The ultimate reason why unbelievers don't give their lives to Jesus

The Ultimate Reason Why Unbelievers Don’t Give Their Lives to Jesus

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A few months ago, I met an atheist gentleman on Twitter.

I’ll call him Brad.

He responded to one of my Christian tweets and said that there was no evidence that there’s a God.

Brad said he didn’t believe in the Christian God, Apollo, or Zeus.

He was trying to say that the Christian God is just like the mythical Greek gods — they’re all made up by people’s imaginations.

I shared with him the following two articles about the scientific and logical evidence for God:

1.  Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God

2 . This is the Best Proof that God Exists (in My Opinion)

However, all Brad did was argue with me and come up with all sorts of excuses about why there isn’t a god.

It reminded me that no matter how many excuses someone gives you for not believing in God, there’s always going to be Romans 1:20. (image below)

Romans 1:20

Do You Know the Most Popular Excuses Unbelievers Give For Not Believing in God?

Here’s a list of some of the most popular excuses you’ll hear from unbelivers:

  • There is no evidence for God.
  • If there really is a God, then He would feed the starving kids in Africa. He would heal cancer patients too.
  • All religions lead to God, and we should all just love each other.

All these excuses aren’t the real reason behind why an unbeliever doesn’t REALLY give their life to Christ.

The Bible says that there is one main reason people don’t give their life to Jesus.

I’m going to share with you what that ultimate reason is in this article.

I’m also going to give you one tip that will help you save a ton of time when sharing Jesus with others.

Why You Need to Know The Ultimate reason Unbelievers Don’t Believe in God

There are three benefits to you knowing this ultimate reason that I’m talking about.

Benefit #1 – Avoid Arguments

Sometimes you get into a conversation with an unbeliever hoping to share the gospel. Instead, you end up in an argument or debate.

Oh man, I hate it when that happens!

But once you learn this ultimate reason, you’ll be able to know when to walk away from a conversation.

When you know this reason, and you use the tip that I’ll be showing you in this article, then you’ll be on your way to having a successful evangelistic conversation with anyone.

Benefit #2 – Save Valuable Time

If you know when to walk away from a conversation, then you won’t be wasting your time.

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The Bible says that you and I shouldn’t cast our pearls before swine. (Mathew 7:6)

What does that mean? It means you have to use discernment about who you should and shouldn’t be sharing the gospel with.

Benefit #3 – Strengthen Your Faith

I have people who write to me that even though they’re Christians, they’re going through a time of doubt.

That’s because someone they’re speaking with challenged their faith in some way, and they didn’t know how to respond.

If you don’t know the ultimate reason people don’t give their life to Jesus, then you might experience doubt too when someone provides you with a “good excuse”.

But you can avoid that by simply reading the rest of this article.

You never have to doubt Jesus because He is always faithful

Here’s The Ultimate Reason Unbelievers Don’t Believe

Check out John 3:19:

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.John 3:19

So the ultimate reason unbelievers don’t give their life to Christ isn’t because of any excuse that they give.

It’s because they love their sin more than they love God.

It’s hard for the sinner to…

  • Stop sleeping with their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Stop lying
  • Be held to God’s perfect moral and righteous standards

I spent years away from God as an unbeliever because I didn’t want to be held accountable to God. I didn’t want to change the way I was living.

When people think of the implications of there being a God and there being a Judgement Day, then some will quickly realize that it’s hard to make all those life changes.

But it isn’t really too hard because you always have help from above.

Plus, when you accept Christ, you’re a new creation that has a new heart. That means that you have new desires to live for God and to stop sinning.

2 Corinthians 5:17

The Qualifier Question That Will Reveal Hidden Motives

So now that you know the ultimate reason people don’t come to Christ, how can this help you in your God conversations with unbelievers?

You can use a qualifier. What’s that?

A qualifier is a question that you ask an unbeliever that will tell you whether their excuse for unbelief is genuine, or just a delaying tactic.

The qualifier question goes something like this:

“If I can give you an answer to your question (or objection), is there any other reason why you wouldn’t become a believer?”

This is a very powerful question because it helps you find the actual motive of the unbeliever.

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Is the unbeliever truly a seeker, or does he just want to continue living in sin?

Don’t Miss Next Week’s Blog Post Because It’ll Empower You to Answer Unbeliever’s Questions and Will Help You Avoid Arguments

The qualifier question that you just learned is the first step in engaging with an unbeliever about their God-questions.

Sometimes when you’re talking with an unbeliever, your conversation can become heated, and you find yourself in a debate.

I’m going to show you how to avoid arguments in next week’s article.

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Key Takeaways

Here’s what you learned today

1.   When you’re talking with an unbeliever, it’s normal for them to give you an excuse or an objection for why they don’t believe.

2.  The ultimate reason people don’t give their life to Christ is because they love the darkness more than they love the light.

3.  The best way to start answering an unbeliever’s objection is to ask them the qualifier question.“If I can give you an answer to your question (or objection), is there any other reason you wouldn’t become a believer?”

Now Go Out into Your World and Be Awesome

How can you be awesome?

You’re awesome when you share Jesus with others.

Imagine you bringing up a spiritual topic with one of your friends today over a cup of coffee.

It could be the beginning of that person’s conversion story.

You can have the satisfaction of knowing that God used you in your friend’s life so they can go to heaven.

