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3 Life Lessons From a Man Who Survived a Plane Crash

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PDF Version:  If you’d like the PDF version of this blog post emailed to you for free, then click the PDF icon below. Ric Elias was on a plane leaving New York, and heading to his destination. That day, he had a special seat on the airplane. From seat 1D, he could see straight to the flight attendants. A few minutes …

Jesus according to Bono

Who is Jesus According to Bono of U2? Watch This Video

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(**After I published this post, a couple of members from the Not Ashamed of the Gospel community brought forth some articles in which Bono’s authenticity as a Christian is questioned.  Therefore, please pray and do your own research about Bono.) You may have heard Bono of the band U2 speaking about his Christian faith before. When I’ve watched interviews of …

humans of New York

What Do Humans of New York Have to do With Jesus Christ? Watch This Video

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First of all, I want to thank you ALL for your outpouring of love last week when I announced the birth of my son, Andrew. So many of your wrote me emails to congratulate me, sent me tweets, and Facebook messages.  And to ALL of you, I am eternally grateful and I’m overwhelmed by Christ’s love through you! May God …