone who has all the answers and has the whole perspective — I don’t. And I think that Christians should be present in all musical genres, but their ambition should be to lead the way, not just follow the stream.

        *EDIT* The comment didn’t like my , so i switched to [ and ]

        1. Thanks so much Josef for taking the time to come back and comment on this blog post. Now I fully understand your position and I see where you are coming from. You do have a lot of great points and you did not come off as “a know it all”. In fact your humble spirit shined throughout your comments, thank you for sharing them with me as well as with the entire community here at Not Ashamed of the Gospel 🙂

          1. In reading this, I’m reminded of something from C.S. Lewis, We need more storytellers, that happen to be Christian, not Christian storytellers or even Christian stories being told. I think the importance is that Christ shines through, in all that a Christian does. So if a Christian writes music, stories, poems or paints, dances, sings, etc. Christ does (and should) shine through. Our lives should reflect the Glory of God and be filled with images that point to Him, both very directly and indirectly.

  13. If Christian hip hop smells like the world, it is because it has to show the world in a christian rap perspective. The gangbanger mannerisms, the hip hop music style must be scene as part of a broader canvas. So long as the Christian painter is sincere in his attempts to show the way to salvation to those who listen to hip hop as opposed to hymns, then it is a bonafide medium of evangelism. To me, it boils down to how it is used. Trying to sell records to Christiams under the guise of Holy Hip Hop or… as an evangelistic tool. It’s like any other form of music or media. Ask yourself how is this being used? And you will know whether it is right (godly) or wrong (the world).

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head! It all depends on the intention of the heart and where it’s going to lead. If it can be a good witness like you were saying, to lead somebody to Christ, then why not. I agree with you, especially because it’s just like God to turn something that was meant for evil into something that’s meant for good.

  14. “This music is of the Devil.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I’d found something that connect me more deeply with the Lord, music that had a passion that I hadn’t heard in the hymns of my church. Lyrics like, “Jesus, King of kings” and “What can I say? Christ is the Way,” resonated with me. Still it was being attacked.

    1987 was an odd year for me and that’s when this story happened. It wasn’t “Christian Rap,” but that evil set of faithless rock ‘n rollers called Stryper.

    The argument is old and tired. Lives and eternities change and people gotta hate about some meaningless part of the technique.

    August of 2012 I was at Leadership Retreat with my church listening to a LeCrae song. In that moment as our band performed it live, I heard God whisper, “The worship wars of the 1980s were so your kids can go to a church where this music engages with the timeless Truth of the Gospel.” I cried just a little remembering how far I’d gotten to come.

    I’m a little sad to hear that people are still failing to believe that the God who redeemed crucifixion can do the same with musical styles. Oh well, I guess in 20 years my then 31 year old (now 11) daughter will talk about how dj-led worship is no more evil than rap was in 2013.


      1. Sorry. The first two paragraphs are a story from my teen years (I’m 40 now, so we’re talking back in the 80s) which was meant to illustrate that the “that music is of the Devil” argument isn’t new, but has shifted from rock to rap.

        Paragraph 4 is another story. We did a Lecrae (rap) song at my church’s leadership retreat and I had a moment with Jesus as He told me about how I’d fought the “worship wars” of the 80s, not for myself, but for the generations to come.

        Paragraph 5 looks to the future when both rock and rap are outmoded and the worship band is replaced with a DJ (like Skrillex) performing music with DJ equipment not instruments.


  15. the important thing here is the message of the rap song. in my understanding, they are up for Christ in this song so i think there’s really no problem with that. i think some people are just “surprised” by this new Christian music trend which in my opinion, we’ll all get used to someday. but personally, i still like the traditional hymns better :))

    1. I think you are absolutely right Gracezyl. I remember a few decades ago that Christian rock songs weren’t very accepted and now they are widely accepted and seen as a part of the Christian culture. It’s just a matter of getting used to. Thank you for sharing your insight 🙂


  17. Thanks Robert. I think you brought a very insightful comment to this whole topic. Ultimately, it’s about obedience just like you said.

    Thanks for the link to this hip hop artist. I’d love to hear your thoughts about him as well.

  18. I am a rapper. I used to write all the songs I thought were representative of who I was. Talking about everything that the world was about. Money, fame and all the rest. All the while claiming my lyrics were deeper and more real than the other artists in my area or on the radio. Not knowing that I was exactly the type of rapper i despised and the message I claimed to have was non-existent. Christian rap (along with no small amount of prayer from my mom and wife) was what helped bring me back to the Lord, like you said “with a bang”. I immediately started serving in the Media Ministry helping bring the word to people who cant attend service through a live online stream as well as control what was seen on the TVs throughout the church.

    I found this article because I search the words “I want to start a Rap Ministry”. I strongly feel that Hip Hop/Rap can be a strong tool to share the gospel with non-believers looking for rap “with a message”. And what better message than the love of Christ? So needless to say, I support and am currently in the planning stages of a ministry to reach out to the people that need Him. The message needs to be tailored to the audience BUT must be filled with the Holy Spirit and laced with the gospel. I think Tyrone and David below stated it pretty well and hope my opinion above is in line with that way of thinking. Christ must be in it for it to truly bring God the glory.

    As a side note, a lot of songs I’ve heard fro, Christian rappers are also a testimonial and based on their walk with Christ and have seen a lot of those songs quoted out of context to give them and their music a negative connotation. Anyways, hope this helps one way or the other.

    1. Thank you so much Israel for your amazing comment! I totally loved your testimony and I’m so appreciative that you shared it with us here on this online community.

      It’s great to hear that you are starting a Christian rap ministry. I would recommend that you connect with this gentleman on Twitter who can really point you in the right direction. Here’s the link to his profile:

  19. Well I have to say its cause of christian hip and other genres that have helped me out the most in getting my life back to God and on the right path again. I can say they artists in my mind are trying to reach the youth and people from their environments i.e the ghetto. All lot of youths and non believers in general only listen to that genre of music especially if they are coming from the street life. They hear the message and get the word through this music. There is no where in the Bible that says hip hop evil, if hip hop evil then christian rock must be evil then too, cause for the longest time rock n roll has been related to evil and wordily nature. Artists like Lacrae have good message and he talks about subjects that are related able to the community that listen to rap and he always is praising God in his music. The artists Bizzle calls into play the issue about mainstream artists claiming to be christian or putting christian undertones in there music but the rest of it is worldly and promotes unGodly message and how its false preaching. In the end as long as they are practicing what the preach in the songs it’s all good. Hip hop has helped me get my live on track again. Mainly cause it music I love to listen to and they lyrics glorifying God and encouraging me that I can get over my addiction and other issues with the help of God.