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  1. This is so wrong it’s comical. I don’t believe in a god because I am a logical thinker and don’t need to make up stories or false deities to make myself feel better. To claim that we don’t believe in God because we like sin more than God is not just illogical but offensive. You seem like a relative intelligent thinker, so it surprises me that you would make such a claim.

    1. Post

      Hi Aubtey, since I used to be an atheist, I totally understand how you feel. I’ve felt the way you do. Some atheists have found that taking a deeper look into why Christians believe in God helps them better understand where they’re coming from.

      If you ask Christians why they believe in God, you might be surprised by some of the different answers you’ll receive.

      I wish you all the best, Aubtey. 🙂

      1. Hello. I am sharing a message with some inmates in prison today and planning on sharing about Gods invitation banquet in Luke 14. When I google searched reasons why men refuse to accept Gods invitation your web site came up. God bless you in your work. I am sharing John 3 :19 with the inmates as well

    2. You made mention of something, you wouldn’t believe not to make yourself better, why don’t you save yourself the stress of not feeling better by just believing, it will improve your health seriously. So now you see Ure the one benefiting, is it?

    3. Aubtey, you would rather believe that when you die (and one day we all will die) the worms will engulf your body, instead of living in paradise with our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Please tell me if you had a choice why would you choose worms over God?

      Would it not at least make sense to see why over 2 billion people in over 200 countries turn to Jesus Christ.

      1. because people are fearful and ignorant? yeah i have no problem with feeding the worms, decomposing, giving nutrients to the soil and continuing the circle of life, if you have a problem with that, then i don’t know what to tell you except that you shouldn’t be so scared of death, its natural. death IS NOT A BAD THING, it is simply another phase. life is all about phases, birth, life, death repeat. NOT birth, life, death, paradise, end. That is ridiculous.

    4. I’m curious then… If you are happy with your beliefs why take the time to read an article which in foresight will clearly not align with your beliefs?

    5. Please note that aubtey has not stated “why” the statement is illogical. Also note that they have not stated “why” they are offended. If aubtey is a logical thinker as they say, then they will qualify their position with nutrient facts rather than feelings.

      By the way, the reason I am not seeming gentle or conversational in my reply is because most people that read the reply are obviously not the one who wrote the comment in the first place. I’m simply making observations so that someone who reads aubtey’s type of response will learn to find them devoid of substance.

      However, aubtey, I’m curious. You bring up the point of “feeling better”. Do you really believe it is intelligent to throw such a blanket over millenia of church history? “Oh they all just made it up to make themselves feel better.” Tell me, is that your number 1 “reason”? If so, you are the crowning definition of what this article is talking about. You should know that unbelievers can’t by nature understand sin the way believers do, so I accept that. But you do have a conscience. So whenever you face a moral dilemma of some kind, think to yourself:
      1. Why do I have a moral compass anyway? I’m a logical thinker!
      2. Why do I have a moral compass? Oh ya, evolution put it there to keep me safe.
      3. Why do I have a moral compass? Oh right, I was originally created in the image of God.

    6. Aubtey,
      Do you have that sin in your life that the bible spells out crystal clear? Could it be possible that your thinking is so limited, which God points out, beyond human comprehension, in your self reliance, that you are rationalizing because you are afraid to make those life changes. Much easier to keep living in sin than to turn 180 degrees and completely walk away from pleasure…..If you were put in a position where your life was at stake, someone was trying to kill you, or terminal cancer showed up, i’m thinking you would run to God???? Just a thought….

  2. Aubtey, you might be an exception to the rule but you can’t disprove the rule with the exception. Asking someone to be accountable, especially in today’s culture, can be the biggest turn off to them. People often think that that accountability will convict them but what they don’t understand is that it’s God’s grace that frees us from the condemnation of sin. It’s through love for him and a desire to glorify him for all that he is and all that he has done, that we praise him and seek to live a more ritious life. The God complex that so many people share is a huge factor also in their not wanting to believe in a higher authority. So many people just want to be their own God and decide what their truth is and decide what is moral to them. The problem is that A) when you are God then you are free to change what you decide is moral at any time, B) when you do wrong but didn’t get caught then there is no one to be accountable to, and C) so much wisdom and understanding about the human condition found in the bible gets overlooked as well as an absence of having the Holy Spirit in your life.

    1. Post
    2. there is so much wrong with this paragraph i don’t know where to start. First of all, nobody views themselves as their own “god” they view themselves as an independent entity, yes, and the power of DECISIONS is the power of LIFE. Morality is a human trait, its simply a way to keep yourself in check. If you think you are above others, you will commit atrocities, every evil leader in the world has done this, all “god” does is keep you in check, by way of fear. You may believe in heaven and paradise, but your bottom line motivator is fear of the afterlife. When moral people do wrong they hold themselves accountable, immorality is not cured by religion, it is cured by understanding.

    3. This is all bullshit, subjective interpretation of why people reject Jesus. I grew up in the church (assemblies of God) but never read the bible for myself, until about 15 yrs ago. I dedicated my life to God, was baptized in water, but as much as I prayed and read my bible, I felt empty and alone (and I suffered and still suffer from severe sleep apnea); and now, at the present time, I am questioning, not if God exists, but if God truly loves mankind as described in the bible. Do I have the right God in mind? I’m not so sure anymore. where are all the miracles of the book of Acts; why don’t we see the dead being raised, the lepers being healed, and the deaf and dumb and limbless being made whole, and all recorded on cell-phones and uploaded to “Youtube”? All sorts of other things are being recorded and uploaded to Youtube, but not the Miracles of the book of Acts. Why not?

