Want to Get People Back to Church? Show Them This Funny Video

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Update: For those of you who were wondering if this is an effective outreach tool, you can check out the results from the Back to Church folks  by clicking here. What a great way to invite people to church! Our pastor first shared this video on Facebook and after I saw it, I found myself cracking up :-). There are …

brussels sprouts evangelism

Proper Seasoning: What the Truth and Brussel Sprouts Have in Common

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This is a guest post by Amy Weimer, who works for Global Media Outreach (GMO).  GMO is one of the première Internet evangelism ministries. You can find out more about their ministry at the end of this blog post. The Obstacle Mary Poppins said, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down,” which she undoubtedly got from Proverbs 16:21: …

I have a new heart for evangelism

A Heart for Evangelism

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This is a post by Klaus Brune who is a member of the TechServants ministry.  Klaus is a Christian web developer and is the founder of PlowStr8.com.  You can follow him on Twitter here. I took a test recently that’s supposed to show people what their spiritual gifts are. I thought mine might have been giving. Or teaching. According to …

Check Out the Great Guys at Solomon’s Porch Radio

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You know what’s one of the great things about Twitter? It’s that you get to make friends with insanely awesome people that you never would have met otherwise. It’s so cool when you get to meet people from different countries or different states and you just hit it off.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to some new friends that …

Is Twitter the Sword of the Spirit?

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I’m on vacation this week so I’m honored to bring you a great guest post by Kristen Collier. About Kristen Collier Kristen Collier is an author, writer for TV, and owns Tangerine Sky Productions, Ltd. a video production company with her husband.  She and Kevin are blessed to supply children’s and music videos to what will be the world’s largest …

How Wanting to Be a Lazy Daddy Taught Me 2 Valuable Lessons About Evangelism

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Have you ever had a challenging day and knew that it would be a challenge beforehand?  How did you react?  You were worried, right?  A little bit anxious? That was the way I felt right before the weekend.  I knew that I had a challenge ahead of me and I just wasnt sure I was going to be successful.  The …