    1. That’s very encouraging Josh, thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as your experience. I think that you are right, it’s about the lyrics because the beats are harmless in themselves. Cool insight 🙂

      1. People will accept Christ into their hearts by hearing and believing the word of God not by Christian songs in any style or genres. When you have so called Christian artists looking and sounding like the world, it is difficult for sinners to see Christ in that way because the artist is emulating the very type of people and lifestyle that the
        Christians is trying to steer them from.

        If we are going to truly represent Christ, we need to look and act like
        Christians as Brother Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Today, there need to be a difference in the sinner and the saint because the enemy wants to blur the lines and persuade Christians to be more like the world, thereby, losing their place with Christ. People say you are not going to draw sinners to Christ by singing sweet gospel songs; I say neither will you draw them to Christ by emulating the world.
        If they come to Christ it will be because they accepted the word of God,
        not some Christian artist trying to emulate the world. When Christian artist look and sound like the world it is the enemy using a cunning way to pull Christians to their side, especially our young people. Folks who
        call singing their ministry needs to read what the world of God says about winning souls to Christ and it isn’t by singing, rap, rock, hip-hop, or yodeling.

  20. This is an excellent article. We need more people behind the scenes to encourage those that are using their gifts to reach the lost. THIS is the issue. People get caught up in title that they lose focus on the main goal or purpose. Music can be a ministry period.

    We need more transparent artists. Share your life with us.

    1. Post
  21. Most Christian rappers do imitate the mainstream, not just in the way they might dress or perhaps speak (like slang terminology), but the beats they rap over. I never quite got why a Christian rap-artist would want to rap over a club-beat, or a sound that imitates the mainstream. As we listen, its as if we are consciously trying to to abide by the positive lyrics in light of Christ, but the club-beat persists still having its negative effect on us subconsciously. I love Lecrae and what he’s done for Gospel music, but we must also watch out and pray that he can stand up to the mainstream. When watching his appearance on BET’s 106 & Park, his performance was a bit commercial (although still positive), and when he was put on blast when asked if he approved of infamous rapper, Chief Keef’s baptism, he refused to answer the essence of repentance

  22. Even Christian gospel, rock, blues, jazz, country artists adopt some type of mannerisms that are also used in their original worldly genre, So if Christian Hip Hop artists like to throw their hands up and dance and dress in an urban style without taking their clothes off, I see a need to be a concerned.

  23. I think it’s a case by case basis. We can’t say that ALL faith based hip hop is good or bad because we don’t know the heart of every artist. Matthew 7:17 says “every good tree bears good fruit”. So if I’m a plumber, I’m gonna fix toilets to the glory of God and you’ll be able to see the fruit of Jesus’ grace in me. In the same sense, Lecrae is a rapper.. But bc of the transformation The Lord has done on his life, he’s gonna bear good fruit in his music and glorify God through it. So my point is, don’t write off a whole genre but also don’t assume that just bc an artist is claiming Christianity doesnt mean that their music is a reflection of that. Check their fruit!

  24. The mistake is to believe that music can be “christian.” Music can no more be christian than a rock or tree.

    Only man can be Christian or non-christian. Sure, we choose to designate some music as Christian, and this is where the problem starts. When I was in high school, Amy Grant was making a transition from “christian” music to what Christians cried out was secular.

    I remember quite clearly the judgmental statements and attitudes toward Amy Grant or singing about love… and I’m not talking God’s love for us or us Him…

    What makes a song christian? Is it when the words proclaim the majesty of God? Is it when the same words that glorify God are sung by a Christian? What if you have a Christian singing a song that was not written to specifically glorify God? What if you have a non-christian sing a hymnal?

    Do you see the problem with designating music as “christian” or secular? Maybe not… What if Amazing Grace is sung by a raging homosexual that does not believe in a god at all, but sings with such beauty and passion that you can’t help but shed a tear when hearing it. What if that same performance leads the person hearing it to turn their life to God?

    Well, it wasn’t the music… It was God at work.

    Music is neither christian or non-christian. People fall into those categories, not music.

    As to people having a problem with “christian” hip hop because it looks to much like secular hip hop, I’d say, they haven’t seen much hip hop lately!

  25. The music must identify with the word of god .Go and preach the gospel to every living creature.gods love is too big enough To change any form acording to his will. Please refer to the youtube channel jesusthaonlyway

    Thank you god bless

    +John Booth+

  26. I think that the best way to really learn about Christian hip hop and rap is to go to a concert or show. There you will go beyond semantics, specifics, genre and image and see it for what it really is. It’s not for everybody, that’s for sure, but I think that really seals the deal in how you would feel about the music. The rap collective 116 (of which rapper Lecrae is a part) had a show and I went to it and though at times I felt like the “old guy at the show”, I think that experience really helped me get beyond these type of arguments people have when it comes to this music.

  27. Christian HIP Hop and chrisitan Rock N Roll are both worldly and deceiving. If u notice most of the guys love the world, like tattooed Lecrae who recorded with DMX n other secular hiphop artist. Third Day and Toby Mac,STryper etc are partying with the world and have groupies, fan club and are soo lifted up that they have bodyguards, etc. God is mentioned in their lyrics, but not the true God (Jesus Christ). They aren’t singing for the King of Kings, but for the CASH and FAME. I just pray their eyes are open and they separate from the world and truly give all to Jesus.

    1. Lea.. how is christian hip hop or rock deceiving? Im not saying ALL Christian genre is completely Holy….but just because lecrae collaborates with secular artists doesnt mean hes “partying” or deceiving us. Its being the light in darkness. Most of these secular artists need people like lecrae or Toby Mac to help them find Jesus because it may be closest thing to the bible they have. Did Jesus not walk among prostitutes & tax collectors? Whats the point of bein the light where there’s already light? I dont see anything wrong with christian artists making music with non christian artists..if anything its getting the gospel out to the world that needs it the most. You never know..what if someone who is a fan of DMX listened to a song that he collaborated with Lecrae & for the 1st time hears the gospel thru lyrics in that song? By the way…dmx is a born again Christian & has a gospel album that recently came out. God Bless 🙂

  28. If God can make a Donkey talk he can do anything like create christian hip hop. Satan was the director of all music in heaven before he fell. Satan created all the worldly music but its God who created His music. So if your not for Him your against Him but against Jesus said do not hinder if somebody believe like this agree to disagree. Pray for them. I am 45 and I STILL listen to Christian Hip Hop because it help bring me to Christ. I started out with TBone back in 1994, 1995 and I still listen to him and others. Actually I write Christian Hip Hop music but I don’t put it out. I do it for the joy of it. Just as they don’t believe in Christian Hip Hop I don’t believe in the old red back hymnal songs. Why? Because they believe that was the original songs but in fact it was the Hebrew Christians who created tons of songs and they are nowhere near the “hymnal” songs of American.