        1. It has been 2 years for me after a brutal divorce with dishonesty, multiple affairs, betrayal. It left me destroyed so I went back to my faith and put down all my addictions and ran to God. What I have learned is trust and prayer really work. This self reliance self will we have been taught by our parents and their parents is really a myth…….People look at the law and resent it because they cant live up to those standards. I missed it and most people do, it is the holly spirit that lives in us that changes our nature and gives us the power to walk above the law and we don’t have much taste for sin any longer. Drunkeness, lust, selfishness, greed, idolatry, dishonesty, were all part of the old me that had to die with the cross. Our nature is flesh and the spirit is the only one who can renew our minds and rid the carnal life.

  3. This is a very interesting article in that it is both informative and empowering. I deeply appreciate the thought and time put forth into your preparation. It is simplistic and yet profound. God bless you for sharing this with others.

    1. Post
  4. Apart from the fact that this wasn’t quite an article, there’s a false premise which ought to be addressed. Simply put, it’s unlikely that someone who values coming to a logical over emotional belief would have just one single point on which they turn. To put the article against another belief, let’s consider the long-held belief that the sun and stars revolved on spheres around the Earth.

    Had I the power the travel back to the 1500s and ask someone who thought it ridiculous to belief that an all-powerful God would be so simple minded as to put the Earth at the center of his Creation, how would our straw man respond to the question, “If I can give you an answer to your objection, is there any other reason why you wouldn’t become a believer in the truth that there are spheres moving around the Earth?”

    Given the power of hindsight or both history and science classes, all your readers would have at least 10 points to argue. Therefore the question, as posed, doesn’t actually do what you think it does.

    Perhaps a better question would be: “What things would have to be provable, in order for you to believe?”

    Sadly, since invisible realms are inherently unprovable, you’re probably back with debate. But this gives us another confusing moment in the article. What’s wrong with debate? The Catholic Church has a long history of internal debate. Secular life is full of debate in free societies and even within enclaves of those less than free. If a thing is true, it can stand up to a full debate and prevail among the majority of freely held opinions that weigh the presented evidence.

    It sounds to me as if the author is setting up his readers for a set of forthcoming excuses to not fully engage with people who show opposition, and instead to embrace an existing choir of believers as though this were proof enough of the underlying thesis. If so, this approach certainly wouldn’t pass the test of any debating society I know.

    A final point: to prove that the question posed here cannot do the job as intended, reverse it and ask yourself if you’ll agree to stop believing, if Aubtey or another person puts up enough logical points that your counter-arguments cannot hold? If you answer that your faith is strong enough to withstand any questioning, then perhaps you have your answer for those whom you target with your own attempts.

    1. Hi Jon, thank you for your comment. I can understand the way you feel. If I were in your shoes, I would feel the same way. I think the reason why you feel the way that you do is because you’re not my intended audience. The intended audience for this article is Christians, not atheists.

      I thought it was an interesting alternative that you brought up. You said that I should ask, “What things would have to be provable, in order for you to believe?”

      I’ve asked that question before to a number of my atheists friends and acquaintances. Most of them answer with one of two answers:

      1) “I don’t know” or
      2) “God would have to show up in front of me.”

      Both of those answers have their own problems so it doesn’t really take us to where we want to go.

    2. Jon, please tell me why the real reason why (please be honest) why anyone would not want to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus, no sorrow, pain no sadness what is it here on earth that you hold so dear that you cannot bring yourself to believe in the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ.

      Christians have the Bible, what do you and other people have that support your opinion that there is no GOD.

  5. Hi. I am evangelistic by nature and choice, and have an apologetics-discussion blog. But I don’t like–not to be too pedantic about it–your approach here. First, I will grant that yes, the reason people don’t repent is because they hate God. I can grant that. Hey, the more sanctified I get personally, the more I see how depraved (deeply rebellious) my own heart is.

    But it’s your Qualifying Question that irks me. “A qualifier is a question that you ask an unbeliever that will tell you whether their excuse for unbelief is genuine, or just a delaying tactic.”

    For the people I know and interact with, unbelief is not something you need an excuse for. Unbelief is the clear seeing of the world the way things are, so it seems. James K.A. Smith’s book How (Not) to Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor sums up my experience (and belief about the truth of reaching out to unbelievers) quite well.

    All that being said, I’m sure there are people out there who are avoiding God and giving excuses. For all the work that you are doing with them, I am truly grateful.

    1. Post

      Hi Bruce, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve also found that most unbelievers genuinely believe that they have good reasons for not believing. The reason why I called it a delaying tactic is because I’m looking at it from the evangelist’s point of view and not an unbelievers’.

      So since from an evangelist’s point of view the best choice an unbeilever can make is to choose to believe in Jesus, then to choose to continue in unbelief would be considered a delay tactic.

      I have to admit that that’s not very clear in my article. Sorry about that. I’ll take that point into consideration for next week’s article since it will build on this one.

      Bruce, please post a link to your apologetics-discussion blog so that other people can read what you have to say.

