doubting if God is real? this free movie will restore your faith

Doubting if God is Real? This Free Movie Will Restore Your Faith

Peter Guirguis Apologetics 45 Comments

Have you ever experienced doubts that God is real?

Do you, or someone you know believe in the theory of evolution?

Why am I asking you these questions?

Because unfortunately, many people believe in the theory of evolution, and there are several problems with it that are hard to ignore.

I’ve written briefly about the little-known website that some evolutionists don’t want you to know about.

And I’ve also shared about a movie called Evolution vs. God that shows the arguments both for, and against evolution.

You can watch it here.

You May Feel Like Calling Evolutionists “Stupid”, or Theists “Stupid”, But That Would Be Stupid Too

Listen, I think that one of the problems about talking about evolution is that both sides can get angry easily.

On the one hand, you have some evolutionists who say, “Are you freaking kidding me?!?

“Of course evolution is true, and it’s been proven by Darwin’s finches, and loads of other scientific observations!”

And to that, I would say that Darwin’s finches just proves natural selection, but not the changing of one kind to another (as taught in Darwinian evolution).

On the other hand, you have some theists who retaliate by saying, “Oh my gosh, evolutionists are so blind!

“Just think for a minute, where did the Big Bang come from?!?

“And all of the complexity that we see in nature is obvious evidence of intelligent design!

Psalm 100 it is the Lord who made us

Listen, I Get Both Sides

You know why?

Because when I was an atheist, I believed in evolution.

It made sense to me.

But now that I’m a Christian, it doesn’t make sense anymore.

I could go on and on about the problems with the theory of evolution, but that will be a blog post for another time.

Here, Watch This Movie Whether You Believe in God, Don’t Believe in God, or Are Just Not Sure What You Believe

Listen, I’ve watched this movie that I’m about to share with you, and I can say that there is something here for everyone:

  • If you believe in God, then this movie will build your faith.
  • If you don’t believe in God, then this film will either:
    • Give you something valuable to think about as other atheists in the movie said that it made them think
    • Help you to defend your position against theists because you’ll know what their most frequently used arguments are
  • If you’re having doubts about whether God is real, then this movie will help you to come to your own conclusion about God’s existence

Without Any Further Delay, Here is the Movie

Watch the video and if you want to leave a comment about it or the theory of evolution, then leave your comment below.

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  1. Peter, you are kidding – right?!?!?

    Ray Comfort’s “science” is laughable at its best, dangerous at its worst. Promoting this guy’s nonsense is a serious blow to your ministry’s effectiveness and legitimacy.

    I’m hoping critical thinking Christians will weigh in here.


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      I respect your opinion, R, but I don’t agree. This movie is very much inline with my beliefs and I think there are very good points made in the movie. My job is to present the evidence, share my views, and then it’s the responsibility of each reader to make their own opinion. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own actions because one day, you everyone will answer to the great I AM.

      1. Peter,

        I respect your opinion as well and of course you are welcome to post your views. I would warn you however to be careful promoting someone who is absolutely dishonest in his film making techniques (editing tricks, etc) and is frighteningly anti science.

        “Evidence” does not enter the equation in this movie in the least. Somehow Ray willfully and blatantly ignores facts (yes I said facts) concerning anyting in our material universe and then equates evolution with atheism. Again, for the record – evolution and atheism are not the same thing.

        Putting stock in someone’s opinion who possesses absolutely NO formal education in science, biology, cosmology, history or even theology for that matter seems foolish. Critical thinking is a good thing – no matter how bad Ray would like us to abandon the practice.

        Reply if you like. I’m not spending any more time on this subject. Overwhelming evidence and ongoing discoveries and have long buried the need to entertain the idea of creationism (or its apologetic cousin Intellegent Design). I hope you get a ton of replies to this post. I look forward to reading them.



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          Here’s the thing, R, whether Ray resorts to “editing tricks” or not is not really my concern. Ray is not sharing anything new that isn’t out there on the Internet. You can find exactly the same information in dozens of online publications. What Ray does is share the information in a new way, and in a way that is unique to his style.

          I’ve also published before about a website in which there are literally hundreds of scientists with PhD’s from prestigious universities that simply say that there is no scientific proof for the current theory of evolution. So it’s not just me that says that there are problems with evolution, it’s literally thousands of people around the world, and many of them are credible sources. Here’s the link:

          Additionally, in my opinion, you do not need a formal training in biology or science in order to understand evolution. Anybody with a high school diploma who took biology or chemistry will suffice. It’s not something that’s difficult to understand nor is it something that takes genius.