  29. Christian hip-hop, rock, pop, country and polka*, were all scandalous when first brought into the Church. A bit of time seems to take care of that. I remember back in 1991 talking with my pastor about whether it might be appropriate to use a drum machine in worship. We agreed that it would. We figured it’s not like we were bringing in Marshall stacks and blowing the doors off the building. Twenty years later on Easter Sunday, we’ve got real drums, powerful guitars, pumping bass, backing tracks, a DJ scratchin’ along, lights, video, and it was awesome! We worshipped, and God was blessed!

    All this to say, it’s just style.

    I’m 51, and still get excited to seeing our music evolve to reach people where they are. And that’s not going to happen with a drum machine from 1991.

    *Just to be clear, I’ve yet to hear Christian polka.

  30. Christian hip-hop, rock, pop, country and polka*, were all scandalous when first brought into the Church. A bit of time seems to take care of that. I remember back in 1991 talking with my pastor about whether it might be appropriate to use a drum machine in worship. We agreed that it would. We figured it’s not like we were bringing in Marshall stacks and blowing the doors off the building. Twenty years later on Easter Sunday, we’ve got real drums, powerful guitars, pumping bass, backing tracks, a DJ scratchin’ along, lights, video, and it was awesome! We worshipped, and God was blessed!

    All this to say, it’s just style.

    I’m 51, and still get excited to seeing our music evolve to reach people where they are. And that’s not going to happen with a drum machine from 1991.

    *Just to be clear, I’ve yet to hear Christian polka.

    1. Ha ha, Christian polka? Now that would be funny, Collie 🙂

      I hear you loud and clear, you definitely have some very valid points. It is wonderful to see how Christian music is evolving. Sometimes I hear people criticizing certain genres of music and the criticism is usually that the artists dress and sound too much like the world. But I think sometimes people just don’t understand the culture behind certain types of music like hip-hop.

  31. People say Christian Hip Hop is wrong and bad, but God can change something bad into good, to represent him. He can use the mistakes of sin to adjust to his righteousness. For example, Joseph being sold into slavery. God used his brothers unholiness to carry out his plan. He used the sin of the brothers as a way to make Joseph the king of Egypt. If hiphop was unholy at first, it is our job as Christ’s children to adjust the genre to glorify his name. The sin created by hiphop can be used in favor of God’s plan. However, we have the duty to help God’s plan. People say we can’t change something unholy to holy, but God can. He wants us to use our gifts and talents to represent him. Therefore, if hiphop was orginally wrong. We, as a Christian, can help God change hiphop from evil to good.

  32. First, Lecrae says that he is a Christian hip-hop artist, not an artist of Christian hip-hop. Second, why would Christians denigrate anything that leads people directly to the LORD? If his mannerisms are so offensive, it’s because too many (READ: older, white, upper-middle class) people don’t understand urban culture and his audience. They are not the ones listening to Lecrae and buying 116 Clique flatbills. They are listening to Gold City and Sandi Patty, AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Let’s support ALL other Christians who are out there trying to make a positive difference for Christ and quit with all the negativity. #Peace

    1. ok, im black, not old and not upper middle class, so it has nothing to do with that, half of them dont even know what it is, i know, because i attend an all white church with ppl in their 60s and up, due to this reason, they just preach the word of God, they dont bring in gimmicks to try to lure ppl to church, they do what thus saith the Lord, you dont leave feeling like youve been in night club, you still hear about the blood that was shed, which you wont hear much of in unholy hip hop, theres more i i i than jesus jesus jesus in unholy hip hop, so it has nothing to do with old rich white people, it has to do with what God says, and music being used to glorify him, not ourselves and the world

      1. Found this and appreciate you opening this up for discussion since there are so many people who view Christian Hip Hop as worldly. All I can tell you is that as a person who was in the world and loved secular hip hop, Christian Hip Hop was able to reach me like no other genre of music could. I am now saved and there are many more souls that were saved that will testify the same. Instead of spending so much time acting as the Pharisees did, we should be weary of placing God into a box. He is bigger than that and wants the gospel preached in every genre available if it means that his message of salvation is being communicated to lost souls. I would rather Christian Hip Hop playing at church any day. Visit Crossover Church in Tampa so you can experience true love of the gospel and love for all walks of life as Christ intended versus traditions built by organized religion.

        1. In addition, everyone please listen to Uncle Reece, “He did it for you” (can be found on you tube). Brings me to tears when I hear it. It”s a reminder of what Christ did for us. No different to me than Amazing Grace. The words are just as powerful and true to the gospel.

      2. I Agree with u 100 plus 1%, what is wrong with preaching the simple gospel unadulterated? why do people think that in-order for a certain type of people to accept Christ they have to remold or repackage the message in a new way? whats the baloney with preaching in the context of a culture? Am black and African, my culture is totally different to the English or American cultures and in my country alone are several sub cultures but since then till today Christianity spread rapidly; everywhere simply by the message, “Christ crucified” was all it took. Think about all other religions; Islam, etc since when did we see them dressing like rappers to attract a crowd? n yet you will find more rappers joining Islam than Christianity. This is not about marketing Christianity it’s rather about changing lives n the biggest problem with the world is people just don’t want to change! If hip hop came from anywhere it most likely came form Satan, look at how many lives it has destroyed, I seriously doubt Jesus using the devils medium to his advantage. What’s the real power of Christianity if it can’t change lives? 2 Timothy 2:5. I am a personal testimony of what Jesus can do, he changed everything from the way i talk to the way I dress and look, n yeas prior to that I was a devout hip hop fan. If hip hop changed a people, i don’t see why God can’t do the same; even to a higher degree!

  33. At fist when I watched the video I thought wow there’s a lot of drug dealing and partying. This doesn’t seem like gospel; remember when Jesus was here and he went and sat with the tax collectors and sinners, how much grief did others give him. The point is this is where the artist came from and this is what a lot of bad areas look like today. This is what the artist is used too and he is reaching out to those who are living the street life and and can say this is a lie this is unfufilling. Your not gonna reach these people with sweet hyms; when Jesus preached not even the people of the churches approved. The street life is not gonna respect a happy go lucky Christian rap there gonna laugh at it. Remember it’s not till were stronger in our faith that we realize we’re not of this world. It’s not when we first get reached and God can reach you in crazy ways. GOD BLESS

