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Internet Evangelism – Are You Engaging in this Phenomenon That is Taking the World by Surprise?

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Last week I published a post about whether you thought people can get saved online or not. I got a few different types of responses in the form of comments and tweets. Most of you thought that it was possible and that God can use anything to reach out to people including evangelistic type messages viewed through the Internet. So now that …

Can People Get Saved Online?

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Welcome to the very first post from this blog! This blog is about online evangelism which teaches and encourages you, the Christian, to share your faith with others using your social media accounts.  For more information about this blog, please visit the about us or about this blog pages to learn more.  Also, if you havent watched the 1-minute intro …

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3 Reasons Why Joining an Online Family Can Be More Impactful than Joining a Community

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Some times you visit a website and you find that its authors have successfully created a community to rally around its vision and purpose. It can be a powerful thing when people gather online to collaborate and give back to each other.