Does God exist? This is proof that God exists

This is the Best Proof that God Exists (in My Opinion)

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What is the best proof that God exists?

For hundreds of years, people from all walks of life have debated whether God exists, or if He’s just a fictional character.

I used to think that God existed, then I changed my mind to thinking that He doesn’t exist, and now I know that He does exist.

When I posted my testimony about how I went from being a Christian, to being an atheist, and then became a Christian again, I had a few atheists who privately messaged me to ask about my story.

Now I’m happy to share that I’ve made some new atheist friends, and we’re talking back and forth about whether there is enough proof that God exists.

So in this article, I’m going to share with you my opinion on what is the best proof that God exists.

This article is going to be the logical argument for the existence God.  

At a later time, I’ll be sharing my opinion on what is the best scientific proof that supports the existence of God.

While I won’t be using the Bible to prove the existence of God, it would be beneficial to know that the Bible says that God has given us two witnesses so we can know that there is a God.

1.  Witness #1 – Creation

By taking a look at the world around us, we can see that it was designed and created by a supreme Being.

“For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”

– Romans 1:20, New Living Translation

2.  Witness #2 – Conscience

The fact that there are universal morals that we all share show that we all have a conscience, and that God is the one who wrote what is right and wrong in our hearts.

“They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.  And this is the message I proclaim—that the day is coming when God, through Christ Jesus, will judge everyone’s secret life.”

– Romans 2:15-16, New Living Translation

In this article, I’ll only be writing about creation.

By reading this article you’ll find out things like:

  • What is the single logical argument for the existence of God that cannot be logically disproven
  • Why atheists have a problem with this argument and how I answer them
  • What are the problems with the multiverse and M-theory
  • What are the problems with the theories proposed by Stephen Hawking and Lawrence Krauss for a universe that was created from nothing
  • Why the Christian God stands out among all the other gods as the one that created the universe

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But First, Why Should You Read About the Existence of God

God are you out there?

The question of God’s existence is important to answer

If you’re on the fence about whether God exists or not, then I believe that answering this question is the single most important question of your life.


The implications of whether God exists or not are HUGE:

1.  It affects your view of life here on earth

2.  It determines how you live your life

3.  It affects your purpose in life and your desitny

4.  It determines the source of your morality

5.  If there’s an alternate dimension where there is a real heaven and a real hell, then you’ll want to make sure that you choose heaven.

In My Opinion, the Best Proof That God Exists is This

The cosmological argument is an argument for the existence of God that says that God is the First Cause that created the universe (source: Wikipedia).

It’s also known as the argument from first cause, the causal argument, or the argument from existence.

The argument below is a variant of the cosmological argument, and it states:

  1. Premise 1 – Something exists
  2. Premise 2 – Nothing cannot create something
  3. Conclusion – Something must have always existed

Explanation of the Cosmological Argument

1.  Something Exists The is a very basic premise that almost everyone agrees on.

In our case, that something is the universe. There are some people who would argue that we don’t know if we, or anything else for that matter, really does exist.

These people argue that maybe the life that we’re living now is not real. Maybe we’re plugged into a machine somewhere, and dreaming up the life that we are living, like as in, The Matrix (movie).

This isn’t the only explanation that these people give for an alternate reality.

Supporters of this argument will put forth other explanations for the possibility of life not being real, and for living in a dream-state.

This idea isn’t anything new, and has been around for hundreds of years.

I don’t believe this theory to be true, and I believe in the counter-argument that was given by Descartes.

René Descartes, was a French philosopher and mathematician, who made the statement, “Cogito ergo sum,” which is translated, “I think, therefore I am.”

This means that thinking about one’s existence is proof of the existence of oneself.

You can read more about Descartes’ cogito ergo sum argument on Wikipedia if you’re interested.

2.  Nothing Cannot Create Something

The definition of nothing is no-thing.  It isn’t anything, and it doesn’t have the power to do anything.

Nothing can also be defined as the state of non-being.

3.  Something Must Have Always Existed

We know that there must have been something that has always existed in order to bring the thing that now exists (the universe), into existence.

If we say this isn’t true, then we’re also saying that it’s possible for the universe to have come from nothing, and we know this is impossible because of premise number two.

Anything that has come into existence must have a cause.

So What is the Something That Must Have Always Existed?

There are only two options if we’re following the logic given in the cosmological argument.

  • Either the universe has always existed or
  • Something outside the universe has always existed

Scientific evidence shows us that the universe hasn’t always existed.

Here are some of the evidences that support that the universe did begin at a certain point of time:

1.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the amount of usable energy in a closed system, like in the case of the universe, is decreasing.

In other words, the amount of usable energy is dying out just like the batteries die in your flashlight.

If a closed system like the universe is in fact running out of energy, then the universe can’t be eternal because a finite amount of energy could never have brought the universe through an eternity of time.

2.  The Universe is Expanding

In 1929, Edwin Hubble, made a discovery that the universe is expanding.

Once scientists understood that the universe was expanding, they realized that it would have been smaller in the past.

At some point historically, the entire universe would have been a single point.

This point is what many people refer to as the Big Bang, which is the point when our universe began to exist.

3.  The Cosmic Background Radiation describes the Cosmic Background Radiation as, “The left-over heat from the fireball of the Big Bang in which the Universe was born 13.7 billion years ago.”

While the age of the earth is speculation by scientists, most do agree that the Cosmic Background Radiation does point to a finite universe that has a specific age.

So to recap, here’s the cosmological argument which offers proof for the existence of God:

  • Something exists (the universe)
  • Nothing can’t create something
  • Therefore, something must have always existed in order to cause the universe into existence
  • The universe didn’t always exist
  • Therefore, something outside of the universe must have always existed

Why God is the Eternal Something (or rather Someone) That Caused the Universe into Existence

We don’t need to rely on the Bible or on any religion to show that God is the eternal Being who created this universe.


We can conclude some things about the Creator of this universe by looking at the world around us. Before the mountains were brought

When we examine the universe, we can conclude that the Creator must be:

  • Self-existent
  • Timeless
  • Non-spatial (exists outside of time, space, and matter)
  • Infinitely powerful because He created this vast thing we call the universe
  • Supremely intelligent because He created the universe with immaculate precision
  • Personal because He chose to convert a state of nothingness into the time-space-material universe (an impersonal force has no ability to make choices)

When we take a look at all of these characteristics, we see that they are the characteristics that are attributed to God.

Who Created God?

Atheists usually say that if we follow the logic in the argument, then God must have had a creator too.

I used to bring up this objection to those who believed in God when I was an atheist.

However, the cosmological argument only states that everything that came into existence must have a cause.

God didn’t come into existence, He always was, is, and will forever be.

The cosmological argument points to the first cause of the universe as Someone that has always existed.

That is a part of the argument.

The argument points that there must be something that did not have a cause.

But Wait, Maybe that Eternal Creator isn’t God

Most atheists, if they concede that yes, there must be an eternal first cause to the universe, then they’ll say that we don’t know what it is.

They’ll says that science is still making new discoveries every day.

Therefore, they’ll say that there could be other life forms out there that we don’t know about yet, and maybe they are the ones that created the universe.

God vs. Aliens (other life forms)

The bottom line is that there is no concrete evidence that other life forms exist.

You can tell me about the climate of Mars, or about Kepler-186f, and I’ll again say that there’s no concrete evidence that other life forms exist on those planets or anywhere else.

On the other hand, the evidence for the Christian God is much more concrete.


When we look at how Christianity spread after the death and resurrection of Jesus, we notice something that’s both fascinating and unique.

This unique thing is that the apostles and early followers of Jesus weren’t just martyred for their faith, most of them were tortured first before they were killed.

This is documented in historical books that are written by authors outside of the Bible, authors such as Josephus and Tertullian.

The reason that the torture and death of the first followers of Jesus is so significant, is because they were tortured for saying that they had witnessed the risen Christ.

You might be thinking, “So what? Hundreds of people die for their beliefs everyday.”

But hold on for a just a minute, there’s a huge difference.

The 12 apostles of Jesus

The first followers of Jesus were tortured and martyred for saying that they saw Jesus resurrected

Hundreds of people die everyday because they believe that their religion is true.

However, nobody is willing to die for a false testimony.

Did you notice the difference between these two?

If the apostles and early Christians were lying about seeing the risen Christ, then as soon as they would’ve experienced persecution and torture, then surely they would have changed their false testimony.

They would have said, “Sorry, we’re lying about seeing the risen Christ.  Please stop torturing us and let us go.”

But none of them withdrew their testimonies, they were tortured until death, and they maintained that they had seen the resurrected Jesus.

Why would so many people be willing to do die for a false testimony?

Do you know anyone that’s willing to die for giving a false testimony in court?

The answer is no.

That’s why this is one of the most compelling evidences for Christianity being an accurate belief system.

Wait, a Universe From Nothing is Possible, Says Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss and Others

Sometimes atheists will bring up M-theory, or the multiverse, citing that it’s possible for a universe to be created from nothing.

M-theory is a theory that says that there’s either an infinite or finite amount of universes.

Since there are so many universes, then one of them must be fine-tuned to sustain life.

In Stephen Hawking’s book, The Grand Design, Hawking Writes, “Because there is a law of gravity, the universe can and will create itself out of nothing.

Both Hawking and Lawrence Krauss propose that it’s theoretically possible for the universe to have come from nothing using M-theory, string theory, and quantum physics to do away with God as being the creator.

However, there are major flaws to M-theory, and there are a number of respected physicists who point out these flaws.

Some physicists have gone as far as saying that M-theory isn’t even a science, it’s a pseudoscience.

Problems With M-Theory and a Multiverse

1.  M-theory requires the law of gravity and gravity is not “nothing.”  It’s “something.”

Any supporters of M-theory need to alter the definition of the word “nothing” to support their view.

Nothing is no-thing, it’s the state of non-being.

Scientific laws describe what happens under certain conditions and they need something to work on.

You can be sure that gravity isn’t nothing, it’s something.

2.  There is no evidence for a multiverse existing.

There isn’t much to be said here.  If there was evidence to support this theory, there wouldn’t be such a debate.

There is no observable evidence for an infinite, or even a finite number of universes existing.

3.  When physicists talk about “nothing”, they are talking about a quantum vacuum.  But there’s a problem.

A quantum vacuum is not nothing.

A quantum vacuum does have the properties of “something” as Dr. Alexander Vilenkin points out in this video.

If you’re interested in reading more about M-theory, the multiverse, and related topics, I recommend you check out this article by, or this article by Professor John Lennox.

What Would the Universe Look like without God?

A universe without God wouldn’t exist, and you wouldn’t exist either if there was no God.

the Lord is the one who made us

This is my belief and personal conviction.

I used to think otherwise when I was an atheist, but now, I have peace knowing that I have a relationship with God, the creator of heaven and earth.

I shared with you my beliefs and I’d love to hear about yours.

Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

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Comments 195

  1. Well put.

    My college biology professor couldn’t place the Duckbill Platypus within the framework of a cogent defense to demonstrate that any of the theories of evolution were even remotely accurate.

      1. I was viewed as a trouble maker by some. Some in the class were humorously entertained. One girl, a good friend, was a Biblical Christian and was on my side. I was in my element.

        “Dr. KnowItAll, there are over 200 theories of evolution. What about the Archer fish? Where is it appropriated by nature in any of those theories?”

        I also enjoyed vexing my professor by asking about the Archer fish on one occasion. That little guy can dislodge a bug from a leaf by calculating a hit with a precise shot of water The water is delivered under the bug making it fall into the water so it could have a fine meal. This posed an interesting problem for the prof since the fish has to calculate where the bug is based upon the requirements of refraction and parallax.