          I don’t claim that evolution equals atheism. However, evolution does take out the need for God. There are lots of theistic evolutionists out there who I think are completely lost and are unaware of the problems of their beliefs. But if you believe in evolution, why would you need to believe in God?

          I suppose I could answer my own question. It would be because people need to believe in a sense of purpose and are probably to weak to go through life on their own without believing in a bigger power. At least that’s what I used to believe when I was an atheist.

          Anyways, good discussion here R. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe we’ll get more comments from the community on Wednesday or Thursday.

          1. Against my own better judgement I’m going to waste a couple more minutes and say one final thing………

            For everyone who wants to point to the theory of evolution as the biggest, scariest, meaningful threat to Christianity and a belief in God (many denominations have moved on btw and accepted the fact of evolution) I would say this:

            “The main reason why Christianity is false has nothing to do with evolution, astronomy or other scientific discoveries (although they do badly hit it). It is a matter of history, archaeology and comparative studies of religion. All the supernatural stories of the Bible point undoubtedly towards human imagination.”

            (I’d love to take credit for this quote but it’s not mine. I definitely would have added geology as well.)

            Read a different book once in a while. Peter said it himself in an earlier article – “Question everything and find out the truth for yourself.” I doubt a kind and loving God would be upset by His greatest creation using the critical thinking skills He gave them once in a while to carefully consider actual evidence. If this shakes your faith somehow, then maybe it wasn’t very solid to begin with.

            Ok, I’m really done this time! Anxiously awaiting someone else’s thoughts on the matter!


    2. Intresting.

      Has anyone ever wondered why (or what) would be gods point then or reasoning for dinosaurs to be here for so long… then man for so long… and then for Jesus to show up only 2000 years ago?

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  2. offers “science, faith and everything in between” and there are many other sources, as well. Check YouTube for Potholer54 and watch some of his videos debunking YEC, challenges to carbon dating, development of languages…

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      Thanks for sharing those resources Sandra. I’m going to keep your comment up on the blog of course so that people can check them out if they like.

      So if you believe in the challenges to carbon dating and the development of languages, then may I please ask you why is it that you like the answers provided by atheists rather than the ones by scientists who are Christian?

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  3. Peter, I am a Christian who resisted evolution for a long time. The evidence for an ancient earth and evolution are simply overwhelming. The church is at a Copernican/Galileo moment. The western church insisted that geocentrism was the irrefutable teaching of scripture. If we insist on denying God’s truth in nature we become bearers of false witness. Here are two resources who interact with YEC ministries regularly, both are Christians, one is a biology prof and the other a geologist:

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      Darrin, I’m not a YEC and neither am I a 13.5 billions of years evolutionist. I can probably share with you my thoughts about the age of the earth at a later time. Thanks for the links, I’m going to be checking them out as soon as I finish writing my comment.

      So from your comment, is it safe to say that you are a Christian evolutionist?

    1. Darrin, GREAT resources! I hope readers take a few minutes to check them out.

      I’m a BIG fan of your statement – “If we insist on denying God’s truth in nature we become bearers of false witness.”

      Do you mind if I steal it??


  4. I know God is real. He lives in my heart. If we would stop telling people God Loves them but if they dont believe and and accept His Love before physical death, He will cut of our chance to receive Him and allow His creation to suffer eternaly with no hope of ever being redeemed thier would be far fewer Atheists.
    Jesus came to show us the way to our Fathers heart. We made fun of Him beat Him and killed Him calling Him a sinner. He is the Perfect Lamb of God. He showed us His Fathers heart as He siad, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He taught us to love our enimies, not to fight back, but to turn the other cheek. Fighting back has not worked we have failed. Look at the mess we have gotten this world into. Love is the answer, Jesus is the Savior of the World.In His time He will draw all unto Himself. Love is the answer and God is Love.

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  5. This is very good, we need more. Unfortunately a great number of people throughout the world have been brainwashed by schools universities. and many intellectuals like Mr Dawkins. It is time for all Christians to stand up and tell it like it really is.

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      Thanks Nigel. I do agree with you in the sense that it’s definitely possible that a majority of the world is wrong about God and there are only a minority that are right. There are many cases in history where the majority was wrong and there were only a few who were right.

      Either way, time will tell. May God continue to show mercy upon our unbelieving friends.

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    1. Since you are an evolutionary creationist, may I please ask you how is it that you harmonize what’s written about creation in the book of Genesis and evolution?

      For example, Genesis that’s that God created Adam and Eve as a man and woman. But evolution says that humans evolved from animals.