  34. I think we need to separate what we deem “culturally unacceptable” from what is actually sin. I say this referring to your reference to the believe that “While they don’t have scandalously clothed women, fancy cars, and all the bling, some artists adopt mannerisms that come from the hip hop culture.” This commonly made point by those against Christian Hip Hop assumes that there is something inherently sinful about a culture. Often his point is made to say that because Hip Hop music is used to dance sinfully, the very nature of a hip hop beat itself is inherently sinful. This logical fallacy is the root of the problem I believe, because we start asserting that certain actions that on there own are blameless are sinful by association. There is some misconception that a hip hop beat, simply because it is a hip hop beat, is sin. This same false logic is what is present in peoples concerns about the adoption of “mannerisms that come from the hip hop culture”. Is it the hip hop culture that is sinful, or is it tainted by the sin of human beings? I believe it is the second. “but wait, how can hip hop music not be sinful if its used by the likes of Kanye, Jay-Z, etc”. To that I would respond with this question: to you find classical music inherently sinful? Most would say no. Many traditional hymns in many denominations are of classical music descent. Mozart Beethoven wrote many classical pieces. But I could use the same logic used to attack hip hop music here, for did you not know that Richard Wagner, a strong anti-sematic, composed classical music for Nazi Germany and Hitler for use in propaganda for the Third Reich? By the standard Hip hop is held do, along with other genre’s such as rock, no music would be acceptable. No art would be acceptable, for anything that can be used to glorify God was probably used to blasphemy him. No just art, but those performing the art. We all have been tainted by sin, how then could we be expected to do anything glorifying to God, if we hold ourselves to the same standard that they subject hip hop too? But thank God that He sent Christ, who not only came to redeem our hearts as individuals (it seems to be a common misconception in the American Church that “its just me and God” and its only about the individual work of Christ in your life, it is about that, but that only part of it) but to redeem all of creation. He came to redeem us to one another, us to God, us to creation, and everything as a whole to Himself. This includes culture, for culture is not inherently sinful, but is used for sinful purposes.
    FInally another aspect that I think is a root of the problem is the tendency for us to assimilate our own cultural biases into scripture. We take things that we subjectively believe to be moral and upstanding, and we assert them into scripture when they are not actually there. The best illustration for this I can think of off the top of my head is missionaries coming into native American communities during the theft (colonization) of the Americas. In addition to the gospel natives were made to dress and speak like Europeans, as if this was an inherent part of the Gospel. I believe we do the same thing to Hip Hop culture. Lecrae’s song Beautiful Feet from the Album Rebel speaks to aspects of this. Its as if the Gospel alone isn’t enough, but you also have to get a college education and were a suit and tie and live in a nice house and have a retirement plan and speak good English, as if this is inherent in the Gospel. In reality one should hear the Gospel in there own cultural context. This not only redeems the culture itself, allowing it to glorify God, but it aids the person in reaching more people in that culture, and furthermore, it prevents this cultural war we see today, where Christians (falsly) act like ther is something inherently wrong with cultures outside of the mainstream “church” culture which leads to these other people feeling alienated and unwanted by the church. This is a dreadful occurance because they are being rejected on differences that have no bearing in there ability to follow Christ for the cultural differences are in no way sinful. Any sin occurring in there lives has nothing to do with their culture but with the fact that they are human, and there sins are shared by everyone, whether they listen to rock, country, classical, or hip hop.

  35. well im a young christian i am 19 years and has been save for 3 years. you cant just put gospel in the front of everything and say it is the true gospel. rapping is a form of godlinesss but not the true thing. rapping is a praise and not a worship. anyone can praise the lord but not everyone can worship him is spirit thruth and in the very beauty of holiness. i might as well grow some gospel marijuana and smoke that or make gospel pornorgraphy or just make gospel rap. the point is we need to stop adding to gods word, he said we out to sing spiritual hymns and thats that dont try to change it. people think being a christian is boring well the truth is a christian isnt suppose to have fun the joy of the lord and the things to come is when we will have fun not here on earth! this world is evil and design and the pattern of this world is darkness. no man can save a soul except jesus my freind.

    1. Wait? “a christian isnt suppose to have fun the joy of the lord and the things to come is when we have fun not here on earth”
      Surely following Christ is a joyous experience, as “this is the day that the Lord has made, let us Rejoice and be Glad in it”. I believe you are mistaken about life on earth in Christ. I can experience joy, happiness, peace, love, etc. here on earth, because Christ redeems us and our lives, even here on earth.

  36. There definitely needs to be more exposure on some of the Christian rappers that are actually digging deep into exposing the deceptions of the enemy with the word of God instead of trying to play the role of the worldly hip hop star. The problem is not the lack of talent or real Christian music that does not conform to the world….the problem is the labels and people in positions of power within the Christian music industry who do not seem willing to take the chance to promote or represent these groups. Groups like Destiny Lab are actually spending most of their time and resources not promoting themselves in the Christian hip hop scene but actually directly witnessing to non Christians and unbelievers on forums and social media who are caught up in a variety of deceptions. Kids today are being exposed to all types of demonic warfare through media, movies and games and the rest to embrace the occult and aliens and evolution and the new age agenda and there don’t seem to be many alternatives or people exposing these things for what they are. Destiny Lab is out there tackling these subjects head on and providing solutions directly to people caught up in these deceptions.

  37. Born and raised in the Bronx where hip hop originated, I understand that to listen to a banging bass filled beat alone would not manifest the peace which is in heaven,and in Revelation it speaks about the “blameless who donot know the depths of satan” who The Lord will put no other burden…indeed it is all about perception, and if you do something to give Him glory and honor then God knows the heart and will show mercy. Hip hop is a vibe, originally a positive energy created by sounds and vocals that manifest a mans emotion to the sound, therefore if someone can identify to the sounds and emotions than they may go into a slight trance uncontrollably bopping their head. The fruits of the sirit is self control…Ralph Galloza

  38. The fruits of the spirit is self control, gentleness, peace, kindness, joy… if you do something uncontrollably that does not manifest the Spirit of God or edify the church than it is of the world…Originally rhyming words was told to be in the Torah for the Hebrew scriptures were rhythmic in songs, and soon the pagan world used it in ancient egypt…Gold rope chains originated in egypt and spells from sorcery were egyptian…hmmm a questionable art but nevertheless useful if done to over power the darkness of the hiphop world with light. If christian rapper convicts a sinning rapper of his sins and turns that man to repentance than score one of Christ…if he causes the sinner to change his ways by melodies of love and peac then it was through The Holy Spirit that Jesus did the works in him predestined

  39. Yo’ for real though.. I totally agree to the part, “Then on the other side, there are those who believe that hip hop can be a great way to engage non-believers with the Gospel and with Christianity in general. They think it’s a great way to reach the types of people who love hip hop.They argue that the videos are clean and that the lyrics glorify Christ and the Kingdom.”