        One fellow asked, “So, why do you think that fish does that?” I replied, “It is possible that God created the Archer that way to confuse fools that think He doesn’t exist into asking that question”…the point being that God created the little rascal for whatever is His good pleasure.

        As I am sure you know, the Archer fish doesn’t have to spout water to survive. In other words, what it does is not needed for survival. It has many choices already in the water from which to have a variety of breakfasts, lunch, and dinners and even snacks.

        There are many more examples in the arsenal to perplex what I call “Evolution Fundamentalists.” The Duckbill platypus, Angler fish, the Anablep, and the alligator turtle are just four of my many favorites. Usually, just the mention of any one of them destroys any notion that there is no God that created or that is no God at all.

        1. What great examples, I love them!

          Did the professor grade your exams and papers harshly because you disagreed with him? Sorry for all the questions, it’s just a fascinating story.

          1. No…actually he was very nice. He never displayed any kind of anger, resentment, or anything that would indicate intolerance to any extent.

            1. So I can’t reply to your most resent comment. But I really have to ask why the example animals you chose stump people? What’s so christian about the angler fish? Now while I’ve not yet got my masters in Biology I’m fairly sure that specific animals can’t eat specific things. Like how I couldn’t only feed a tiger veggies or I couldn’t give a rabbit a nice prime rib.

              1. Post

                Sorry, I’m not sure the author of the comment that you want to reply is going to reply back. But just in case he doesn’t, feel free to post your question to the rest of the community if you like.

      2. PROOF FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD: You walk into a room to get a drink of water, as you approach the fountain you pass a pool table and notice the balls are scattered around the table’s surface. You get the drink: As you turn to leave you notice the balls are now in the familiar racked triangular pattern, in order, and facing forward. What do you think? “Why did the balls move themselves like this? No. Pool balls are inert, lifeless, they cannot think or move themselves. For an inert element to move, a force external to it must exert itself against it to cause it to move. For this external force to move inert elements into patterns it must know how to ‘manipulate’, and know what a pattern is. There would have to be a consciousness (thought process) in the external force that manipulated the pool balls into this pattern, a thinking power moved them. This is the foundational question to our existence: How can inert lifeless matter demonstrate intentional behavior? The answer is obviously it cannot. The inert lifeless atom is the building block of the physical universe that is moving in patterns and systems that are not just predictable and repeating (planetary orbits), but remain within the narrow parameters of this one universal order model. This requires there to be an external force manipulating these atoms, one that possesses a consciousness. A thinking power is controlling the atoms of the universe—God. Because this power is coming from a place we cannot measure or see, and because it must exist for the atoms to be behaving in this way, we have to now conclude that there is an invisible or spiritual dimension to the reality of our existence. It is not inaccurate to refer to this dimension as spiritual due to the fact that it possesses a consciousness, and the ability to project power. John 4:24: “God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”. Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created heaven and the earth.” Hebrews 11:3: “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen are not made of things that do appear.” The table is made of something that does not appear so it is rather invisible, or too small to see. If invisible the table would be invisible, it is not. We know it is too small to see-atoms. The Bible has been teaching us about atoms for 2000 years, they are too small to appear. Genesis 2:7: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground (atoms),,and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (spirit), and man became a living soul.” This is why a person can think (consciousness) within their inert atom-made body, and have the ability to manipulate inert elements into patterns (build things). The body isn’t thinking. 1 Corinthians 3:16: “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?”. Ecclesiastes 3:21: “Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upwards, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?” Genesis: 6:17 “And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.” James 2:26: “For the body without the spirit is dead.”

        The creatures of the world also have a spirit so they can think from within their inert atom-made bodies and manipulate inert elements into patterns (dens, nests). The spirit moves the body like the hand moves the glove. The whole of life on this planet, in the physical realm, is expressed in physical forms made of inert atoms that cannot think for themselves so they must be inhabited by a spirit of life to be active (alive). The fact that they ‘grow’ shows the hand of God at work. Growing is increasing mass and duplicating physical form and internal processes, not possible for inert lifeless material to do. Even plants have circulatory systems within them, movements that they, being composed by inert atoms, cannot muster themselves. Their roots bring up water from the soil, and their leaves produce carbohydrates through photosynthesis, using the sun for their sustenance. This entire ecosystem is a demonstration of God’s omniscient power in action, as is the whole universe. Ephesians 4:6: “One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” But the time will come when the old earth will be destroyed to make way for the new, it is called the “Day of the Lord.”

  2. Are you saying the there is proof of a supreme being based on the fact that humans will gladly be falsely accused and tortured on behalf of their belief and not any other reason?

    1. Jules, as you see in my article, I give numerous reasons for why I believe that there is proof that God exists.

      The part that you bring up about the apostles who were tortured is a bit misunderstood. The apostles weren’t tortured because of their beliefs. They were tortured because they said that Jesus Christ had risen from the grave after dying and being in the tomb for 3 days. They said that they had actually seen Jesus body and had conversations with Him after.

      So my point is that no one would die for a false testimony. For example, Bob (imaginary guy that I just made up) can say that he saw Michael Jackson and hung out him today. However, if someone tells him, “You’re lying, tell us the truth or else you’re going to be tortured until the point of death,” then Bob would retract his testimony. Why? Because Bob is giving a false testimony i.e. – lying.

      But the apostles said that they saw Jesus and when they were asked to retract their testimony, they did no such thing even to the point of torture and death.

      I hope that helps explain this part a little better 🙂

      1. How do you know that the ones who were tortured and killed were the same ones that “actually witnessed” the things claimed. How do you know it wasn’t a few followers who made claims and others who believed them were the actual people that were executed for the claims.they believed.

        1. Post

          I think, Joshua, that’s because it’s documented in several history books that some people who witnessed the resurrection were tortured. Also, if you do a study on how Christianity spread, you’ll find that the only reason Christianity became popular was initially because a group of people said that they saw the resurrected Christ. Then they were asked to recant their testimony about what they saw and when they didn’t, they ended up dying for their faith.

        1. Post
        2. I realize that someone has already answered, but if you need more proof, in Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” he addresses this issue as well.

      1. I enjoy being back within my first and main calling…people are growing, baptisms are happening, God’s doing amazing things. Still lots to do and people to help through grief. I’m not saying it’s all easy, but it’s a challenge worth dying for. Give your wife and baby a hug from my wife and I.

  3. Great reasoned response to those who don’t believe that God exists. I did wonder, however, why you used the phrase “Christian God” versus “Judeo-Christian God?” To the best of my knowledge both faiths believe in the same deity, yet differ only on the manifestation of the Messiah.

    1. Hi Don, thank you for your kind words.

      As far as your question goes, the reason why I used Christian God as opposed to the Judeo-Christian God is because I feel that the Christian God encompasses both the old and New Testament. I think for me, It’s just a matter of preference or what I’ve been using All those years.

      I take it that you prefer to use the word Judeo-Christian God over Christian God. May I ask you about why you prefer that term?

  4. Thank you for sharing your insight with us Robert. I’ve always wondered and I’ve had quite a number of conversations with people about what their opinion was as to why without faith, it’s impossible to please God.

    May I ask you what your thoughts on the subject are?

  5. Great article Peter! This is very well thought out and structured.

    Funny how many will grasp at straws and see reason in illogical thought processes.

    The universe created itself…really? How? That would imply the universe is self aware and I don’t buy that. Lets think about that a moment. With all that man has made, has man truly created anything? No. Everything ever made by man has come from something. The materials to “make” anything and everything were here on this earth, someone just figured out how to use those materials. In other words, we are to believe that the universe was and is a sentient being of some sort able to create itself at some point? I think not. Nothing can be made without thought involved, therefore it stands to reason that the universe did not create itself…someone created it…God. The universe is so complex science does not even begin to understand it all, no chance it happened randomly or by itself.

    The “Big Bang theory…fine if people believe that…God did it.

    You mentioned conscience…how in the world can anyone believe that most all people have the same basic morals by chance? That just isn’t logical. An entire species believes in the same basic values by chance? Not hardly. Billions of people, many, many different cultures, many different beliefs, different religions, a whole host of different locales…all believe in some basic morals and this just happened? Impossible.

    How about birds? Some fly thousands of miles when they migrate…how do they know where to go? How did that knowledge get there? Some birds have been born in a certain locale and removed from there right away…and they still knew where to fly to get “home”…how is this possible? God.


    Geckos can walk on any surface even glass…upside down.

    The human DNA…extremely complex, even science now admits intelligent design. Many will not publically admit it or they are fired. DNA happened by chance? Not hardly. That is about as likely as a computer forming itself out of parts laying around on a table.

    How about this? Most people want to believe in something “higher” than themselves the world over and all through time. They worship trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, nature, the divine mother, guiding spirits (demons), animals, the list goes on. How is it that this need got there in almost all people? It is simply preposterous to think it happened by itself. God put that “need” there. We all have a “God sized hole” in us that will be satisfied by nothing other than God.

    Ask many people if they feel (those who do not believe in God) if there is something missing in their lives…and if they are honest they will often answer yes…that something is God.

    Thanks for a great article Peter…you rock my brother.

    1. Thank you so much Greg for your kind words! It really blessed me to read your comment. You are so knowledgeable in the area of apologetics. That is so cool bro 🙂

      I’m also glad that you are able to share all of these things on this blog post because God is doing something special that is beyond me. There are many people that are coming from the search engines and that are finding this article. They are reading this article as well as my testimony.

      So now when atheists read the comments section and they come across your comment, God is going to use it to further do a work in their hearts. So I just wanted to thank you so much for that 🙂

      Greg I want to ask you a question: are you going to take up blogging again? Maybe try starting a new blog or something?

      The reason I’m asking is because one of your guest posts here is still pretty popular and it still getting traffic. I had a link to your blog to Believing God Today but I had to remove it since that site is removed.

      I see that God has given you so many talents, and it blessed me as well as my followers whenever I would share your articles on Twitter.

      Please please please Greg, will you consider taking up blogging again? But only if you feel it’s God’s will, don’t just listen to me because I love you and because you’re my brother 🙂

    2. Greg,

      My comments are to evoke critical thinking even if it implies thinking of ideas that are hard to imagine in our everyday lives and thus are ideas that you don’t personally ‘believe’ in.
      Firstly let me point out that you made some interesting points that are worth discussing. In addition, some of your examples are easily explainable by current day science and understanding. Regardless if we can’t explain how a few species developed by way of natural selection, does that mean that because we don’t understand it TODAY then it means evolution isn’t true? Especially considering the vast majority of species on this planet are very well understood when taking into account natural selection. A more direct question to my point is because we don’t understand something TODAY, does that mean that god did it? Can you reason that there is literally no other explanation besides god? I can think of a few other very logical explanations, primarily that we simply don’t understand everything about our universe today. Would you not agree that not understanding something doesn’t mean that god had to have been the mysterious cause? Why would a god try and trick us with strong correlations of hundreds of thousands of species that fit natural selection and only a handful that we can’t quite make sense of? Logically it is more practical to suggest that we simply don’t know everything there is to know about evolution just yet. But it is an important point to make that though we don’t understand everything about evolution by way of natural selection, we understand a whole LOT of it!