      1. The obvious answer is the account in Genesis is the Hebrew creation myth in written form. Expecting Iron Age story tellers to have a grasp of the facts we now understand of how all this came to be is a little much to ask of them.

        1. I’ve heard of this explanation, R. I know that there are some Christians out there that believe this. I respect their opinion. Personally, I don’t subscribe to this explanation. Maybe I’ll write a comparative blog post in the future about this topic.

          1. Peter – What we see around us, the verified facts of the geologic column, DNA evidence – the list goes on and on…….. for anyone to deny these things is impossible. Any person or group that does loses objective credibility to the outside world (a la Ray Comfort). This mindset badly damages Christian’s call to evangelize an educated population. People are now much too savvy and skeptical to accept myth and tradition as viable explanations of the amazing biology on our tiny planet.

            I’m hoping you get away from arguments and dogma that have put to rest under mountains of contradicting proof and get into something more interesting. There’s PLENTY to choose from here:


      2. The Genesis creation accounts (plural) appear to be Israel’s story or as Walton asserts, a functional (not material) Jewish cosmic temple story, and it need not necessarily mean that A&E are not real persons. They could have been chosen from among a group of modern humans and “placed in a garden”. This would even make sense of other details in Genesis where there are “cities” around when Cain has to flee and that he immediately finds a wife (unless you prefer incest). Walton notes that we know Adam was not actually called Adam at creation, even if Adam is the first man because the Hebrew language didn’t exist until much, much later. This is a Jewish text making sense of their place in the Ancient Near East. It is a smackdown of their neighbors gods and creation myths, yet they have the same ancient cosmic geography as their neighbors, and use the same style to tell quite a different story.

        1. Thanks for the links Darrin that you shared. I’m now beginning to understand your viewpoint. I have heard of this interpretation before. I don’t know if Walton is the original commentator or if there was somebody else before him.

          In my opinion, I don’t agree with Walton because there are some problem points with his theory. I don’t want to write about them in the comments but I’ll probably write about them in a future blog post.

          Walton’s theory is one way to harmonize evolution’s billions of years with the Genesis account. I’ve also heard of several other theories that do the same thing but in a different way.

          To be frank, I found these theories to be an interesting study even though I don’t hold to them myself.

  6. First, a thought experiment using your own words.
    How do you harmonize what’s written about the solar system in the Book of Genesis (and elsewhere) and heliocentrism?
    For example, it says the earth is immovable on its pillars and the sun and stars move in their courses as a chariot.
    You are either Catholic or Protestant living 500 yrs ago and every pulpit is insisting Copernican ideas reject the plain meaning of the Bible.

  7. Actually, Walton may in fact not even hold to evolution. His point is that it is not about material origins at all. It’s not a scientific physical creation story.
    The point I’m making, is contained partially in the thought experiment I left for you. When something is definitively true in nature it is unchristian to deny truth wherever we find it. So, for example, Europeans have 1-4% Neanderthal DNA, but Africans don’t. Melanesians have both Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. ERV’s are damage in genomes FROM OUTSIDE that clearly shows common ancestry. They’re like 2 models of cars having glass cracks and door dings in exactly the same places.
    To do here as AiG, ICR, and Discovery Institute do is to espouse pseudo science, bearing false witness against the truth, just as modern Geocentrists, flat earthers and Climate change deniers do. Christians accept God’s truth whenever they find it.

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  9. So glad that I found this site and post. We discussed the article on our radio program this week (, and will be discussing the film on next week’s episode. I’m unfamiliar with Ray Comfort. I’ve read in the comments that he uses editing tricks, et cetera, to get his points across. Whether or not this is true, however, I don’t disagree with one thing that he himself said, i.e., Jesus is the way, and the only way; that only through the Son can we spend everlasting life with the Father; and that He paid our debt with His blood.

    I am a Christian who is not familiar with the details of evolution vs. creationism, and have only first heard the term YEC on this website. However, I have the blind faith in the Truth as it is written in the Holy Bible, and will agree to disagree with any of those who believe otherwise. I pray that God touches your hearts, and finds it in His perfect will to allow you to choose Him. In the name of Jesus!

    ~ Ryland of Jesus Peace Radio Network

    1. Thanks for your comment and for discussing it on your radio program. I try to log on to your website to listen to it but I was having problems. Either way, I’m sure the program was wonderful. God bless you guys 🙂

  10. I am having trouble watching this video on my computer for an unknown reason. Is there another way I can have to watch it? Maybe a DVD?

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  11. I have only one thing to say. When Jesus gave His life on the cross, He showed mercy, When all of you who mock Him , stand before Him, He will be your judge, You will bow but it will be too late.

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