  40. it doesnt have to smell, it is the world, its foolishness, all about self glorification, leave church with headache is crazy enough to attend one who allows garbage, some of us want our hearing when we are 80, ddnt like rap before we were saved, and now the church is trying to drag those of us who want to hear about Jesus back into the world with this mess. trying to force us to like it. it foolishnessssssssssssss

  41. Hi! Well, I appreciate your concern about Christian Hip-Hop. Okay, I’m from Haiti, and I started learning English language through English songs, most of the time Rap musics. I used to like the way the rappers talk and sing, and I decided to learn a lot of their songs. My favorite artist was 50 Cent. But even when I accepted Christ as my personal in 2006 I would enjoy practicing his songs and other rappers’ songs. My aunt with whom I’m living would constantly blame me for that because I am a “new born man”. But I didn’t pay her no mind, finding an excuse to keep doing my thing. But as I grow up in my faith I realize that those kind of musics aren’t really for me, so I decided to drop them all. But I’ve still felt the rap melody in me. So I’ve looked for a way to replace my desire for “worldly rap musics”. Then I discovered that Christian hip-hop exists! I was happy to sing something that is not filthy at all, and I have found Lecrae, Flame, Trip Lee… in the net in 2012. Since then I’ve adopted those artists as my new artists, replacing all those who are singing to please the world… I feel good when listening to them knowing that I’m saying things that everybody could hear without being choked. I find the lyrics neat. I like that one of 116 Clique ” Temptation”, “fall back” of Lecrae. But still I have a little problem: my country Haiti does not recognize that culture. People think I’m still listening to worldly musics. My aunt keeps blaming me for the tune, the rhythm… So when I listen to my Christian’s Hip-Hop I go into my bedroom and enjoy myself. What do you think about this? Thanks.

    1. I think its a shame that many Christians don’t understand hip-hop and pass judgement on it. For me, I always use this one rule in order to find out if I should do something or not:

      Will this thing bring me closer to Christ or will it take me farther away?

      Maybe after you answer that question you will know what to do. God bless you Nehyumiles 🙂

      1. Let’s think critically against your point “Will this thing bring me closer to Christ or will it take me farther away?” 1st of all in your judgement you use yourself or should i say the way you view things as the premise and that’s exactly where many people get it wrong. Same as the Rastafarian who thinks weed makes him feel more in tune with Christ or the Cult leader who thinks sacrificing his brethren will appease Christ or bring them closer to him. As Christians we ought to very careful with the devils devices, remember in the wilderness he used the same scriptures to try and defeat Christ Man should never for a second think that he can rightly decide what is right or wrong. In deciding what to do in life the Bible is our only safe guard, it seems to me many people don’t understand the power of music. Ask any specialist and you will realize that just the beat in itself effects people a lot, or better Google up the mouse and rock music experiment. The same applies to rap music with all it’s funky beats; that’s why no matter the song everyone simply bangs their head to eat. Best example in the Bible was with David and Saul. According to the bible the mere sound of the instrument David played drove away evil spirits which means the reverse must be true, certain types of music must also be able to invite evil spirits.

    2. If it walks like a duck, quakes like one etc..u know the drill; then it probably is a duck! whenever i think of Hop hop Gospel i always try to imagine the angels bouncing their heads in tune to it, or worse a rapper rapping in heaven with all the pride they posses, I think Hip hop is more of I I I than Christ. And much more than that I think a disposition to a certain proclivity doesn’t Justify the proclivity. Gospel at the end of every term doesn’t make the term Holy at all. Won’t be surprised if in the next generation the words Holy or Gospel appear in front of the word porn, with a side note “all performers are born again Christians”.

  42. I think that it doesn’t matter if they are using hip-hop. Look at LeCrae for example. He preaches and does youth camps all across America. As long as they are not stretching God’s truths in their songs, it’s all right, and you will know the real Christians it the hip-hop industry by their songs and what they do in life(morals, activities for Christ etc.)

  43. I got saved and started listening to Christian Hip Hop, since my background is based on that kind of music, I found comfort in it before I started listening to worship songs… The artists talked about what I faced in a way that worship didn’t they talked about masturbation, respecting women, wealth and how it is all vanity. The fact that some artists base their albums on the scripture made it also a point for me to look up every scripture that they quoted all the time, made me grow. God uses crooked sticks to draw straight lines.

  44. Really quick, I just wanted to say that we are not talking about walking
    in to church Sunday morning and having a rap concert for the
    devotional… These conservative people in church preach the gospel where? In the
    church. We are talking about going out and being fishers of men! Also, 1
    Corinthians 9:20 and to
    the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might win Jews; to those who are under
    the law, as under the law, that I might win those who are under the law;
    21 to those who are without law, as without law (not being without law
    toward God, but under law toward Christ), that I might win those who are
    without law; 22 to the weak I became as weak, that I might win the weak.
    I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.
    23 Now this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I may be partaker of it with
    you.” This is what we are talking about.Thank You, I love you, and God bless you all!!!

  45. First, Lecrae is not a “Christian hip hop” artist. He is a hip hop artist, who, happens to be a follower of Jesus. Its a big misconception (listen to Co-Sign Pt. 1 by Lecrae, for more info), and I respect Lecrae in that.
    Hip hop is culturally one of the most influential genre’s in history, rappers like Tupac (who inspired Lecrae), and Eminem have influenced millions of people. So, yes. I think it is “a legitimate tool to communicate the things of God to non-believers”… For example, back to Lecrae, listen to Church Clothes 1, or 2. And you’ll see that he, from that culture, knows it well, and can beautifully convey the gospel to non-believers, from their perspective. Its all to the glory of God. And that is our mission. To glorify God, by sharing his message with others, so they in turn can experience His grace, so they can glorify God! God bless!

  46. what is wrong with preaching the simple gospel unadulterated? why do people think that in-order for a certain type of people to accept Christ they have to remold or repackage the message in a new way? whats the baloney with preaching in the context of a culture? Am black and African, my culture is totally different to the English or American cultures and in my country alone are several sub cultures but since then till today Christianity spread rapidly; everywhere simply by the message, “Christ crucified” was all it took. Think about all other religions; Islam, etc since when did we see them dressing like rappers to attract a crowd? n yet you will find more rappers joining Islam than Christianity. This is not about marketing Christianity it’s rather about changing lives n the biggest problem with the world is people just don’t want to change! If hip hop came from anywhere it most likely came form Satan, look at how many lives it has destroyed, I seriously doubt Jesus using the devils medium to his advantage. What’s the real power of Christianity if it can’t change lives? 2 Timothy 2:5. I am a personal testimony of what Jesus can do, he changed everything from the way i talk to the way I dress and look, n yeas prior to that I was a devout hip hop fan. If hip hop changed a people, i don’t see why God can’t do the same; even to a higher degree!