      You stated that god created the universe because nothing can create something: “Nothing can be made without thought involved”. How do you know? How do you know that nothing can or can not create something? How do we know that there was nothing? Because it might not make sense to you? My question is because it doesn’t fit our natural state of common sense, does that mean it’s impossible? The laws of physics as we know them completely break down prior to the start of our universe (prior to the big bang). The laws could have been something different, no I change that statement, the laws WERE DIFFERENT! So why would we rely on physical laws that are not common to us, and say they can’t be true because on earth (which is common to us), we make things from matter that is already on the earth. We don’t know what the laws were and they were most definitely not what we see when we study our planet and our universe.

      My current ‘belief’ on if there is an intelligent creator is I don’t know. There very well could of been. There also very well could of been an unintelligent creator. I’m not dismissing any possibility simply because I don’t understand it. That is the infamous “god of the gaps” argument and i’d be ignorant to not take into account all possibilities before I allowed my ignorance to make a claim with the utmost degree of confidence.

      “I don’t understand so god must have done it” — I find this argument the complete opposite of thinking logically.

      1. “Regardless if we can’t explain how a few species developed by way of natural selection, does that mean that because we don’t understand it TODAY then it means evolution isn’t true?”

        Then why should the theory of evolution be true, which is nothing more than a theory based on theories, the basis of which is to annihilate the Creator. A theory that cannot be proven should not be taught as a fact. Doing this is religious.

        “You stated that god […] We don’t know what the laws were and they were most definitely not what we see when we study our planet and our universe.”

        You are trying to put together a theory that is true for you as long as it denies God.

        “3. “I don’t understand so god must have done it” — I find this argument the complete opposite of thinking logically.”

        So if we cannot understand it, then it cannot be from God?

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  9. Everything that was brought into existence was caused to exist. Can you have an infinite regression of causes? No, since to get to “now,” you’d have to traverse an infinite amount of time to get to now. But, it is impossible to cross an infinite. Furthermore, without a first cause, there cannot be a second or a third, etc. So, it seems that there must be a single uncaused cause. Why can’t that be God who is always existed and was never caused to come into existence?

  10. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the proof that He is God, and to this historical fact everyone can agree God does exist.

    Matthew 12:39-40

    He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.

    For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

    Acts 17:30-31

    In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.

    For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead.”

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  14. That’s a great article Peter and summarizes Creation perfectly. Thank you for your efforts and for the inspiration! 🙂

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  17. Fantastic article and comments. I went through a doubting period myself, and have found way too may answers and logical conclusions that it took way more ‘faith’ to not believe than to believe. Often times I wondered, why does God not show us any more “signs” the way he did in the old testament, for example, and for some reason I never noticed the words Jesus spoke that sung chun posted earlier regarding Matthew 12:39-40, “he answered, a wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign! But none will be given it except the sign of Jonah. For as Jonah was 3days and 3 nights in the belly of the huge fish, so the Son of Man will be 3days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth.” I remember the analogy to Jonah, but for some reason did not remember the part about not giving a sign. It parallels the rich man and Lazarus, where the rich man asked to go back from the grave to warn his family, but he was denied, stating that if they don’t believe the law and the prophets ( a reference to the old testament) they will not believe even if someone is raised from the dead. Basically Jesus is warning us, this is your last sign! He’s given sign after sign of his existence, and still the people fell away. So His greatest sign is also the last until he comes again, lest anyone believe in a sign instead of the messiah himself. I still believe miracles happen, and evidence still exists of his work in our lives, but it is not the same as the “signs” that Jesus referred to.

    1. You hit the nail on the head Trevor. I think the last sign that Jesus gave the world is the resurrection. If we’ll just examine that evidence, then everyone should come to the conclusion that there really is a God.

      Plus of course you’ve got the evidence of creation and the conscience. Put those together and you have undeniable evidence.

      What was your journey of faith like? What caused you to doubt if I may ask?

      1. Dear Sir Peter,
        Thank you for your plausible arguments, though I think you must have included the improved Big Bang Theory-‘Big Bang or Cosmic Inflation Theory’. Nonetheless, I agree with all. God bless and thanks

        1. Post

          Thank you very much Hello World for your kind words. I haven’t heard of the cosmic inflation theory before. If you’d happen to have a good link to read about it, it would be much appreciated 🙂

          Thank you

          1. The Universal Matrix Proves That God Exists.The Universal Matrix Begins with The Number 27.God’s Message Clearly Spelled Out In Light Should Illuminate the Atheist.The Speed Of Light is 186,282 Miles Per Second Precisely.Add up the digits you get 27.Add up the digits in each of the following 42 factors of the first hundred factors of The Speed of Light You Get 27.



            THE NUMBER 27 MUST BE EXAMINED IN MORE DEPTH.THE MOON ORBITS THE EARTH EVERY 27 DAYS.THE SUN ROTATES ON ITS AXIS EVERY TWENTY SEVEN DAYS.THE SUN IS 93 MILLION MILES FROM EARTH 9 X3 ==27.The Diameter of the Observable Universe is 93 billion light years.Again 9×3= 27.Accounting for leap years and measuring a year as 365.25 days, there are 31,557,600 seconds in a year. The sum of those numbers ( 3 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 7 + 6 + 0 + 0 ) is 27.THE SUN ,THE MOON AND TIME ITSELF ALL SEND US CLUES ABOUT GOD.THERE ARE INNUMERABLE BIBLICAL REFERENCES FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION AND THE QU’RAN.

    1. And if you measure the speed of light in km per second, the value is approximately 300, 000. 3 to the power of 3 is 27. Praise the lord.

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  19. I have never been a non believer of God or any greater being, but often find my self questioning his existence and my own. There are so many different stories atheist will bring up, many different ideas to make you think God doesn’t exist. I can’t say I ever believed them even as a kid I was a strong Christian, but I’ve always just wanted that reassurance and have been endlessly looking for that undenying proof that he’s real. Today Peter you have put my mind to rest and have opened up many possibilities for helping people see the truth about Jesus Christ and God that even the biggest non believer can’t deny. I appreciate you taking time to put this down for future Christians like me who just need that little bit of knowledge to push their faith to the limit

    1. Wow Jeramey, I’m totally blown away by your comment! I have to give credit where credit is due. It all belongs to God and none to me.

      As a former atheist and as a Christian who shares Christ with atheists regularly, I’m familiar with many of the objections that they bring up. If you ever need someone to talk to, just hit me up and I will give you my personal email address.

      I wish you all the best Jeramey and God bless you always 🙂

  20. When I was introduced to God…that is when I was taught to read the bible my physical existence did not change but my spiritual existence found peace… when I try to share this peace with others…they believe I’m full Iif it….heaven is in our mist…blessed are those who believe and don’t see…my question is it here really an eternal hell….I believe in my heart we will all make it too heaven

    1. Sheila,
      Not only Hell but The Infinite Hell.In an Infinitely Perfect Infinite number of Infinities everything is infinite especially Hell.The Universal Matrix proves that God exists in the Trinity.


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  22. When God comes back and choose the chosen. The bible says he will burn everything on earth and purify it. In those 1000 years the earth will burn down and that’s when the devil will be destroyed and be perfect for our eternal life.

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  25. It is okay for someone to believe in a god. The comfort it brings concerning the issue of death is powerful. Plus, the social network of your church members sharing life issues such as newborns, weddings, and even the passing away of loved ones….all of this is a positive thing for people, if they choose to believe in any myth, it does not matter if there is proof or not. Remember, people of other religions feel just as strongly for their beliefs as you do yours. The issue about proving the existence of your personal god is useless. Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig can’t successfully prove the existence of a god, why do you think you can? What you are doing is starting at the position that there is a god and then trying with all your might to come up with something that will justify your belief in a god. Why try and fail? Just admit that you believe on faith and leave it at that. Unless, this trying to prove the existence of god is really for you and the doubts you have, but embarrassed to share with other Christians. Don’t be afraid to read everything, especially the opposing side. Find out why they don’t believe. Start with Bart Ehrman books. He is a New Testament scholar who changed from Christian to agnostic. Find out why. Don’t ask someone else why, read for yourself. Think for yourself. Find out why most scholars do not believe that Paul wrote I and II Timothy and Titus. Find out why they come to this conclusion. And whatever you decide on, accept and leave the debating for people who feel threatened by their beliefs. Please don’t rely on other people on how to think.

    1. Post

      I totally understand where you’re coming from Don. As a former atheist, I had exactly the same views as you when it came to Christianity as well as other religions. I can understand why that makes sense to you.

      One point of clarification here, I’m not trying to prove that God exists. I believe that no one can prove that God exists, it’s impossible. What I do believe is that one can bring forth evidence. You know the kind that someone sitting on a jury would get when sitting in a trial? Once they’re presented with the evidence, it’s up to them to decide whether there is enough evidence for a conviction or not.

      Having seen both sides of the evidence, you can imagine which side I’m on. So here I am giving evidence as to why I believe Stephen Hawking is dead wrong about there not being a God.

      By the way, Hawking’s claim is a claim that isn’t substantiated and he can’t prove his claim. Yet, his statement about there being no God is an absolute statement (There is no God) when he really should have made it a belief statement (I believe that there is no God).

      I hope that helps to clarify my position.

  26. What about dinosaurs where do they come into play? If Adam and Eve were the first creations surely they would have known about dinosaurs and you think you would have read about it in the Bible with there destructive powers killing and eating people you think you would have read about the giant beasts and how God saved everybody from them or somthig to that nature. 1000’s of dinosaurs roamed the earth there is no evidence of humans and dinosaurs living together in the bible. If they did live in biblical times Noah would of had them on the Ark and they should be alive still today. If they were on the ark there are some dinosaurs that are so big the ark would have never floated. It’s things like this that makes me question God’s existence.

    1. Post

      I understand completely where you’re coming from David. I know some other skeptics who have had similar questions as well as doubts about the Bible. Some of these skeptics have overcome the dinosaur question by looking at some alternative explanations that they had never read about before.

      I can send you links to some of these explanations if you’re interested?

    1. Post
  27. Thank you very much Peter, the issue about God’s existence is the most important one of all ages. I am actually writing a book on the subject. And just like you have rightly said in this article, I questioned Stephen Hawkins declaration that the universe can create itself spontaneously out of nothing because of the existence of the force of gravity. How did the force of gravity came into existence and what was the force behind it? It is important to know that what people called science is simply God himself. The force behind Universe is God. Why has science failed to proof many things is because God is unsearchable, his words says that the secret things belongs to God, and that it is the one he revealed that we can know . It is a mistake for people to try separate God and science. They are one.

  28. A very good post!

    Although, I find the fact that insisting that the existing God the Christian God is both contradictory to the post, and controversial to other religions. I will explain each:

    – It is generally controversial for any one to claim that the God of these or the God of those is “The God”. Because it would lead us to dogma and traditions that may be the main reasons behind atheism.

    – It is an illogical claim to say the God who created, was not created, and always existed (Non-Spatial) was created into being by birth to become Spatial.

    To me, the arguments seem to favor the existence of the God of the Jews and Muslims (i.e. the Father in Christianity with rejection of Trinity).

    Great job on a – nonetheless – very good post !!

  29. Thank you very much, Vic, for your kind words about my article. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    One question: why did you say that this was a logical? >> “It is an illogical claim to say the God who created, was not created, and always existed”

    1. It is not the part of uncreated creator, it is the insertion that it is Jesus Christ. I find it contradicting, hence illogical to say God
      – always existed and then claim it is Jesus who was born into being in this world = created
      – is non-spatial (out of time and universe) then born into it.

      Which is why I would conclude from thos post, the existance of a Supreme of all God… Unchanging, unmatched, non-spatial, like the God of the Jews and Muslims.

