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3 Tips to Help Explain Contradictions in the Bible

Peter Guirguis Apologetics 3 Comments

Have you heard someone say that the Bible is filled with contradictions?

Or have you ever struggled with what seemed to be a contradiction in the Bible?

When I was an atheist, I thought that the Bible was a heretical book filled with contradictions.

And even after I became a Christian, I struggled with some of the things that atheists said about the Bible’s authenticity.

But fast forward to now, and all of that has changed.

I now believe that the Bible is the infallible and inspired Word of God.

So here’s how this video can help you and what you’ll discover by watching it:

  • 3 examples of the most difficult Bible contradictions and their explanations so that you can understand them
  • 3 helpful tips that if you use them, will help you understand any apparent contradiction in the Bible
  • The #1 tip that will help you make the best logical decision in any situation
  • And much more

So go ahead and watch the video.

Then jump to the questions after the video to engage with the Not Ashamed of the Gospel community.


So what do you think, are there contradictions in the Bible?

Share your thoughts with the Not Ashamed of the Gospel community because it will help us to grow.

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  1. Praise the Lord Peter!.Thanks for the lesson. It helps a great deal. Please point me to the right direction on this one. How can I explain to muslims why it’s God of the Bible and not the God of the muslim quran? I do know that their quran consist of 114 chapters and at least 43 out of 114 chapters have not been abrogated to hateful verses which of course muhammed abrogated the peaceful verses to intolerant ones in Medina. Thanks Peter. God Bless in Jesus Precious Name.

    Joe & Levie

    1. Post

      Hi Joe, I’m glad to hear that this post helped out. Can you tell me a little bit more about your what it is that you want to explain to Muslims? Is it that you want to prove that the God of the Bible is the true God and not the God of Islam?

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