  47. I believe that gospel hip hop can be either. I’ve heard some tracks that were outlandishly fake. You can tell who believes deep and who are surface believers. Honestly I feel if the beat dominates the lyrics…then the chance to reach that lost soul is minimal. To me, lyrics make a song and the beat is there to make the message more memorable. I also think the type of beat matters also. It’s hard to image biblical lyrics over club beats. I was fortunate to grow up listening to a golden era of hip hop from public enemy to big pun. Maybe I’m old fashion but todays beats seem empty and full of drums and bass. No real rhythm sections or breaks. As stated…from a personal point of view I can’t connect with that type of flow but there are some who grew up listening to that type of music. If an artist can use today’s instrumentals and evangelize successfully…go for it. It comes down to the anointing on one’s life in harmony with one’s gifts and talents. I appreciate this blog and would like to share some of my own lyrics to demonstrate biblical based lyrics.

    “Ain’t No Sunshine (When Salvations Gone)

    Born to drop it…but the toxic…had my logic in a twist
    Now with Christ I’m rocking…every topic…feel the peace I blitz
    All scriptures are God inspired…so the scriptures are legit
    The truth gives our lives the power so the truth is what I spit
    Heart of a lion…re-birthed from the fire…never quit
    Lord help me up…refill my cup…I’m testifying to heal the sick
    Grace and mercy…so unworthy…but you removed the dirty quick
    Faithful and just…your words I trust…in your glory is where I sit
    Where I sip…reenergized…by the Spirit’s holy gifts
    Salvation over matter…my status stays victorious
    Magnificent glorious…full throttle enormous gift
    Redemptive power of the Lord’s righteousness
    And this is…what His love do…what His love proves
    When that judgment falls and ya time’s through
    Imma try to…till I die to help you…get ya vision straight
    The sun won’t shine forever…the door will close…and you’ll find you’re late

  48. On the fence bc I do like some songs such as Viktory one day, trip lee I’m good and bear with you, etc..but It doesn’t touch my heart like Every Praise Hezekiah Walker or Overcame Jeremy Camp. It all depends if the Holy Spirit leads you, then it’s the right Spirit. Many people like to dance Christian or non Christian and I believe in Psalms it talks about giving all forms of praise to the Lord. So as long as it Glorifies God then to God be the Glory!

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  50. ok about what they wear is becoming a big problem in other countries,were i live clothing is very valuable,u can ,be judge by what u wear.i mean everything u wear is a crictsisum!!!!!

  51. who cares about what u wear!!!! as long as it is for christ not for menkind. 1timothy 2:
    but we need to be careful of looking like the world !!okay yes!! there are limits

  52. it is okay as long as he is doing it for GOD. For me, Christian Rap is good because its their way of expressing their faith and to inspire people . Dont judge, just respect. Godbless!!

  53. I believe Christian Rap is just another form of music. It is only a style of music. It has drums, piano, guitar, bass, etc. It is music. Maybe not the kind of music some prefer, but it is still music. Whoever believes the wonders of our Lord cannot be expressed through rap but can be expressed through Christian R&B has very little understanding of our God. The argument is Christian Rap smells like the world. How? Because the Artist dresses like the world? There is no cursing, no naked women, no glamorizing of money, sex and drugs, but glorifying our Lord Christ Jesus, so how does it smell like the world? Paul said he became all things to all men that he might save them. To those not having the law he became like one not having the law. To the weak, he became weak… (1 Cor. 9:19-22) If rap is a way of becoming like these young people in the streets who will never step foot into a church, then let these rap artist become like them in order to save them. Some of these guys wont listen to a man in a suit, but they will listen to a young man who looks like them and come from where they came from. Stop putting limits on the power of God with opinion and tradition. Blessings

  54. My name is Divine Strength. I am a Christian Rapper from NC. I have been going through this debate in my own home town. I had my good friend who happens to be a radio host on one of the stations I am being played on ask me if I was having and conflict with the believers and my music. I said no they live what I do. He said that a committee THE committee he has to answer to told him that he needs to ban my song “can’t even lie” a single I have on my album After This . He stood up against them believing in the message of the song and what I been through to even deliver those lyrics with zeal and provide a Avenue for those who don’t listen to Shirley Ceaser or Lee Williams a way to listen to post I’ve uplifting motivation and inspiring lyrics over hip hop beats. I would like some feedback. Could you please listen to my song and share it with your audience. Take a poll. Is this devil music or a introspective into my life, where I cam from and who I am today. I grew up under the legal hustle system. You don’t work you don’t eat. Can’t even lie is all about the hustle, the everyday grind we go thru to survive and too feed out family rich or poor we all hustle. They taking my music out of context. Listen and or post “DIVINE STRENGTH : CANT EVEN LIE” after this is the album. Thanks

  55. I do think that people do seem to forget and cancel the fact that different people come from different places, communities, and surrounding lifestyles. Some Christians come from the ghetto, or from Nashville, or anywhere else where different styles of life are lived. Like yourself, you grew up around hymns. That’s the music (at least in the church) that you grew around. Such as others who lived within southern, foot stomping churches, or not in a church at all. But to know that got didn’t put you in the inner city, around hip hop culture, around rap, as he surrounds you with others who help you develope ability to rap, and write or make music as a form of betrayal or desertion. But as choosing you as the one He wants to take these things of this world and use for and in His favor. Christian hip hop, when used correctly, has a place and purpose chosen by God.

  56. I’m glad to see Christian rap personally b/c my kids relate to it given the challenges and the worldly things that are coming at them. I am glad there is music with a positive message that my girls can relate to that does NOT objectify them as things to be possessed or sexualize them. I can even listen to it with them which they get a kick out of. Mom is being hip! I am 45 and I grew up on the Sugar HIll Gang and the Furious 5 so it all depends. Things are different now from years ago. Everything is instantaneous and overexposed—no cooth, decorum or even a sense of shamfulness. The most important thing for me is for me and my house to put the Lord first in everything that is done. Just one parent’s thought!

    1. That’s not putting God first. You just stated that your kids think that you are “being hip”. That’s not about God.

  57. I think we need to look at where Christian rap originated from. Rap, as a genre, is clearly a worldly style of music with its beginnings in the 1970s when it was first used to stimulate people to party and to get riled up in the clubs and also in other instances to symbolise rebellion. With origins like this and the obvious negative connotations rap has today (violence, sex, drugs), it should be clear that we not only stay away from worldly rap but also that we should not take God’s holy word and associate it with something as sinful as rap, therefore tainting it and making it unholy. The lyrics may be biblically sound, but the way it is presented removes the reverence and holiness needed when praising God. He is the Almighty God and when we speak to Him or about Him it must be done with awe and reverence which is clearly lacking in Christian rap. I strongly believe it is blasphemous and not pleasing to God in any way.

    1. Hi Talia, I understand where you are coming and I think you have an interesting point.

      What are your thoughts on Christian rock music then? Also, do you think its possible that God can take what the enemy meant for evil and use it for good when it comes to Christian music?