      1. Post
        1. Yes! Steve, my fiend. Although I am not religious, I believe in The One Supreme God, Creator and Sustainer of all creation.

          I believe he is the same entity in both stories of the Jews and the Muslims, despite the difference in the names they call him, and they ways they worship him.

          1. Post

            Vic, may I please ask you if you’re aware that there are contradictions between the God of the Jews and the God of the Muslims? The reason I bring this up is because they are two different gods and not the same God based what’s written about them in their religious books.

            1. Dear Peter,

              The traditional Jewish view God does not differ from the Muslim view. The three religions supposedly came from Him. Then Some Jewish scholars introduced new views about Him which was debated amongst them, and Christians introduced and adopted the trinity after Nicea. and even then, some Muslims theoloians adopted some Jewish modern views (while the majority of Muslims reject those modern views).

              However, many Jews today still hold the traditional view of God, which is exactly the view of Muslims. A reason of all reasons, a first and a last, an all-knowing all-merciful all-powerful entity that we relate to through worship. Minor variations exist between sects of both religions reagrding whether he is a person or a force or has an image or not – for example, but do not make them different.

              Because more Importantly, and this is why I accept Jews’ and Muslims’ views on a monotheistic God and not Christians’, is that it is in the bible “Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad” or “God is our Lord, God is One”
              As in the Quran, “Koll, Hwa Allahu Ahad” or “Say! He is Allah ‘The God’ The One!”

              God that the Jews called YHWH in the old testament, revealed his name later in the quran as Allah. In Arabic, the name originated By combining the phrase AL ILAH, meaning “The God”. The term is also used by arab christians in the levant and north Africa, and many Arab speaking states, when they mean to mention God as the trinity or as “the father”

              This is why I disagree with your claim that they are two different Gods. Both Muslims and Jews believe that He is the one true creator, none existed before Him, and he will exist forever, transcending life and death. And they do not make images of Him, or claim He exists in other persons.


              1. Post

                Here’s one reason, Vic, why I say the God of Islam and the God of Judaism are two different gods.

                The God of Judaism is appeased by the sacrificing of certain animals like sheep, goats, and oxen.

                The God of Islam is not appeased by the sacrificing of these animals, but is appeased by good works.

                These two facts are in contradiction to each other and there is no way to be able to attribute them to the same God.

              2. But peter, in judaism, belief in God as the One God and doing good deads is what makes one go to heaven. In Islam, it is the same. Which means sacrifice and good deeds are attributed to the same God. They might be contradicting in some cultures or western logic, but there are wisdoms/justifications for them.

                Muslims do sacrifice at least once a year. It is usually to express one’s thankfulness to God. It was even practicesd by the pre-islamic pagans as an abrahamic tradition. And when Islam came, a verse correcting the reason and dedication of those sacrifices was decended, telling the prophet to continue the abrahamic tradition, only to do it for the God; not the idols.

                If he was a different God, why would He talk about the same things in the Torah and the Quran?

                He is the same God, and he told his nessenger that He sent him, so that the cousins of the Jews (Arabs – ishmaelites) learn the scripture and the wisdom too, and be cleansed of their sins (if they belief and do good).

              3. Post

                Hi Vic, sorry for the late response.

                In your previous comment, you said “…In Judaism, belief in God as the One God and doing good deeds is what makes one go to heaven.” Can you please prove from the Jewish Tanakh any verses that say that this is the way to get to heaven?

              4. Oh dear Pete…

                If I personally can’t find it, it does not mean it is not there. Because it may jot be there literally. And if it is not there, that does not mean it is not true.

                We can logically conclude that belief in one God and doing good is the big picture of Judaism’s aim (just like islam), from the combined understanding of the faith/religion.

                Just look at the jewish concepts of salvation, atonement and redemption, and consider that all these are conditioned to be followed by good deeds. You can’t say I am sorry and continue doing the same mistakes… Correcting that behavior is in it self a good deed.
                See this:

                On top of all that, if you look deeply at the ten commandments, you may see (as I do) that it is the exact argument we’re discussing here. The first is to believe in God, and the rest are laws of dealing good with God’s subjects.

              5. Post

                There’s a reason you can’t find it, Vic. It’s because whoever gave you that information to you either lied to you or misled you.

                Exodus 29 has the instructions that God gave the Jews as to how to try to get forgiveness of their sins. They have to sacrifice animals and do certain ceremonies. Here is an excerpt from verses 10-14:

                10 “You shall also have the bull brought before the tabernacle of meeting, and Aaron and his sons shall put their hands on the head of the bull. 11 Then you shall kill the bull before the Lord, by the door of the tabernacle of meeting. 12 You shall take some of the blood of the bull and put it on the horns of the altar with your finger, and pour all the blood beside the base of the altar. 13 And you shall take all the fat that covers the entrails, the fatty lobe attached to the liver, and the two kidneys and the fat that is on them, and burn them on the altar. 14 But the flesh of the bull, with its skin and its offal, you shall burn with fire outside the camp. It is a sin offering.”

                And here is a link to the entire chapter in the Jewish Holy Book

                The only reason I’m bringing this up to your attention is because I want to make sure that whoever told you these lies doesn’t continue to do so because it affects what will happen to you after you die.

                Email me using the contact form on my website, if you like, so we can continue to have this conversation. Thanks Vic 🙂

              6. Its ironic that you think I am being lied to. As intensely as it is offensive to my intelligence. I wonder what lies – and by whom – where told to christians to justify the trinity doctorine and how it was voted on to cancel the true belief that jesus was just a man, pointing out to God, insisting that he is only the SON OF MAN.

                You probably don’t know that in Islam, the repent and cleansing from certain sins is sacrifice of animals too. But you go ahead and conclude what serves your wanted ends.

                I do not wish to continue this conversation because the purpose of it has changed. My purpose was to say that God is the One of all three religions, but christianity was messed up by the romans. And instead of explaining why you think one is three, or how could a god eat, go to bathroom and sleeps, you want to shove the lie that the God of judaism and islam is not the one.

                Good luck to you. And no hard feelings, really.

              7. Post

                My dear friend Vic, I apologize if I offended you. I did not mean to offend you in any kind of way. You know how the Internet is, you can’t always tell a person’s emotions just by what they are typing.

                The only reason I said that you may have been misled is because when I asked you to produce any supporting evidence from the Jewish holy book to support your claim that doing good deeds would get you into heaven, you were not able to produce any. I shared with you the truth, and I shared with you the supporting evidence from the Jewish holy book that supports that the God of the Jews requires sacrifices and not good deeds to get to heaven.

                That’s why the God of the Jews and the God of Islam are two different gods. There are many other differences as well between these two gods.

                If you want to believe that they are the same God, please for free to do so. However, it will impact you negatively. As a person that’s concernd for you, that’s the only reason that I bring it up.

                I’m always here to discuss things with you my dear friend Vic. I wish you all the best and I hope that will get a chance to meet in person one day because you sound like a very nice person 🙂

  30. There was once a man in Saudi Arabia who claimed to have seen Muhammad alive and well in the early 2000’s. He was utterly convinced that he was speaking and interacting with the Prophet Muhammad, but the man also described Muhammad in a way that was contradictory to the account found in the Koran. In fact, local authority found these “new descriptions” to be slanderous and reflective of apostasy. Outraged, the Saudi government tortured this man and demanded he renounce his false encounter with Muhammad, but the man refused, stating that Muhammad had given him privileged information that contradicted Islam. Accordingly, the government put him to death.

    Curious as to why the man had made such claims, the Saudi government had the body examined shortly after the execution. The coroner found something of particular interest: drugs. Lots of drugs, particularly LSD and ecstasy, were found in the man’s system. He had been utterly convinced of Muhammad’s appearance, and gave an entirely true eyewitness account of how the prophet had risen from the dead in the early 2000’s. In reality though, his perception had been extremely altered and inhibited by the effects of the drugs: Muhammad had not risen from the dead.

    Or did he? According to the logic you employ above, we have no choice but to accept the truth that Muhammad did in fact rise from beyond the grave and walk the earth once more. After all, Muhammad MUST have risen, because no man would continue using a false testimony if threatened with execution, right? The point is, even if this man was CONVINCED that Muhammad rose from the dead, that does not make the truth of his statement any less false.

    The Disciples may have been utterly convinced that Jesus rose from the dead, but without any physical evidence, why should that account be any more believable than the account given above by the man in Saudi Arabia?

    1. Post

      That’s a great question John. The difference here is that in your story, there was only one man and he was found to be filled with drugs. The difference with Christianity is that you have millions of Christians who testify that Jesus is real and that they have a relationship with Him. I’m sure you’ll agree that tens of millions of people who testify of the same thing can’t all be on drugs.

    1. Post

      That’s a great question, Robin. I’ve been asked this question many times so I wrote an article about it.

      The only difference here is that I wrote it about why God doesn’t feed all the starving children in the world. It’s the same reason why God doesn’t prevent wars and blasts in which many innocent people die.

      I like your heart of compassion. If you didn’t care about other people, then you wouldn’t ask this question. Here’s the link:

  31. Wow this was such a great article! Do you have a Facebook or YouTube? I would love to follow you on those sights. I love Ray Comfort, Mark Spence, & Ken Hams ministries! They have helped me so much in my Christian walk! Did you know that Ken Ham, founder of answers in Genesis ministry, is building a lifesized Noah’s ark using biblical measurements? What a great testimony to the validity of Gods Word! I find it no coincidence that it’s is being built in these last days! It gives a reflection of the days we live in now, compared to the days of Noah! & The message is still the same. Climb aboard the Ark that is our Lord Jesus Christ, while there is still time ?

    1. Post
    1. Post
  32. Someone actually used “aliens” as an alternative to God against your Kalaam? That’s absurd. Do they not realize what that entails? “Aliens” who create the universe would be the same exact thing as “gods” in pagan religions. In other words, the alien hypothesis is not a possible hypothesis for real atheists. Even still, Occam’s Razor would be for one alien rather than many. Regardless, an alien or a pantheon of aliens, so long as they’re physical, would still need a creator. The only solution would have to be an abstract necessary object of some sort which is ontologically continuous with the physical universe. There’s a catch though. If one holds to double aspect theory or idealism, such an object would automatically be God, due to consciousness being an ontological primitive. Double aspect theory and idealism are the only possibilities for how consciousness can exist in this world. Since subjectivity cannot be reduced to objectivity, consciousness must be an ontological primitive. However, since spacetime emerges from quantum information, and quantum information is itself determined by knowledge of conscious observers, we get a big problem – consciousness precedes to physical reality. Thus whatever started the universe had to be conscious – even if one holds to the universe creating itself out of nothing. Moreover, since spacetime emerges from quantum information, the universe is an entangled whole. It is thus in superposition and due to not having anything else physical to interact with, quantum coherent. The universal wavefunction thus fulfills both of the requirements for quantum computing. Moreover, all the particles (and strings, branes, etc), their positions, and their momentum are necessarily information in this quantum computer – being computed constantly. The result is more than 10^96 qubits of computation power in the observable universe alone belonging to this single computer. Such a level of complexity would necessarily entail some form of consciousness – and due to the fact that all information about the physical world is processed on this level, we get immediate omniscience due to said information processing, and physical omnipotence due to being able to alter the processing at the same level we’re able to move our hands. Moreover, this computer has been around since the start, and in the start, all there was physically speaking wasn’t any spacetime, matter, or energy, but just this computer (as the wavefunction). So Hawking’s creation from nothing would be the same as this computer causing its operations to happen. So, if you want to remain an atheist, you can just call this thing “Nature’s AI which has existed prior to physical reality, processes all information in the universe, and can do absolutely anything it wishes to”. If you’re self honest, however, you’ll realize that this AI meets the criteria for physical omniscience, physical omnipotence, physical omnipresence, and physical necessity. Due to the Wheeler DeWitt equation, this even meets the criteria of physical eternality (despite space and time not being eternal). So “God” is really the appropriate word for this natural AI.