      Thank you 🙂

    2. Hi Bruce,

      As a former Evangelical Lutheran, I understand why you probably believe that. Just so you are aware, most atheists either do not believe in a god (let alone the Christian God) or are indifferent if they fall more into the agnostic side of atheism. You have to remember that there are countries and/or groups of people who have never even heard of Christianity. You can’t say that they hate your god when they’ve never heard of him. It’s very similar for atheists in the US. They simply don’t believe that a god exists and it’s pretty hard to hate something that’s not there.


      I have to agree with Aubtey who posted earlier. It is rather offensive that you assume unbelievers are that way because they prefer “The Darkness”. Unless of course you’re talking about the band. They have pretty decent music.
      Two things with that:
      1. According to the Bible (if we’re sticking with Christianity) No one is without sin. That includes you. Now I don’t know you but the Christians that I do know personally are not perfect by the Bible’s standards and believing in a god hasn’t changed that. I know when I identified as a Christian I wasn’t perfect. Now that I no longer believe in a god, my morality hasn’t really changed. Then again I never got my morality from the Bible. What I’m saying is I don’t need to believe in a higher power to be a good person. If you think having God in your life is the only thing stopping you from murdering, raping, and pillaging then please PLEASE keep on believing in him.

      2. I would need more information on what you consider living in sin or living in darkness (however you want to phrase it). If you are more in alignment with objective morality and subscribe to the Bible (which includes The Deuteronomic Code), then you may want to reconsider where you get your morals from. It’s a double edged sword really. If you follow the rules laid out in the bible then you’re probably not a very good person by today’s standards however, if you’re more subjective about your morality and make moral decisions based on the situation, you’d probably be a decent guy according to society but you may not be following God.

      Nate (who also posted earlier) said that Aubtey may be an exception to the rule. I won’t argue that point because I don’t know nor do I speak for all atheists. I suppose that makes me an exception as well. I was asking more questions than my religion could answer for me and when I started receiving the sarcastic answer of “ask him when you get there” I was pretty much fed up. I did not make the decision to deny a god so I could live in sin, I came to the conclusion that I could not honestly believe in a god with no evidence to support the claim of his existence.

      I’m sure at some point you stopped believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy for similar reasons. You, like many, probably discovered that there was a non-magical explanation for how presents appeared under the tree or what happened to your tooth at night. It’s sort of like that for me with the gods of the world. I know that the earth revolves around the sun instead of it being carried by a celestial chariot. I know that when I fell asleep on Christmas Eve, it was my parents who put presents under the tree. Not an immortal old man with a magical sleigh. I also know that it’s highly unlikely that a supreme being created an entire universe yet gets upset if some puny human on a speck of a rock located in a small region of the Milky Way Galaxy which is just one of billions of other galaxies, decides there’s not enough evidence to support believing he exists.

      Just a suggestion: Look into the history of Yahweh. It’s actually pretty interesting to see how a small Canaanite religion spread and became the basis for Christianity today.

      1. Post

        I understand you’re position Bruce since you’re a former Christian turned atheist or agnostic. Your comment about about the similarities between Christianity and mythology encouraged me to write an upcoming article in which I’ll show how this is a deception that’s causing people to think Christianity is false. I wish you all the best Bruce. I have a feeling we’ll be talking again soon.

      2. Doug, you said you were a former Evangelical Lutheran, can you please tell me why you Believe in Jesus Christ at one time and what made you lose that belief.

        Christians have the Bible, non-believers only have their own opinion, nothing to go on for what they actually believe in.

        Christian sin just like non-christian, the main difference I believe is that we recognize the sin the holy spirit
        convicts us of the sin we just committed (we do commit many sins each day).

        Its our faith and God’s Grace and mercy that saves us. God love us that he gave his son Jesus Christ to take all of our sins and put it on Jesus who never sin. God’s nature is Holy and Righteous. God hates sin, our sin separates us from God, that is why Jesus had to die for us and our sins. God cannot sin and God cannot allow sin to enter into heaven, that is why Jesus had to die for mankind to enter into Gods presence.

  6. Hi, Peter. Thanks for you reply. I guess I can understand why some of your friends would answer, “I don’t know,” because it’s likely that they’ve never given the question much thought.

    For myself, the answer would be that I’d need to see evidence not in terms of behavioral changes or mood changes (easily explained through normal psychology and body chemistry science) but rather a few things that are not explainable by science or magic tricks.

    I had a “miracle” recovery when I was in high school. I was allegedly going to lose sight in one eye, according to the eye doctor. He had done all the measurements and tests he could, and thought it was an untreatable issue. My mother was distraught, thinking that going blind in one eye would have such an impact on me.

    I was sent to a specialist in California. It took a couple of days before I could be examined. The specialist told me that there was nothing wrong and that he didn’t see any of the indications that our family opthomologist was seeing. My mother has always called this a “miracle” and she will go to her grave believing it. To me, it was an old, less educated doctor making a mistake and costing my family a lot of money to get out to that specialist.

    Psychologists tell us that we behave better when we believe that other people are privately observing us. To my mind, it makes sense that this would be true whether we believe other people or a higher power or the ghosts of our loved ones are the observers. So speaking only for myself, I don’t think that behavioral changes that stem from adopting religion are out of the norm or unexpected.