      1. No, He cannot neither will He.

        1 John 2:15-17
        15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. IF ANY MAN LOVE THE WORLD, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM.
        16 For ALL THAT IS IN THE WORLD, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, IS NOT OF THE FATHER, BUT IS OF THE WORLD.
        17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

        It would be tantamount to saying “let us do evil, that good may come” or in today’s environment of political correctivism “the end justifies the means”. It is justified in the eyes of men but not in the eyes of God.

        The God of the bible created the Universe and all that is in it – including Lucifer, who was perfect in his ways from the day he was created till iniquity was found in him. (Ezekiel 28:15 AKJV) He will have nothing to do with the works of the devil, nor will he honor those who do.

        “Christian” rock, rap, metal, and even mainstream “gospel” music (that is loved and accepted by those who hate the Lord Jesus Christ) is of the world – that alone should tell us something. The bible exhorts true Christians to “prove all things; hold fast that which is good” 1 Thessalonians 5:21 AKJV. The standard by which we are to prove these things is the word of the Lord, the Authorized King James Version of 1611.

  58. here is the most biblically sound break down of music I have ever read and as Christian who records music for the Lord and used to be a secular recording artist prior to my own conversion this list is one of those things I now keep with easy access on my computer. Just as a beautiful biblical reminder of what to always keep in my heart for God as I proceed to do any music for him.
    This is also the most accurate way to see who is really about God and who is really about themselves.


    The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my SONG will I PRAISE him. Psalm 28:7


    Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts TO THE LORD. Colossians 3:16


    I will sing a NEW SONG unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee. Psalm 144:9


    I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the UNDERSTANDING also. 1 Cor. 14:15


    Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious. Psalm 66:2


    Saying, I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the CHURCH will I sing praise unto thee. Hebrew 2:12


    Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and SPIRITUAL songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. Colossians 3:16


    18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;
    19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Ephesians 5:18-21

  59. To me as a DJ, I’ve played all kinds of music and I’ve seen how people react to it. God said for us to rejoice and be glad in him. David who pursue God, sang songs of praise to God always. God never said that music was a bad thing regardless of the genre. God uses us in different ways, and just like we have music to connect with drug dealers, prostitutes, and everything else, why can’t we have the same music to connect with people who loves GOD, or is seeking him. In the interview with the man from 90 minutes in heaven he stated that everyone was singing different songs and Hymns and there was not chaos, why can’t it be that way here on earth. Rap artists make millions calling women outside their names, and bragging about what they have and all that nonsense…hip hop Christian music is sending a positive message to people. Hip Hop was created to talk about what your life was like in the ghetto or where you were living, your struggles, it was a way to be heard…and we as GOD people go through struggles, and yes, this is a way for us to let the WORLD know that GOD is still KING, he is still the prince of peace, he’s still in the miracle business and we should praise him in songs as long as its giving praise to him and all his glory. AMEN.

  60. I saw as much of the video as i could take…and there are scantily clad women in the video who are wearing form fitting clothing and showing off their bodies. But this is beside the point. Since when is the gospel message not enough? And since when do those who name the name of Christ resort to using worldliness to entice the lost? People are lost and dying and going to an eternal hell because of SIN. Jesus came to save us FROM sin and requires that we deny self. It requires humility, not the proud swagger of the hip hop generation! This music is worldy, sensual, devilish and a disservice to God and the lost. Where is the call to repentance from dead works? Where is the response to God’s call to be holy as he is holy? Where is the good news to sinners that Jesus died so that they could have life and that more abundantly? He died, was buried and was resurrected on the third day that we may be reconciled to God not so that we could cling to our worldly ways and deceive ourselves into believing we are serving God simply because we say his name a few times in a rap song! Music is not required to save the lost, WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPAL THING. One must get understanding of what the will of the Lord is and learn to live a holy life so that you can be FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST who will go before thee and be the means by which men are saved. Because men don’t want to do this, they resort to worldly and humanistic philosophies. The God of the AKJV 1611 bible is the same yesterday, today and forever. He has not changed and will not change. If we would see God and heaven open then WE must do the changing. We must conform to the image of his son and leave the image of the first man, Adam, in the dust.


  62. Christian = Christlike. Christ like Hip Hop? Christ like Rock? Christ like Rap? What about any of those are like “Christ”? “Christian” needs no sub category.

  63. Personally I’m just completley lost in this subject. Now listen, half of me wants to believe Christian hip-hop is good, the other half of me thinks it’s bad. i see a 50:50 ratio when I surf the web looking for answers on christian hip-hop. 50% of people say it’s ok, 50% percent say it’s of the devil. So which is it? It’s a giant ball of yarn that i need Untangled, but I don’t know how to. I somewhat like christian rap and hip-hop, but I’m afraid from what I’ve been reading on the internet is that it’s actually evil. Would that kind of music be in Heaven?

  64. Stay away from anything that’s not white men didn’t make who made rap black people it’s evil . ? how dare group ppl dress different an speak different then white church going ppl everyone must act like white ppl an like there music

  65. This is one of the most interesting discussions I have seen online regarding Christian Hip Hop, and I must add, refreshing to see fellow believers conducting themselves with respect and Christ-like manner. As a Hip Hop artist myself, and a repented rebel and backslider, I can confidently defend the artform known as lyricism and rap music as being one of the many instruments used by the Most High God to spread the Good News of salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ. Though I prefer the term Gospel Rap, getting caught up in titles can be counterproductive. The Gospel of Christ should always be the focus and glorifying God for His gift of salvation and calling for repentance and whole hearted submission to the Father God, His will and His Word. The main obstacle that we as followers of Christ and artists face when engaging in our ministry with the platform so widely popular is compromise, pride and selfish ambition growing in the hearts of the vessels being used by the Lord for His purpose. I believe that being called out of the world and to be separate from it, we must always remain humble and in willful submission to our calling. The goal is to proclaim God’s glory and fulfill the Great Commission, while growing in Christ and our personal relationship with Him. There are many methods being used to gather souls to Christ Jesus, and rap music is no different, as long as there is a sincere dedication to the Gospel and a clear distinction between discipleship and glorying in the flesh. Since repentance of sin and the sinful lifestyle is the message of the praise music, as with any stewardship of the Most High, us artists should prove our selves qualified to proclaim His Word.

    1. Nicely said Stretch. What’s your artist name for Gospel Rap? Do you have any recommendations for any good Gospel Rappers? But also like I said I’m not sure about it but I’m like 74.23% sure that it is a good style of christian music and that it isn’t a tool the devil is using. I THINK that it is a genre that God can use to bring a soul to Christ. But only 74.23% of me is sure of that. There is still about 25% of me doubting it tho.

  66. I recently started listening to Christian hip hop after growing up listening to and singing Methodist hymns and contemporary worship songs. My pastor did a sermon on worship music a while back, and he wisely said it doesn’t matter what the music or melody or rhythm is–really only the words matter, and the rest is only your preference. If the words speak the truth and glorify the one true God, any form of music can be Christian, from rap to rock to hymns to monastic chants, even if sung and played poorly or too loudly for you. I prefer singing to rapping, but if the words speak truth, who am I to speak against it?