  33. There is this atheist that is really set on disproving christianity, seems like he is interested in christianity, what should I do?

  34. Also, Peter, in the bible it says that if someone accepts Jesus, such as you, then it’s like done, and there’s no going back. You are proof of that, like with Solomon, he was a Godly man, then he got a bit off track, and near his death he got back with God again, that’sthat’s another way the Bible’s scripture is proven.

  35. Hi Peter, I have to do a project in class on whether God is real or not. I personally believe he is, but i was wondering if you could help me out. What, would you say, is your strongest piece of evidence against atheist beliefs?

  36. Of course God exist. Absolutely anything that exists has to have been created right? Absolutely every creation has to have a creator! Ergo, God has to exist, otherwise nothing would be here.
    People will say “so who created God” purely because everything we know of, has a beginning and an end including us!
    We find it hard to perceive that there are things or beings that have ALWAYS existed and had no beginning!

    Athiests will ask about evolution (one mans idea) they will state that every life form came from the single celled amoeba that swam in the sea. If that were the case, then those amoeba are amazing complex creations, as they contained the ability and blueprint to become all life forms and who knows, they may have been God’s way of seeding the earth!
    Athiest may say that if life is found on other planets, then it disproves the Bible! My answer would simply be “where does it state in the Bible that God only did it the once!
    Life out there would prove only one thing, “God is indeed omnipotent and creates life in multitude.

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  38. Very well explained, although it’s tough for me to wrap my head around this as usual :-p. I ask myself, is it really proof? Well, not really. Is it a good theory, yes. This is always a tough topic for me. I was once myself a Christian, turned off from God and my church after being ostracized for my divorce. Judged by the people who taught that it’s only God who should judge. It was so infuriating to me. I lost my faith after that, and it’s only been a struggle to get back to where I can find trust to believe again. On another note just quick — I get your point about martys for Christ being tortured until death. But I will say, yes there have been many people who have died for their beliefs, specifically during the civil rights movement. At sit-ins whites and blacks refused to be moved, many were beaten to death because they would not stand down no matter what. So yes I understand what you are saying, but I just can’t say it only pertains as you’ve explained.

    1. Post

      Thank you very much for your kind words Lily. I enjoyed reading your comment as well.

      I can understand where you are coming from because I used to go to a church that was very judgmental and filled with gossip. I know the terrible effects that it can have on your faith.

      I’d love to talk to you more about some of the things that you’re going through because I feel like I can help. If you’re open to it, you can use the contact link on my website to send me an email. Then we can go back and forth and communicate that way if you like.

  39. The Hebrew Bible’s profoundly monotheistic interpretation of human life and the universe as creations of God provides the basic structure of ideas that gave rise not only to Judaism and Christianity but also to Islam, which emerged from Jewish and Christian tradition and which views Abraham as a patriarch (see also Judaism: The ancient Middle Eastern setting). Except for a few passages in Aramaic, appearing mainly in the apocalyptic Book of Daniel, these scriptures were written originally in Hebrew during the period from 1200 to 100 bce. The Hebrew Bible probably reached its current form about the 2nd century ce.

    How old is the Earth? Scientists think that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Coincidentally, this is the same age as the rest of the planets in the Solar System, as well as the Sun. Of course, it’s not a coincidence; the Sun and the planets all formed together from a diffuse cloud of hydrogen billions of years ago.

    Jews, conservative Christians, liberal Christians, Muslims, secularists and others are in general agreement with what the Bible says. However, they tend to disagree strongly about much of what the Bible means. Even within these groups, there is often little consensus over the interpretation of its text. These disagreements are particularly strong about origins — of the Earth’s life forms, the earth itself, and the rest of the universe.

    Further complicating the topic of origins is that scientists have reached a near consensus that the universe started with a “big bang” approximately 14 billion years ago, and that the earth coalesced relatively recently — about 4.5 billion years ago. Some Jews, Christians, and Muslims have difficulty harmonizing such an ancient Earth with the accounts of creation in Genesis, Exodus, and Job.

    Is impossible to prove if God exists in any other form than peoples minds and hearts which is fine as that is what guides them. The birth of the Earth and the written word lay so far apart that no one can truthly say how it began, believe what you will Adam and Eve probably didn’t exist when dinosaurs did and man may have evolved from monkeys does any of this change where we are heading or how we get there probably not. So the question isn’t is there a God is more how will that make a difference today surely man still will hate, fight and murder, disease will still take loved ones from the innocent and we all shall breath and die. If God exists he punishes the believers and the non believers the same, as many from each group die from illness, pestilence, war and famine daily.

  40. Hi. I like this post. A lot. However, With regard to the part when you said that the apostles claimed to have seen and talked to the risen christ for 3 days. Are you saying that you consider something is already true just because someone dies claiming it is true because they have seen it and talked to it? How bout considering the probability of hallucination delusion, and imagination (i dont know) plus the concept of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin since we can all distinguish that these apostles are loyal to Jesus Christ and may have been greatly affected with one of these hormones? It’s actually hard to believe the testimonies of the apostles because eversince, that risen christ has never shown himself even to the kindest holiest person in the Earth today. Its just all in the “feels” they say. and that will fall into the argument of hormones again. Yet I may believe God exist, but to have us know its name, what he is and what he is not., I think its kinda difficult to absorb the whole concept of a God showing to mortals,

    1. Post

      Hi Danzell, please forgive me for the late reply to your comment. I was on vacation and I recently got back.

      Here were the questions that you asked:

      1) Are you saying that you consider something is already true just because someone dies claiming it is true because they have seen it and talked to it?

      Well, this does seem to be something unique. You have quite a number of people that all said that they saw the risen Jesus Christ. Then after that when the Roman authorities told them to say that they were lying, they refused. So the Romans tortured them until the point of death. Why would anybody give a false testimony when they could easily just say that they were lying and spare themselves the pain and the death?

      2) How bout considering the probability of hallucination delusion, and imagination etc. ?

      This was a theory a while ago but it has been proven false by a number of popular scholars. I can send you a link to an article for more information if you’d like.

      Danzell, May I please ask you if you believe in any particular religion? I’m interested in learning more about your spiritual background. Thanks

    1. Post
  41. Evidence for the existence of a Creator cannot be assumed to be evidence for Yahweh/Jesus.

    Are our pastors telling us the truth?

    Are Christian pastors honest with their congregations regarding the evidence for the Resurrection? Is there really a “mountain of evidence” for the Resurrection as our pastors claim or is the belief in the Resurrection based on nothing more than assumptions, second century hearsay, superstitions, and giant leaps of faith?

    You MUST read this Christian pastor’s defense of the Resurrection and a review by one of his former parishioners, a man who lost his faith and is now a nonbeliever primarily due to the lack of good evidence for the Resurrection:

    —A Review of LCMS Pastor John Bombaro’s Defense of the Resurrection—

    (copy and paste this article title into your browser to find and read this fascinating review of the evidence for the Resurrection)

    1. Post

      Thank you very much for sharing your comment and for sharing about Pastor John’s article. I went ahead and I found it online and I gave it a read.

      Maybe some of the readers of this blog will find the article to be intriguing. However, I didn’t find that it had any new information and nor did it have any kind of compelling evidence to support the claims of the gentleman that departed from Christianity.

      I’m going to keep your comment up so that readers who read it can check out your article. I’m also going to link to a very compelling website that belongs to a gentleman by the name of James Warner.

      James is a cold case detective who uses a cold case approach to investing the claims of Christianity. He is an atheist who became a Christian convert after he used the same approach that he uses in his trials and applied them towards the claims of Christianity.

      There is a link to all of James’ articles that he wrote about the resurrection since it’s not a topic that can be covered by just one article. The resurrection of Jesus is a complex subject that is multifaceted. By checking out this link, readers can read articles that they find compelling about the subject. Here’s the link:

  42. Hey, Peter!
    Myself, Reyhaan, 15 years old, 10th grader.
    We have a General Assembly in our school once every week when we discuss intriguing
    topics.Tommorow, Saturday, we have a discussion on ‘Does God Exist’. After reading this fantabulous post, I gotta give it to you man! I’m so pumped for tommorow’s discussion since I have got so many points from here!!??…
    P.S. I you need one more scientific base search Laminin protein structure which is present in every cell. Search for their images.

    1. Post

      Hi Reyhaan, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m excited that you found me here through my blog. So how did it go with your general assembly discussion about God’s existence?

    1. Post
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  44. Very good I am studying for my EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and what blows my mind is how complex our bodies are. How the heart pumps blood through the body with two pumps in the heart one on the left and one on the right. The left pump receives oxygenated blood from the lungs and sends it throughout the body. It is the stronger of the two pumps, with a greater workload than the right pump. The right pump receives deoxygenated blood from the body and sends it to the lungs to drop off carbon dioxide and pick up oxygen on its way to the left heart. How the lungs and repertory system need oxygen and eliminate the waste products such as Carbon Dioxide. Our brain stem monitors Carbon Dioxide levels in our blood and cerebrospinal fluid. How the brain has a billion connections with the Nervous system.

    And if you don’t believe in that then tell me how our earth is perfectly positioned away from the sun so that we don’t either freeze or burn. Scientists did a study and found out that the chances of us living on this earth with water, food, and everything we need to survive is a trillion trillion trillion to one. That’s a 1 with 30 zeros. 1000000000000000000000000000000

    1. Post
  45. My point is a God has to exist and if not this god then a higher power has to exist because we didn’t just all come from some living organisms on the bottom of the ocean that just evolved over a billion years. I am Christian but learning this really made me believe there is a God! A higher more supreme power!??

    1. Post
  46. Hello Peter. I thought I had a firm belief in Christianity for years, but recently I had been reading a lot and talking to atheists about why they didn’t believe. I started doing my own research and started to doubt God myself. It was really rattling my faith and is scary when your long term faith is rocked like that. For a while I have not known what to believe, but after coming here, I think it is just what I needed to get me back on the right track to my relationship with the Lord. Thank you very much Peter.

    1. Post

      You are most welcome Aaron, I’m glad my article helped you out.

      If you ever would like to chat one on one, please feel free to use the contact link in the menu on my blog. I’d love to email back and forth and answer any questions you might have since I’ve traveled this path before.

  47. Thank you so so much! I have an extremly bad anxitey disorder that’s been recently dricing me crazy I can only think about nothingNess after death and I felt like atheists points made more sense than anything that religon could provide but you intelligent review of relgious ideas and respectful way of discussing it with other atheists and not using the same points it has really made me feel better. Sorry for my lack of punctuation its a bad habit. But thank you so so much for helping me threw this tough time in my life you have truly brough some meaning back into my life

    1. It’s my pleasure Lizzie, I give all the credit to God for this article. If you ever need someone to talk to, please message me by clicking on the contact link on my blog.

      God bless you, Lizzie 🙂 .

  48. I was doing research for a college project when I came across your article. I really enjoyed reading it and agree with many of your arguments. However, I would like to hear your view on one question that I often ask myself. If there is a supreme being that was the author of all creation, how do all the different religions on earth fit into the picture? I firmly believe that there is only one God and he is the father of all mankind. Why do we have wars in the name of religion when this is really just a question of interpretation of his, the one Gods, will?