    What I don’t see are miracles that are indisputable. People these days argue that miracles are occurring over a period of years, too slow for most people to notice. However this doesn’t fit how miracles are written into the Bible. Why would there be such a change, in a period that to God should be a blink of an eye?

    I wonder if you’re selling your friends short when you become dismissive and walk away from conversations, as you advocate in your text. Wouldn’t you stand a greater chance of evangelizing if you were to embrace the difficult conversations? Or does it really just become too much at times, or too much a situation of diminishing returns?

    1. Post
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  8. hi peter i would love a private msg so i could talk to u about a few things im haveing trouble understanding and or believing in jesus god as i thought i was a follower of jesus and everything i was thinking was god and then something just clicked and i now doubt everything every christian person i talk to includeing my gf are stumped when i talk with them and i litrealy leave them speachless coz they cant give me the answers i need to move forawrd so insted im moving backwards and hateing god my email is thank you

    1. Post
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    1. Post
      1. Hi Peter, my apologies for the delayed response. I don’t check my personal email as often as I should.
        The reply I was referring to was this:

        “Peter Guirguis
        OCTOBER 18, 2015 AT 11:01 AM
        I understand you’re position Bruce since you’re a former Christian turned atheist or agnostic. Your comment about about the similarities between Christianity and mythology encouraged me to write an upcoming article in which I’ll show how this is a deception that’s causing people to think Christianity is false. I wish you all the best Bruce. I have a feeling we’ll be talking again soon.”

        It was situated beneath my response so I wasn’t sure if it was meant for me or Bruce, the gentleman who posted above me who I was writing to.

  10. 1. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it. –Yahweh

    2. Atheists logical thinking starts with the premise ” there is no God ” and from there they argue to the conclusion that ” there is no God.”

    3. The fool has said in his heart there is no God. –Yahweh

    4. Science may be a source of data and theories but it’s not a source of Truth. Science uses inductive reasoning not deductive reasoning. Science makes an argument based on observations but these observations are neither perfect nor complete.

    5. Hey Christians you need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Don’t get sucked into the deceptive words of the Atheists. They like to basically use an ad hominem attack against Christians which goes something like —-you people are so simple while we atheists use logic. They don’t use logic to prove there is no God. One cannot prove there is no God. One could at best come to the conclusion in their mind that they don’t know If God exists.

    6. Their hearts are deceiving themselves for the atheists claim things which they should know they cannot claim.

  11. hi, I just subscribed to your site today as I came up with something that interests me. I am married to an unbeliever, and hence most problems arise associated with it. my husband does believe in Jesus but he does not believe that He is the only true God and Saviour. he thinks all God is know these kind of people. I do have a prayer indeed that you please pray God to touch his heart, and God to be the center of our marriage. that’s all… hope to hear from you.

    1. Post

      Jessie, can you please share your husband’s name so I can add him to my prayer list? If you would like to do that privately, then please click on the contact button on my website.


      1. Thanks for your immediate reply. My husband’s name is Prashant V. Naik, a very loving husband, accompanies to church. But I desperately want him to know Jesus. He is a nice person and really don’t want him to loose to the opposite side.

    2. Jessie, you have the bible to rely on and show your husband in the OT the prophecy that their will be a savior to come.

      Most of all, ask your husband to investigate on his own to see if their is any truth in what the bible gives us.

      Have your husband ask God if he is real to reveal himself to him.

      Over 7 billion people in the world, over 2 billion people in over 200 countries that believe in Jesus Christ has their Lord and Savior.

      1. Hi Dennis,
        Thanks for replying, regarding your reply, I really have not seen success rate stories where human efforts are put in knowing the word of God – Prophecy, Truth etc when the Spiritual discernment is lacking. For e.g. I have shared the gospel to him a long time back, have related so many events that have happened with us related to God’s calling, but its ineffective. My husband believes in Jesus as God, but due to absence of spiritual discernment, He has difficulty to understand in Firstly Jesus is the only True Son of God and Savior and no other God can give him salvation (His belief is all God are same), second, that He was born as God in human form with the Holy Spirit’s work (Most of his hindu God’s were created with sex among the Parent Gods). The ultimate is husband even questions the authenticity of the scriptures whether its human written or from God, though I have answered him in my full capacity. I have bible, even he has. But to him, its all moon and stars! I believe God can only change him at His appointed time no matter what strategies I use. I am just a wife doing my part of work that God has told me to in Ephesians chapter 5 to submit to him, love and cherish him in all circumstances. Its been a year with more downs than Ups (Ox and Mule Syndrome) But I know one thing, there is a purpose to our marriage. I believe only prayers with fasting can make him to encounter Jesus one day. So please pray! Thats all I am asking.

  12. Peter, thank you for this article. I stumbled upon this as I googled ways to share the gospel to unbelievers. My father in law is a loving man, but also very proud. We have been praying for him and sharing the truth for many years but to no avail. Well, my father in law’s health is declining, and we fear time is running out. Please pray for God’s intervention and wisdom. I do not know what else to do.

    1. Post

      Hi David, thank you very much for your kind comment. Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation but I recently came back. I’d love to be able to pray for your father-in-law. If you would like to have the Not Ashamed of the Gospel Community pray for him, then please reply to this comment and post your father-in-law’s name. But if you would like to keep it more private, then please free to use the contact form in the navigation and I will add him to my prayer list.