  67. I have to say that as an intelligent person that still has trouble with understanding the language of the Bible at some points (and yes I pray about that before I read)..Christian Hip Hop lights it all up for me. It always gets me excited about being a Christian and has been the only times that I really have felt “on fire for the Lord”. But as in the article mentioned below.. although I’m all about lyrics and a great beat….the Christian truth is all in the lyrics…the meat…the substance.

    Here is a link at the bottom to a very good lil’ commentary on this debate on music that I think captured it pretty well. I say it says it all in Phillipians 4:8. And below the article, there are more specifically tailored ones. Also, this is a good site to find answers to other questions, probably the best I’ve ran across to explain the difference between Catholic and Christian (because it’s not the same like people somehow think— ), or real, thought out answers about Karma or anything, (but being funny I usually just tell people that the new age people just tried to rip off the Bible and call it their own, cause Karma is really “what you sow, is what you reap”. It’s a Christian site but alot don’t know that. PS-whenever there is a Scripture reference, you can just put your mouse over it and it will show the Scripture right there and then you can move it and continue on.

  68. Jesus tells it very simple when he taught the crowds. The apostle Paul tells it like it is. God looks at your heart (the listener). He looks at their heart and intention (the artist or performer). Either they are doing it with purpose to glorify the Lord and to give a positive message in a fun, upbeat song, or a very spiritual worship song filled with the word of God…either is fine if whatever you do, you do it in the Lord! Does it go along the lines of His word? Or does it go against and contradict the word? The lyrics! What are they saying? The beat doesn’t matter, weather it’s slow or fast or rock or rap or gospel or folk….if it is made with the intention of glorifying God or bringing a positive message in a dark world…it’s all good!

  69. Bringing reverent lyrics to a rhyme with a worldly beat and cadence that smacks of the pride of life and ghetto gangsta slang hardly qualifies as Godly worship

  70. Pretty much any music made by white ppl is ok . If black people make it it must be evil. Just like churches talking about dancing An clapping in church ( most black chruches do it) rap An hip hop is mostly listen to by black An Mexicans

  71. I believe that God uses people, tools, technology as well to bring people to Him. The devil is an angel of music and the best one there is, therefore that is his forte that’s the reason why I just want to Warn everyone. Use the holy spirit to discern what is good and what is evil because we are in the generation of the Holy spirit working inside of us. Before listening, watching, or speaking, ask seek and knock. God will give you answers. He speaks to us just like he would to Abraham in the old testament because He is the same then now and forever. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. When we can’t judge somethings whether it is from God or not, God will be the one and only judge of that for us, only if we ask seek and knock. Don’t just listen to the beat, I used to do that a lot, and while doing so I would listen to the beat lost in thought and end up feeling like I was controlled. Put on the armor of God, and fight against the evil and darkness in the world. Yes people can be very sincere in their music at the beginning, but it also says, TImothy 6:10 that, For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. God bless you all and thank you Jesus for saving us on the cross for our sins and rising from the grave on the third day.

  72. Brothers and sisters lets remember that there cannot be any grey area in this matter, many of you speak in terms of personal opinion but barely anything scripural. What is of God has no business with that of the world. History of music shows us that differnt rythms of music was used to control the emotions of people. Rap and many other genres of music that use percussion drums, borrow this practice fron african voodoo. As for reaching unbelievers, does not the bible tell us that that word is to strengthen the faith of the believers? And for unbelievers there is signs and miracles? I used to be a fan of bizzle and god over money but recently i have come to know that this music is LUKE WARM. Sure most lyrics are pro Christ but because the back beat is world influenced there is no glue to make sure it sticks to you.
    There is no substitute to reading the bible for yourself to comprehend the word of God.

  73. Wow, this is just crazy. Christian rap has lead my emotions to worship God. God created emotion. Emotion is good when used properly just like sex. Christian rap is not like the world. To be like the world according to the bible is to join and follow the world in sinning. If I like racing cars on a race track does that mean I am going to drive 100mph street racing illegally which would be sinful. No. All sound is morally neutral. There is no sound that is right or wrong. It is lyrics that can be sinful. I have a saying, EMOTIONS ARE REAL BUT ARE ALWAYS BASED IN TRUTH. We cannot necessarily trust our emotions and blindly follow them. We should seek out truth and allow truth to guild our emotions. I have worshipped God to many christian rap songs. I look forward to christian rap to continue to lead me towards Christ with its truth based in scripture and it leading my emotions to worship God.

  74. I too would have said the same thing a year ago, but something has changed as i focus more on reading the bible everyday and trying to discern in my life what is of God and what is not. Eventually I came to the gulping life changing question.. Is christian rap of God? As i slowly came to my conclussion i had some tools to help along the way. Posted below is a video of a pastor who in my opinion does a thorough job breaking it down.

  75. Hi guys! I am from Haiti. I am a Christian. Before I was a Christian I used to love listening to rap musics. I started with non-Christian rappers. But now I choose to listen to Christian raps only, because of the lyrics which topics are not the same with the worldly rappers. But, hey! I sometimes feel confused of the way Christian rappers dress, and all those tattoos, piercing and stuff. Please fill me in with good guidance. I like the rhythm, but I am afraid I am not following God’s way by listening to them.

  76. Tattoos, piercing, trendy slang and all that to me sends a very mixed message in regards to praise and worship and falls more in line with the category of entertainment.

  77. Personally for me I noticed when I came to faith my desires changed, and I no longer enjoyed any worldly music at all. Nobody moulded me this way, God simply changed my heart. Ever since then I have felt so uneasy about RAP and hip hop music, and even much Christian rock. I get such a worldly impression of it that my very soul cringes, and yet I’ve no theological backing. It’s purely a discerment and reaction. What I don’t like with RAP is how aggressive it feels. It’s very intense and forceful, like someone is trying to hammer the words in to you, in a gangster style. I also see and feel a lot of hurt in rappers, but I don’t see or feel the peace of God. For me, Rapping is an artistic expression of hurt and anger. It feels that way. It is aggressive. But at the same time I can’t argue with biblical lyrics.

  78. Honestly, being a Christian Hip-Hop artist myself, I see nothing wrong with using the talent and skill I have been blessed with for the use of His Kingdom. We all have been given a purpose even before we were born. You can’t expect to look through my window and get mad, judge me, or turn your back to me because you don’t see your reflection. It is not a mirror image of man. God made me who I am and what He gave me I intend to use it to Praise and glorify His name. And my music speaks about my very own faults, trials and tribulations but also speaks about how far He brought me and how I could do not be NOTHING without Him. Feel free to check out my links:

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