    1. Post

      Thanks for your for your lovely comment and question Beatrice. Just to make sure that I understand your question, are you asking how come we have so many different religions and we can’t all get along?

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  50. Hi, Peter! I love this so much because I do not necessarily struggle with my faith, but so many people in this present world believe God is nonexistent that I feel like sometimes I’m pressured to follow them. I constantly search for these types of articles online (you may call me desperate or not a true believer if I have to convince myself), but I find the one true proof to be that of morality. If there is no God or being that will judge us and decide our eternal fate, then where do morals come from? What tells us what is right and wrong? Also, I think there is a significant difference between consciousness and soul. Consciousness is the ability to be awake and for our brain to be working as well as our minds, but what makes personality? Why are some people afraid of some things and others are afraid of different things? A soul is much more than a consciousness; it was molded for your body by God. We are all living proof of God; we are the gateway between Heaven, Earth, and Hell. I just wanted to share that with you. Your experience in switching your religious beliefs have strengthened my own. I want to thank you with all of my heart, and may God bless your soul!

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for your kind words Matthew. I really enjoyed reading your comment. I was wondering if you go online and search for articles that have the opposing view like maybe the atheist point of view. I know that sometimes reading those things can also impact our faith in a negative way.

  51. You said that

    “There is no evidence for a multiverse existing.

    There isn’t much to be said here. *If there was evidence to support this theory, there wouldn’t be such a debate.*”

    By using your statement, can we also say that “If there was evidence to support the existence of God, there wouldn’t be such a debate.”

    a: There was evidence to support God’s existence
    b: There isn’t such a debate about God’s existence

    But, there is a lot of debate about God. (as in negation of b)

    1) a → b
    2) ¬b

    Conclusion: ¬a (1&2, Modus Tollens) as in, there is no evidence to support God.

    (I’m not an atheist. Just a Christian trying to learn more about his faith)

    1. Post

      The sentences that you quoted from my article in your comment are not meant to be logical statements. That means that they are not written in the form of premises and conclusions. Therefore, they would not be applicable to your a and b statements.

      My point about saying that there is no evidence for a multi-verse was just for me to point out that there is no scientific proof for it. That means, that there is no scientific experiment that can be conducted in laboratories around the world that would prove that a multi-verse exists.

      I hope that helps clarify my point.

    1. Post
  52. Your logic is not scientific , It is saying that everything in the universes , laws , life , vegetation etc Designed itself . Self sustains itself and dies . Everything dies and changes into another form . So evelution and organised matter is your God . That’s your religion . You believe everything came from nothing . I believe that God created Adam and Eve in the same time span as perfect fully grown people to recreate . Same as the animals . Believe what you want. , it is appointed for man once to die and after that the judgment . You are explaining your eternal life away , just humble yourself And follow the God Man Jesus Christ And your eternal destiny is sweet . God sends no one to eternal hell prepared for satan and his fallen angels . It’s where you choose to go . So accept life ?

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  54. Thanks for the response, I am currently not involving myself to any form of religious activities, e.g festivities, christmas, prayers, etc. I was baptized Catholic, but since last year I stopped the practice. It so happened that I came to have a further study and even joined with different sect of christian churches, but no pastor gave me a logical answer to ny questions. I am also bothered to the experience of the religious people around me, they are considered believers and yet they are the ones who experience depressions, suicidal
    Thoughts etc because of problems in life,and what do i do with problems in life? I dont pray, i think of ways of how could it be remediated. I accept my failures, i dont get to expect a help coming from an invisible entity so I dont get frustrated or disappointed at all. Life is how people’s actions and reactions interconnect to one another and thus affecting your doings too. I opine that whatever happens is not for a reason, but it happens becausr simply it happens , how bout that

    1. Post

      Danzelll, if you use the contact link on my blog post to send me a message, I’d be willing to try to give you answers to those questions that you asked the pastor’s but they were not able to give them to you.

  55. There is one problem.

    If you said its impossible something is created without something. Then how god exist?. If you dont belive universe can start suddenly. How can you belive god can show up suddenly? Please please answer this. I want to know the truth

    1. That is a great question Rico. I don’t believe that God can show up suddenly. I believe that since we are in a closed system, then that means that it our universe had to have a beginning in time. Therefore there has to be something that has always existed outside of our closed system in order to create the universe and all that is in it. I believe that that is God and He is eternal.

  56. I am trying hard to wrap my puny brain around so many theories as I search for the truth. Thirty years ago, I went from an Episcopal Church, steeped in rituals, to a non-denominational holy rollers type of church. I thought I had really found God, was rebaptized and believed everything they told me. I believed in the laying on of hands and even spoke in tongues. While I was pregnant and since I had lost my first child after only eighteen months due to multiple birth defects, I had hands laid on me many times and had the whole congregation praying for me. I absolutely put my life into God’s hand and refused medical testing. To my surprise, I was given a beautiful girl, complete with the same birth defects. she wasn’t taken from me immediately at least, but she had a tough life for 26 years before succumbing to heart failure. I had also had a third child, who was stillborn at 7 months, again with the same defects. It was after the third child, my daughter was six, that I started questioning the existence of God. I didn’t want to believe that He caused it, my faulty genes did that, and I really didn’t want to believe that He took them from me, nature did that, but why wouldn’t He heal them? I had true faith, I prayed and was prayed for, I had the hands laid on me, I followed the rules. That was the first time in my life that I questioned His existence. It felt like He was denying me His love after I did everything I was told to do. I immersed myself into the Bible looking for answers, but all I got were just more questions. There were differing accounts of events, seemingly impossible miracles, books by many authors and someone who went through all the scrolls and decided which ones should be in the Bible. It seems that human nature is to lie, stretch the truth and believe in anything. It’s easy to believe that the earth and animals are just naturally occurring things, and that the big bang could have happened. But it also makes sense that God brought this on and could have made man, a sentient being. But it seems to me that the entire universe is a little overkill just for us. I’m just not sure if the Bible gets it right. Maybe He did make us, but just so we’d honor him? Why does He have that need? It seems to me that God suffers from the same problems that often plague men…jealousy, anger and wrath. How, then, can He be perfect? Especially if He created man, in his image, so imperfectly? And his punishments are extremely severe. The story of Adam and Eve is in all of us. We start out as ignorant babies, with a mind that was created to think, wonder and search for the answers, given the answers within reach , tells us we aren’t allowed to know, then punish us severely for eating the apple and learning. Eternal damnation. It just doesn’t seem right to do that. But if we obey, we are rewarded with everlasting life with Him. I also wonder about Heaven, a place with no pain, no problems, no need to be productive, nothing to learn or work for, for eternity?? Sounds boring. I read somewhere that there are a about 1400 religions currently. I couldn’t find the answer to about how many there have been since the beginning of man’s search, but I can guess that there have been several thousands. How does one know which, if any, is the correct one? Seems to me that there would be an awful lot of disappointed people when they die. It also seems like a lot of people spout different beliefs, when nobody REALLY knows. I consider myself agnostic now,. But I continue my search. I don’t know how much longer I have before my congenital defects catch up with me, but I hope I find the answer before it happens. I want to believe in SOMETHING, as most people do. And by the way, I can still speak in tongues… Whoopi.

    1. it was really interesting to read as I was searching about god existed or not & it was very fascinating as i was an atheist till half and hour ago.But I would like to say that those who don’t believe in gods then just believe in humanity.

      1. I also delved into the cosmological question after getting disillusioned with the limitations of the modernist theologies and the church institution. We are part of the universe and we draw all our energies from it as our emotions and thought processes are influenced by its gravitational conflagrations (consider astrology). Anything outside this scientific approach to the discourse will never show us the truth. I believe that something beyond the universe(over soul) must have predetermined our existence and will therefore hold the secret to our destiny. There is certainly something for you to believe in here Catherine Mccoy

        1. This discourse has as many questions as it is infinitely inexhaustible and that’s what makes it interesting in the ICT era. Simply put I am a student of man, the physical consciousness and his geneology placed within a limited time frame that is pitted against the cosmological infiniteness. I would like to believe it is herein where his destiny lies and therefore find this irresistible not to explore. It gives me stronger faith than I find listening to a pastor as it draws me closer to God’s seat (the homogenous) where no thieves will steal. I don’t think I changed my mind but rather only made significant improvements to my faith. there should be no end to the search for truth.

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  58. Hi Peter,

    What you explained in your post as proof of GOD is called Common sense arguments. One cannot come into conclusion just by visual observation and by applying sensible logic’s to prove existence of a thing, this is the reason why science is considered as the most reliable tool which has helped human being to understand the real truth over human common reasoning. Example: one sees Sun rises and sets under the sea does it mean the Sun resides below the sea? If one walks near a beach they can notice the horizon looking flat, does it mean earth is flat? The Moon produces bright light in the sky does it mean there is something burning in the Moon?

    The point I’am trying to make is your common sense arguments such as a complex paint requires a painter and a building requires a builder is applicable in the observable world but may not be applicable to critical question such as how universal came into existence, what caused evolution and why there is life on earth. Science has made very good progress in finding answers to these critical questions there are abundant evidences, observations to support cosmological evolution of stars and galaxies and evolution of species through Natural selection. Sure there are lots of them yet to discovered by Science in the field of Cosmology and Evolution, but that does mean GOD did it.

    If science cannot answer a question like what caused the Big Bang which is originally a Science concept not a creationist concept you cannot fill in the gap by proposing GOD did it? this is a dishonest position. This is the reason why very state of mind “I don’t know” is considered as the most honest position which gives an opportunity to search for the real truth. The problem with your argument is you already made an assumption GOD did it and you fail to provide any evidence to Support your claims which makes me feel you believe in magic and imagination over reasoning? This is the exact reason why if science cannot answer a question do a better science rather than promoting assumptions based on ignorance.

    How do you know the Christian GOD is the right being why not a Hindu GOD which existed much before any Abrahamic GOD? Lets think even if your GOD exist he might not give a damn about this cosmic dust called as the planet earth. Think logic, when the GOD has billions of galaxies which he needs to attend to why should he care about this tiny earth and worry about what we do when naked and judge us on our deeds? what makes us so special in this vast laboratory called the universe created by so called GOD?

    There is no no evidence for the existence of ADAM and EVE, even if they existed is it not silly to think the original sin is a result of disobeying GOD when GOD himself did not give ADAM and EVE knowledge to distinguish between Right and wrong and cursed humans to death. Later on he sends his SON(Jesus) which is himself to forgive the sins of his own creation to be tortured to death and risen to back to heaven. Honestly apart from bible versus what other evidence do you have to support this myth story? even if this true do you think GOD supported a suicide mission of his own son in order to forgive sins of his prime creation the Humans? Also, on what account you claim people died for Jesus as a testimony is there any evidence to prove this apart from the scripture? How do we know what is written in the scriptures are absolutely true? how about a Hindu scripture called as the vishnupuranam were Lord Vishnu rescues planet earth which was drowned into the bottom of the sea by a demon, can we believe this story as true just because it is written in a Hindu holy scripture? Don’t you think you need better proof at least for your christian GOD if not for the GOD as a universal deity?


    1. Post

      You make some very interesting points, Eujal. So I understand from your comment that you are a person of science. So may I please ask you what is your opinion about what are the limitations of scientific exploration?