  13. I really believe that religion is a projection for people to find and create ‘meaning.’ At least, that’s what I justify it as when people ask me ‘what’s the point of living if you don’t believe in the afterlife?’ What kind of question is that? Why would the point of living be to die so you could move on to another life? What about the one happening right now?”
    The Bible says everything is a sin. I just don’t understand how people can tolerate guilt over something like having sex before marriage or being gay. How can people get equally angry with me, for not believing in God, and another guy, who actually shares their beliefs, but is gay? Why am I the one being portrayed as evil? I don’t care if he’s gay or if he believes in God.

    1. Post

      Hi River, I totally understand where you’re coming from. When I was an atheist, one of the things that I struggled with was what is the meaning of life? I found everything to be quite vain and meaningless.

      I mean what is the point of life if all that we do is get born, go to school, then get a job, get married, then have some kids, and then after that we die. Sounds to me like a pretty meaningless and vain existence.

      May I please ask you if you have found the answer to what the meaning or purpose of life is?

    2. River, God created earth and the universe for us (Mankind). God created us for his son Jesus Christ. Sin separate us from God. There are 2 things that God cannot do. 1. God cannot sin, its against his holy nature. 2. God cannot allow sin to enter heaven.
      That’s why God sent his son Jesus Christ to take all mankind sins and put them on Jesus who had no sin. Only a sinless person could do that. That’s why Jesus was 100% God, and 100% man. Someone had to take all our sin so we could have a relationship with a Holy God.

      Christian still sin, we do not have victory over sin, but we do have victory over death.

      Its only by our faith, and God’s grace and mercy that we can be saved. God Loves us that much but he also hates sin. God has given us a free will to choose Jesus or reject him.

      I would at least investigate, search the scripture and ask God if the bible is true and you exist please reveal yourself to me.

      If you sincerely search for God, he will reveal himself to you.

  14. I think religion came from someone who just wanted an answer. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it shows that person was trying to find a way to explain everything. Being gay isn’t right? Well guess why 99% of people who believe that think it’s right? RELIGION!! Please, find a way to explain things on your own. The reason I don’t have a religion is because I want to learn on my own.

    1. Also don’t try to spread religion to people who don’t have one. I’m sorry but it’s annoying and not gonna change most people’s minds.

    2. Post

      Hi Mabel, thank you very much for your comments. Since you were talking about explanations in your comment, I’m interested in some of your explanations. Since you don’t believe in God, may I please ask you what is your explanation of how the universe came into existence?

    3. Mabel, a sin is a sin, whether it a small lie, a wrongful thought or a murder, it is still a sin to a Holy God. Its is nature, God cannot sin and he cannot allow sin to enter heaven. Jesus Christ die for all mankind sins (little sin and large sins).

      I’m not really sure why people do not want to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

      I believe either we are too prideful and we want to be like God, or we do not believe in sin (that we are not sinners) or we have some sin or sins in our life that we cannot let go of. Or maybe we just don’t like Christian’s.

      Not sure why anyone would want to believe that wants I die, the worm will engulf me and that is the end of my existence or a love one. Or we can have eternity with a loving God forever.

      Its only by faith and God’s grace, love and mercy that we are saved. He gave us a free will to accept Jesus Chris or reject him.

      Please at least investigate to see if there is any truth to his word. If you truly search for God, he will reveal himself to you.

      Over 7 billion people on earth, over 2 billion people in over 200 countries that believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  15. Listen Kido. An atheist need not prove that God exist. It’s the claimant of the fact, that he exist, have the burden to show that something exist. Atheist need not give an excuse. It’s the believer who come up with ridiculous excuses on how world came into being and where we came from and where we will end. This article sits on pathetic assumption that non-believers must show that something does not exist. That assumption is absurd. I reiterate, burden of proof sits with the claimant. Prove it that he exist; you shouldn’t be asking the non-believer for a proof. I mean y’all are mindbogglingly stupid, I am sorry to say.

    1. Post

      Hi Waseem, thank you for sharing your comment on this subject. Here are my thoughts on what you wrote about an atheist need not prove that God exists.

      The issue with this statement is that the atheist assumes that the default state is that no gods exist. That means that one can examine the universe and come to the conclusion that there are no gods. However, that in itself is a claim that needs to be supported. There are millions of people who believe that the opposite is true. They believe that the default state is that a God must exist because of the design of the universe or because of other pieces of evidence.

      Richard Dawkins himself has been quoted as saying, “The universe has an appearance of design.” He then goes on to support his claim by citing pieces of evidence that he believes are true.

      So is the burden of proof only on the Christian that claims that there is a God? I think that the burden of proof should be shared by both the Christian and the atheist.

      Additionally, some atheists like to make the claim that they do not need to prove that God doesn’t exist mostly because they know that it is an impossible feat. As you know, it’s impossible to prove the nonexistence of things like Santa Claus, unicorns, and leprechauns. So that’s why I found that some atheists put the burden of proof on the other person which puts the atheist in attack mode without having to defend their own beliefs.

      Finally, I’m going to link you here to my comments policy because your last comment was on the border of being emotionally charged when you used the word “pathetic”. I wasn’t offended by it but your next comment may be snarky and I do not allow snarky comments on my blog.