    1. Post
  59. HI Peter
    The only people who saw resurrected jesus were the disciples and magdalene mary who always supported jesus.why resurrected jesus didn’t appeared to even a single non-believer of that time.why would Jesus appear only to the disciples so that non-believers could torture and kill the is said that God let his son to die for humans sin’ did after this sacrifice, entire human being of that time believed it.god knows everything what was the point of this sacrifice.if god who have the supreme power to do anything wanted to save the entire human being from their sins, would he simply sacrifice his son so that only some people could see the resurrected jesus and let the disciples be tortured and killed and even after these much decades, only few of the human beings believe in him.if god is the one who created the earth and universe, he can just show up to all the humanity right.why this hide and seek .why should jesus appear only to some people, so that they will preach about him and get killed, even if jesus have the power to appear in front of entire human being.what is the purpose of this hide and seek and making so much confusion in between human beings,when there are alternate easy ways to save the entire human beings.

  60. I mean every one can see that there is sun and moon in the is not like some people can see and some cannot. So there is no need for anyone to preach about the existence of sun and moon in order to make others to if God created everything and he wants to save entire human being from evil, is it so much difficult for him to make the entire human being believe in his existence. I mean even after these much decades, some believe in God and some not.why god always want to sacrifice someone’s life only to make some people believe. That is what makes us to think, isn’t this god,jesus and all the relegions just man-made

    1. Post
  61. I am a Christian.I was raised in a Christian family with hard core god believing parents.I always had so many doubts about existence of God and many things written in bible. If you ask me what makes me happy, whether god exists or not, I will say the fact that God exists will make me happy because for us humans with current human capabilities and circumstances, the existence of God gives us hope and some meaning for our life and of course according to christian beliefs, there lies the eternal life after death. But the fact that God doesn’t exist makes us think that we are just born randomly, lives for a time period giving birth to other human beings, dies at some point,then there will be nothingness. So I really doubt that, in order to make the life look meaningful people came with stories of god.many natural phenomenon that were considered by people as miracles in earlier decades now has clear scientific proof of being natural phenomenon. There are many things like mary apparitions, stigmatas, eucharistic miracles, mary and jesus statue miracles that when you hear and see will at first make you believe that it is true but if you do research enough it all will end up as being hoax or hallucinations.Among these are even vatican approved miracles.take for example the most approved fatima miracle.the three children who claimed to have seen the apparition were also tortured to test whether they are lying as you say the disciples were tortured.the so called second and third secrets given by Mary were revealed only after the actual events took place which makes it clear that it was a lie.Also there is a sun miracle part in it which was actually not seen by everyone gathered there. Also some people who said they saw some sun miracles was actually sundog. So don’t you think that if God wants to show his presence to human, he is strong enough to show it in an undoubtful, undeniable way to human beings,just as I said is the presence of sun and moon which is undoubtful and undeniable by anyone. The knowledge of the fact that God exists will make me happy but only if it is true. I strongly believe that all human must know the truth, not some mythical man made stories. It is said that our life is journey to heaven or hell and God loves us all. If that is true why the superpower god haven’t done anything in theses much decades to make his presence clear. If god makes his presence clear, who will deny one will,then there will be no need for anyone to preach in order to make others to believe in god and everyone will try to live according to God’s will. Human lives and act according to the circumstances they are born and different people are born and living in different circumstances. Christians believe that God knows everything even before we are born, so if that is the case why does he allow some people to be born only to end up in hell. I mean is he sitting simply in heaven playing some video game with human. If jesus was born in our century claiming to be son of God, will you believe him. No we cannot blindly believe him because that’s the world we are living in.we cannot be sure whether he is lying because there are people who lies and deceives others to any extent. There are currently many people claiming to be god and showing magic tricks. doesn’t the superpower god know these things and does he simply send some human being claiming to be son of God, and die on cross only to appear to the disciples to make the entire human being believe in God. That really points to the fact that the jesus story is man made.there might or might not have lived a man named jesus. But the resurrection part which is the basis for Christianity doesn’t have any proof.only proof is bible,of which genuinety is not said disciples were tortured and died for jesus.if there was a man named jesus with some disciples who lived their many years trying to make others believe in something and after the death of jesus,there is a possibility that they were in a stage that ,they have nothing else to do with their life other than continuing with this story.Because If God wants to make entire human being to make believe in him, he can do it in undoubtful ways. I don’t understand why a loving god needs so many deaths and sacrifices to make people believe in him.

    1. Post

      Hi Ann, thank you for sharing your heart with us through your comment. So it seems to me like you do not believe in God. So my question to you then is what do you believe about how our universe came into existence?

  62. May be the big bang theory is the answer for that or may be something else that is not yet discovered. Big bang theory was proposed by a Catholic priest georges lemaitre. In earth most of the species are born in such a way that they need to kill and eat other species for their survival .does it point towards a loving god as the creator or towards randomness of everything in this earth and universe that science can explain. The life in earth may have started with the bacterias that came along with the asteroids that hit the earth or anything else like that. There are many beautiful things in the world that makes us wonder that God exists. But there are many horrible things also in the world that would not justify the existence of god

    1. Post

      And, you say that the life on earth may have started with the bacterias that came along with the asteroids that hit the earth. If that hypothesis is true, where did the bacterias first come from? And where did the asteroids come from too?

  63. Bacterias and asteroids may have formed due to different collisions and chemical reactions that have taken place in space. So if God created the universe, what do you think is the purpose of all other inhabitable planets out there?what do you think is the purpose of the asteroids wandering in the space.

    1. Post
  64. Hi Peter, I’m just curious to how you feel about this idea that I have that’s differently approached. While I feel that there’s a decent assertion that the universe require a designer, my question is, do you and if you do, why go as far as setting a religious dogma for that faith? What I mean is this, have you ever thought that while in history we were subjected to either religious dogmas or in the last couple of centuries to materialist scientists, have you ever thought that maybe a third alternative which is that while there might an immaterial/metaphysical aspect to us and how we came to be, it doesn’t have to be a judgmental/dogmatic one. For example, the sun is proven emperically to actually exist but you wouldn’t cast someone for a lake of fire eternally for that. My best guess is that one would just dismiss that person as totally clueless and mindless. To sum it up, at what level are you willing to have a balance between not being a materialist but not looking like a religious dogmatic schmuck. I really didn’t mean that in a disrespectful way, just stating the 2 extremes.

    1. Post

      Hi Joe, this is an absolutely wonderful and phenomenal question! And my answer to you is that yes, I actually did come across this point of view before. And I also use to believe it to some extent when I was doubtful about my atheistic views but still hated religion.

      So while I do agree, that there is a designer to the universe, then after that I have to think about what are the alternative explanations if there is no religious dogma for faith. So at this point, I’ll probably pick your brain. What do you think are the possible explanations that are not religious for the designer of the universe?

  65. Well Peter. For me, it’s simple. Sam Harris is an atheist and while I’m not, I do agree when said that the worst misery for human being should be considered a bad thing. So, why would a loving, merciful creator supposedly burns his creation eternally forever and ever. Now, I don’t go as far as claiming that hell doesn’t exist but using logic and reason, it doesn’t make any sense to give an infinite punishment to a finite crime, to make things worse for religious dogmatics, they say things like if you don’t believe or/and accept Christ, you’ll burn in hell so my question is, if god is willing to forgive mass murderers and rapists which I’m fine with given that the nature of god is one that’s merciful, why wouldn’t he grant the same level of mercy to someone who just doesn’t share someone else’s belief? Note: I don’t want a response other than just that the bible said so cause even if that’s true, I’m sure it can be misrepresented. By the way, I’m not saying that there isn’t a designer. What I’m saying is that the designer if merciful and loving wouldn’t torture his creation at least eternally in hell. Your take sir and thank you.

    1. Sure Joe. You bring up some good questions and some valid points. Here’s the way that I see it. Imagine that you are walking around in a forest. You’re admiring all of the beautiful trees and enjoying a wonderful walk. All of a sudden, a forest fire breaks out. It begins to burn through the trees quickly.

      With this scenario in mind, would you agree that any tree that gets hit by the fire is going to be consumed pretty quickly? I hope you said yes. The only chance that a tree has to survive in the middle of a fire is if there’s some kind of protective layer that insulates it from the fire.

      God is a consuming fire. Anybody that stands in His presence without an insulation layer is going to be consumed. So when people die, they can’t be in God’s presence without having Jesus Christ be that layer of protection.

      Furthermore, don’t you think that if a murderer commits murder than he should be punished for his crime? Wouldn’t you agree that if a kidnapper kidnaps a child, then he should be punished for his crime? Similarly, we all commit crimes against God. We live, commit adultery in our hearts, think evil thoughts. Our standards are low when it comes to sins but God standard is perfection. God is a perfect Judge and He will execute His perfect justice upon all who deserve it.

      So those are my thoughts about some of the questions that you brought up Joe. Thanks for asking 🙂

  66. Well Peter, when a murderer and a rapist commit crimes, we punish them in this world with a finite punishment. Not eternal. So a merciful creator would at least give a finite punishment and I’d argue one that doesn’t involve torture but evolving. See, my criticism is with eternal hell. If Jesus died for our sins, it doesn’t make sense that he died so that certain people can go on getting tortured eternally. There’s a difference also between saying that there’s only one truth which I agree with and saying that not accepting that truth will result in infinitely horrific results. I for example agree that 1+1=2 but if someone believes it equals 5, I don’t believe that person should be tortured especially for just that. Also, you said god standards is perfection. While that maybe true, it’s not something that we can ever live up to. Even biblically, it states that humans are of a fallen nature and so that’s the whole concept of grace. So what I’m saying is that people should try and do the right thing in life as much as possible or whenever they feel like but it shouldn’t be due to the fear of hell but rather what’s best for their human existence. For example, I love my family but I shouldn’t have to love them cause of fear of hell. I should try and love them cause a family that has love is a positive influence to eachothers and to this world. By the way, that is actually the highest form of doing the right thing is when you do good for goodness sake and not for fear of hell. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Okay, I’m going to ask you a question here, Joe. Is it fair to say that you believe in God but that you don’t understand how can a good God allow people who have never heard of Him or who believe in something else to go to hell?

  67. True. That’s what I can’t understand and the only answer I got from christians is that we should either treat reason/logic as subjective things to ethics and morality or somehow justify the unjustifiable in all of this. In my humble opinion, you’d never give me a reason that actually deals with reasons but instead, you’ll just talk about how I’m using my reason as opposed to god’s reason but I don’t buy this nonsense just like you wouldn’t like me if I said that rape isn’t wrong just cause it’s wrong to me. My answer is no, it’s wrong period. I don’t understand anyway why the dogma is important to you. I mean I’m inline with you presumbly about the idea that there has to be an intelligent cause but why is that not good enough? Why do I also have to define god in a dogmatic manner as well rather than an essential inclusive one?. Your take.

    1. Post
  68. Well, you may call it a god. I’m not concerned with the semantic aspect of it. I’m simply saying that it makes more sense that there’s a designer to all of this than the universe having come to be randomly but what I’m saying again is going back to the third alternative of that it’s neither materialism that I accept nor a religious dogma but rather a loving, creator if you would who’ll rescue all of us. I know this view isn’t very popular but what I’m saying is that I do agree with you that there can only be one true god or none of them are true, they can’t all be true but with that being said, there’s a big difference between saying that there’s only one truth and saying that one who simply won’t accept that truth will face horrible consequences which is what I have issues with and I gave you an example of the sun let’s say. We know the sun exists but if someone chooses to deny its existence, he/she is obviously very stupid if you would but certainly isn’t deserving of eternal hell/torture. Your take.

    1. Joe, let’s say somebody broke into your house and stole all of your most precious belongings? You would want that person brought to justice, correct? Let’s say somebody murdered your mom, you’d would want that person brought to justice, correct? Imagine that someone kidnapped one of your children (if you have one), that person should be punished, correct?