      I welcome all sorts of comments on my blog especially when they are from the opposite point of view. However, there are certain comments that I don’t allow when they are against my comments policy. So please familiarize yourself with them just in case you’re planning on saying something inappropriate

  16. Perhaps people don’t come to G-d because often evangelism is wrong-headed or deceptive.

    First, a sobering disclaimer: It is a very Responsible Thing to evangelize, as one, through misrepresentation of G-d, is at occasion to break the 3rd commandment and have to answer for one’s witness. That said, I’d like to submit what I believe to be some components of the problem:

    1. The Evangelizer (to make distinctions between “sharing one’s faith” and witnessing which is a far more involved, patient, and sometimes painful practice of showing the renewed character in a believer through the course of time or specific character rendering event) attempts to sell the gospel as hell fire insurance “this eventuality, my friend, could befall you and your family… now, if you’ll sign your soul on the dotted line…” The realities of hell are not known by the living. The mere whiff of what it might be causes the normal soul to recoil from considering it and the vastness of such enormity boggles the mind as to render it truly incomprehensible. FEAR OF HELL, in itself, CANNOT BRING A PERSON TO LOVE G-D.

    If one insists on preaching hell, given the broad and pallid watercolors one has to work with, it should never be preached in the subjunctive “where you may/might/ or could” nor in the future where you “will be ONE DAY” but rather in the present “it is where you FIND yourself left all alone with all of your rotten selfishness that ever caused your loved ones pain and you ARE FACING it day after day after day…without excuse, without reprieve, without satisfaction, hollow, hungry and alone –with yourself.”

    2. The Evangelizer will attempt to sell property futures in the heavenly abode. “Don’t you want to go to heaven?” as if condescending to a little boy. “NO!” an unbeliever neither has stake nor desire in such a place. The Muslims may have their virgins and the Buddhist Narvanic oneness/extinction, but what does Heaven hold for the unbeliever? There is no sex, no personal property, status and honor are only given in inverse proportion to the recipient’s concern for them. It’s an upside-down, mirror, anti-world to this one. THE ONLY THING IN HEAVEN OF ANY WORTH TO THE UNBELIEVER, YEA, *ANYONE* IS
    J-SUS HIMSELF. And heaven would be hell to spend eternity in for anyone who is not all about worshiping Him as that is all that heaven is about.

    (2b. False witness from false conversion.)

    This is very telling for people who reject so-called “Lordship salvation” —not that “making J-sus L-rd” is what saves a person (as He *IS* regardless of what you think or want) —
    but anyone unwilling to submit to Him has neither loved Him or known Him, for the debt of Love could not even be satisfied by this act. It is *THAT* confession of His Lordship that comes from THAT kind of FAITH that saves.

    There are so many such nominal “Cultural™ Christians®” ‘evangelizing’ entrance into a club too foreign and unfashionable to the average outsider. What is necessary is not a way to freshen the image of this club and further water-down the gospel. What is needed is a Witness. How can one witness of what they do not know. (I leave it to the reader to find the Pretender’s song “Show Me” as an exercise.) They are more interested in *seeing* YOUR commitment to G-d, YOUR modesty, YOUR contentment, YOUR relationship lived out, the grace given to YOU under fire before they go off chucking everything that they’ve ever known about how to live their life for some pithy little formula or a repeat-after-me exercise.

    3. There is no prayer for the lost. Earnest, dedicated prayer. Christianity is, above all, a REVEALED religion. Individually revealed. The carnal mind can’t even know the things of G-d. PRAY FOR THE SOULS THAT YOU SHARE YOUR MESSAGE WITH. That G-d would have grace. Would open their eyes. Would point out their sin and their need for Him.

    4. There is no mention of the sinfulness of sin. It is THIS that is the basis of a person’s coming to Christ. “Blessed are the beggarly in spirit, for to these very ones belongs the Kingdom of Heaven.” The gospel is about how, in spite of however good we think we are, we are not. If we were to be let into heaven in our carnal state, it would utterly transform it into something else. This requires a separation from G-d who has been wooing and calling and who has made a wonderful future life for each individual soul to be lived out in conformity of the image of His Son in strength of character and righteousness and fulfillment – all before the world was ever made and promises to complete His work in the individual He personally wrought all this Himself in the work of the Cross– the infinite Honorable Reverend King of the Universe: despised, mocked, humiliated, tortured— for us and all the selfish wickedness we clung to, out of His love for us. If we should reject this offer, should we neglect so great a salvation, what is left to be done with such incorrigible wickedness than to dispose of it in such a final way as the eternal separation from G-d which it seeks. This is the “why” of hell: the sinfulness of sin.

    The pain in the world is not to show us that there are consequences to sinning and that that is what makes it wrong. It is to show us of what character we are that we don’t care if we cause pain while we are doing it. THAT is the nature of sin.

    5. The examples of nominal “Christians®” and their toleration in the church. Each wayward and sensual charismatic that goes unchecked. Each slimy televangelist some of us will faun over. Each Christianese© blurb or marketing campaign we will cheer, and buy and chant and wear while neglecting the weightier matters of the law. Each, will serve to tacitly indict us before the world. And judgement will come, and that from G-d. But before we cheer for it and brandish or E tickets to take the pre-trib rapture express out of here, make no mistake, it will come to us first. His Word promises it.
    (The book of Jude has some instruction on how to walk here)

    There are many more reasons as nuanced and varied as there are people in the world (Satan has been working on its weaving for a very long time) We should start with the things we can account for and pray for the opportunity to witness rightly and not to trip anyone up.