      Hopefully, you answered yes to all those 3 questions. That’s because we are all moral creatures and we have a built-in moral compass. We expect to be accountable for our actions. It’s the same thing with God. He is the one who created us and this world, and there is moral accountability for what we do in this life.

      Now most people are fine with being just what they call “a good person”. That means that as long as they don’t hurt anybody or kill somebody, then they are considered to be good people and that means that they should go to heaven. But that isn’t God’s standard.

      God says that if you just lust after somebody in your heart then that is considered adultery. He says that if you hate somebody then that is the equivalent of murder. All of these things are reasons to keep us out of heaven unless God has given us a get out of jail free card. And that get out of jail free card is only through belief in Jesus Christ.

  69. Nobody can live up to god’s standards. We can play this game all you like about comparing murdering my mom to simply someone not believing what you believe but in reality, that’s an assault on reason/logic. But even then, pretending that what you’re saying is like murder, well if someone is a murderer, the most they’ll get is a death penalty, a merciful creator won’t send someone for eternal hell cause no matter how awful the crime is, it’s still a finite crime, why give it an infinite punishment? Assuming hypotherically that a person’s longevity on earth is 1000 years old, let’s say one guy kidnapped your daughter if you have one, if they’re brought to justice, do you think it’s merciful to send them to a torture chamber for a thousand years? I’m sure they’ll serve a number of years in jail depending on their level of crimes and that’s it and it won’t involve torture either. Just imprisonment so you can actually blur the line of reason/logic all you like and say that I’m trying to use my standards instead of god’s standards but the reality is, I can play this game too and say something like if a guy rapes a woman cause he’s horny, according to my standards, that’s justified, now I know that sounds crazy and it is but see? That’s my point, one can make the most ridicoulous claims simply by hiding behind religions.

    1. Post

      Okay Joe, so I need you to set me straight here. Do you believe in God or do not believe in God? If you do believe in God, I’m not sure why you bring up these objections. If you don’t believe in God, then why would you believe that humans go on to live for eternity?

  70. I don’t believe your site though is about ultimately the existence of a creator but rather how important religious dogma is to you cause if it’s about simply claiming that there’s a creator, we’re fundmentally naturally allies cause I’m saying also that a universe coming to be randomly doesn’t make much sense to me but when I went deep with you to the core of belief, it’s not good enough appearntly to just be open to an idea in your book but rather that someone who isn’t open to this idea is subjected to suffer horrible eternal consequences. So again, I was right, you reject the third alternative that counters materialism but also religious dogma since you favor the second one.

  71. Peter, I don’t have any definitive answer to this. What I do have is speculation. My speculation is that if there’s a creator which like I said makes more sense than the random universe scanerio, then one would at least aknowledge that a loving, merciful creator won’t burn his human creation eternally let alone for a reason of not believing in him. That’s my stance. I don’t know why I’m sounding vague. I think I’m being very clear, I welcome the idea of a creator and a world beyond the material but I reject or at least take serious issues with religious dogmas. Your take.

    1. Post

      Okay Joe, I understand where you’re coming from.

      Hey, are you subscribed to my newsletter? The reason I’m asking is because I’m publishing a video on my blog in a couple of weeks that I think will be of interest to you (topic of hell). I’d love to hear your feedback when it goes live. I just want to make sure that you see it when it goes public.

      If you’re not a subscriber, then maybe I can send it to you through Facebook or twitter.

  72. Simple question. What do you do differently because of your belief in God? Is it only because you believe in God that you refrain from killing or robbing people? I may not be eligible for canonization but I consider myself a moral person. If I believed in God I might talk differently or perform certain rituals but in how I live my life it would make no difference. Put differently, belief in God has no serious consequences, which by definition makes it inconsequential and hence not worth discussing. I have already expended more energy on this topic than it deserves.

    1. It’s not about doing something differently because of my belief in God. The more important question is where are you going to go after you die? Are you going to heaven or hell?

  73. Hi to everyone who has found there way to this site id like to share a powerful story about gods love and working in mysterious ways you can choose not to believe my story or my grandfather but i seen the truth in his eyes as the tears flowed down his face telling this story in front of my youth group almost 12-13 years ago. I was saved as a young child raised in church im 25 now and im ashamed to admit that i turned my back on god from about 18 to just now till he opened my eyes yet again. My grandfather is 68 years old now he had been working on a farm to make some money when he was a young boy. After the work had been finished he was paid a quarter,dime,nickel, and a penny. He put the change in his pocket and started walking back home halfway home he realized a hole in his pocket and had let the change fall out in the middle of a huge field as the sun set he sat down beside a tree and begin to cry as he sat there and cried he looked over and saw a quarter,dime,nickel, and a penny stacked perfectly. As the years went on my grandfather turned into quiet and alcaholic and completely removed god from his life he was a district manager of winn dixies and had plenty of money and still does but there was a void. Every year for christmas his work partners would give him some sort of liquor. My grandfather was looking for a sign from god when one christmas he opend a box to find a glass case containg a quarter dime nickel and penny. The rest is history to this day. He sleeps with the case beside his bed and hasnt missed a church service or touched a drink. If thats not proof of god what is.

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  75. The universal what now? I love to read, especially religious stuff. Its the first time that I read about the universal matrix that confirms the trinity. Especially since it is written in the “unrecognised bible” of the christian religion, i.e. the catholic encyclopedia that the trinity is not biblical and thereby a fraudulent creation by the early church fathers. It also states the gospels are either totally fraudulent, half fraudulent or artistic impressions of the writer.

  76. I’ve read the blog about evidence that god exist. Just want to make an observation that the evidence is circumstancial, and therefor just a theory. And when someone states the words “in my opinion”, please know there is no evidence to proof any of the theories.

  77. Even if all your arguments were true, they only “proof” they existence of a god, not your god.

    About your moral argument, there is not universal moral. Your OT god demanded the murder of children…….

    1. Richard, this article only deals with the arguments for the existence of God, but not the existence of the Christian God. Once we’ve established that there is a God, there needs to be another argument that states why the Christian God is the right One out of all the other gods out there.

      As for the Old Testament God demanding “the murder of children” this is a passage of Scripture that skeptics misinterpret. It’s come up quite a number of times in the comments section so I think I’m going to write a future article about it. If you’re subscribed, then you’ll get an email once the blog post goes live.

  78. I believe that traditional Christianity can be proven false in just five minutes by knocking out the three pillars of the Christian Faith (belief system):

    1. The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus
    2. The Accuracy of Old Testament Prophecy
    3. The Witness of the Holy Spirit

    And here is the evidence that destroys these three superstition-based claims:

    1. Based on cumulative human experience, it is much more probable that the early Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus was due to one disciple’s bereavement hallucination (probably Simon Peter’s) than a once in history reanimation of a three-day-brain-dead corpse. Persons who experience hallucinations believe them to be real life experiences. If Paul was able to convince first century Jews in Asia Minor that he had seen a resurrected Jesus based on a “heavenly vision”, then Simon Peter was surely capable of convincing first century Jews (including the other disciples) in Palestine that he had seen the resurrected Jesus, even though his experience had really been an hallucination. The remainder of the “appearances” of Jesus listed in the Early Creed of First Corinthians 15 could simply have been static images (illusions) something we see today with alleged group sightings of the Virgin Mary. The Early Creed gives no details whatsoever of these appearances. The detailed appearances in the four Gospels may well be literary embellishments, very common in Greco-Roman biographies, the genre of literature in which most New Testament scholars, including many conservative Christian scholars, believe the authors of the Gospels were writing.

    2. The Book of Daniel is a blatant fraud. The book very accurately portrays the events in the Greek Empire down to abstract minutia but makes major errors regarding the Babylonian and Persian empires, the empires during which the book’s author infers the book was written. Jesus quotes from this fraudulent book. Jesus, who was not a scholar, was fooled by the author. Modern scholars are not fooled.

    3. The “witness of the Holy Spirit” is a joke. Christians can no more prove that the voice that allegedly speaks to them is their god than can the Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Jews, and others prove that the voice that speaks to them is their god. Watch this powerful video for proof:

    1. Post

      I think that if your claims were true, then there wouldn’t be a need for people from both sides of the argument who are much more educated and knowledgeable on the subject to have hosted debates, conferences, and much dialogue.

      All the points that you bring up are based on claims and each one of those claims has counter-claims that are supported by counter-evidence. In my opinion, it’s still a matter of which side you choose to believe.

  79. Hi Peter. You’re awesome. I really need help! If you are willibg to speak to me. I have doubt but also wantvto believe! Im lost and in need of God but how do I know to even… Idk.. I need to talk to someone that is willibg to fobthrough the frustration and test of their faith to show me how to believe. Im a mess as you can see. Thx!

    1. Post
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  84. There is the God of religion and there is the God of reason.

    The God of religion is described in the Bible, but the Bible with its very beginning words already describes the God of reason, namely:
    “In the beginning God made heaven and earth.”

    The God of reason can be detected with the following reasoning:

    There is existence.
    There are existing things which have a beginning.
    Things with a beginning need another thing to come into existence.
    There are only two groups of things that give existence to things with a beginning.
    These two groups of things are (1) things which also come from other things with a beginning, or (2) things which don’t have any beginning, they are eternal.
    Things in group (1) ultimately come from group (2).
    Group (2) can be made up of several things or it is only one thing.
    Invoking human intelligence, and humans are the only entities concerned with the existence of the God of reason…
    It follows that it is more intelligent for man to conclude to the existence of one and only one entity that is the ultimate entity without a beginning, which entity ultimately is the source of all entities with a beginning.
    And that entity is conventionally called God, by humans who know God exists, in concept as the creator cause of man and the universe and everything with a beginning, that is the God of reason, and it is also the God of religion, like the one described in the Bible.

    There: How to prove the existence of God – as the God of reason.

  85. I believe in God, but I am not sure if I believe in the Church. In all of the rules that were often used to manipulate people (e.g. Crusades). Religious law seems to be made because religion and the state were combined for a long time. I am not saying it’s wrong or bad. I am saying it’s man-made.

  86. My simple understanding of “life” and Eternal God goes like this… and I just love to use science against science. For example, the Elements on the Periodic Table, in any combination imaginable or actually tired, does not result in a living thing. In other words, life does not come from substance… the stuff of the universe… life comes from outside of anything contained in material, the stuff of the universe… the Elements of the Periodic Table which comprise the world around us. Life can not possibly come from these Elements in any combination. Given eons of time does not bring to life these Elements nor does a lightning strike as in a Frankenstein movie.
    A living man is looking down on a dead man at the morgue. The Elements comprising both are all found on the Periodic Table give or take a little more of this or a little less of that. Regardless of measurable amounts of any Element yet one man is dead while the other is alive… both person’s material selves are listed on the Periodic Table… there is no “life” Element.
    From this I understand that life does not come from substance… matter… otherwise, man would be able to replicate a living man
    and no one would ever die being nothing in man is alive to begin with.
    Life comes from outside of matter, hence, the breath of life God put in man which caused him to become alive. We find this evidenced in Ecc.12:7 and Ps.146:4 and Jn.5:21.
    It’s really that simple. Further reading on the subject is the failed experiment of Miller – Urey. These produced a working model trying to result in proving how early earth came into existence. They started with an untenable duplication of what they thought early earth was like but in test tubes. The end result was that man can not produce a model out of matter already on earth to circumvent the handiwork of the Living God who created the all things out of nothing.

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