  17. I just wanted to interject a thought as to why non-believers refuse to come to God. Although the verse used with this blog was good. A more effective verse I think would be………………………..

    2 Corinthians 4:3-4 King James Version (KJV) It isn’t so much that they love their sin, it is more that they can’t see the truth.

    3 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:

    4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

  18. Well that was it in a nutshell. Sounds like loving sin is akin to loving money! You can’t have TWO masters. You’ll naturally love one more than the other… There are two aspects of my life that I’m “comfortable” with because one makes me feel good and also because there is no outlet or relief for the other. It’s not a sin that would still nations, but I see now that I’m comfortable with both b/c no one knows about one and b/c I like the other. I’m about 85% there elsewhere in my faith. It’s just those two things one of which I no longer feel guilty about it. I actually feel justified. In a way, I suppose it’s my way of being spiteful about that one failed area of my life. I do believe that the solution will resolve both of those issues, but I dunno how to fix it. I’ve asked for help, but Christians are too busy being social media gurus and posting encouraging words instead of being an encouragement. I self correct as best I can. Any way. I have confessed Jesus is Lord so I empathize with those who have not because the pull of their sin is so much more impressive than having peace from within…

  19. The reason u answered is because God is drawing u too him he wishes for everyone to be saved I admit I at times love my sin more than I do God but I DO love god

  20. “The Spirit is the one who gives life and the flesh doesn’t help at all. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  Yet some of you don’t believe.” Jesus knew from the beginning who wouldn’t believe and the one who would betray him.  He said, “For this reason I said to you that none can come to me unless the Father enables them to do so.”
    John 6:63 – 65 (CEB)
    Not every spirit roaming this reality is being restored. When Jesus was physically here, He was an expert at recognizing them, but even He “marveled” at the faith of some He didn’t at first suspect (Matthew, chapter 4). He explained the two types of spirits in Matthew, chapter 13.”

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “On Earth As It Is In Heaven.” iBooks.

    1. Post
  21. I am not a Christian. It could be nice to have discussions with Christians about why I believe what I do (or don’t). But you;ve already decided that no matter what I say, you will believe that my real reason is that “I love the dark more than the light”.

    You could save time for yourself and unbelievers by simply skipping the pretense of having a discussion or debate and just start (and end) the conversation by informing the unbeliever that they don’t believe because “they love the dark more than the light”.

    1. Post

      I’m willing to have a respectable and intelligent conversation with you Tom if you like. Please feel free to get in touch by clicking on the contact link and sending a message.

    2. What do you believe? And, Base off of what? In other words, what is your source of information or is it just what you believe.

      Your choices dictates who you are, also, your choice to accept or reject Jesus Christ has your Lord and Savior, will dictate where you will spend eternity when you die here on earth.

      Remember its your choices that determine who you are and where you will in up. Our choices has consequences!!!!

  22. In my opinion why people don’t want to follow Jesus:

    1, I just don’t need to – because I’ve got everything; I just don’t want to – I’m happy with my life
    2, Many of my friends around me are non-believers and they are all happy and nice guys – hard working, polite, being helpful, never get drunk…etc.
    3, I know some guys who are Christians but they are just as good, or worse than non-believers!
    4, There should be no disasters on the Earth and no one should suffer or die innocently, if there is a God
    5, All religious tell us to be good man anyway!!!
    6, I did something bad (classified as sin as according to the Bible), maybe lying, swearing at somebody, reading porns, etc. Nothing happened, nobody punished me, I’m still a happy man and can continue to live as is!

    I am a believer. I need Jesus.

  23. Nice comment peter,

    I think you missed probably the most common reason:

    My husband is an unbeliever because he thinks the idea of an imaginary man in the sky, who created everything is ridiculous. He says it sounds like a childrens story and is amazed that so many people have fallen for it!

    He proves this by quoting stacks of research papers on the creation and natural history of earth and space.

    He also says nobody reads “porns” any more – its all on line and you can even get it on your smartphone. Who knew sin is now portable?

    1. Sheena, please ask your husband if he is such a believer in science, then how can he explain how this universe came into existence 13.8 billion years ago? Did it come from nothing? How is it that evolution can explain the forming of life from nonlife when there is no observable experiment that can be made as proof?

  24. I accepted Christ, after wondering why my life was always in the toilet. I expected my life to change, but it didn’t. I spend many miserable years trying to get ahead and relying on God to pull me out of hell. He didn’t. I think the main point I am trying to make here is this. I expected God to do something for me, financially and or career wise. The truth is I was just miserable. I didin’t read the bible, and for the most part isolated myself. To this day, I cannot even remember most of this dark time in my life. I thought that being a Christian would somehow change my life. However, what I didn’t realize is that I blamed God for my bad decisions. As sincere as I was, I couldn’t understand what the real meaning of being a Christian is. After many years of pain and struggle, I fell completely away from God. I couldn’t see the merit in it and resorted to just doing what ever pleased me. I got married to the wrong man, and therefore had another ten years plus of misery. These were my decisions and to this day I believe that I didn’t seek the Lord for my decisions. Now after all of this, I did come back to Christ. But I couldn’t continue on the same path, for I felt that it didn’t work for the first twenty years of my adult life. I can tell you this, giving your life to Christ doesn’t mean that you won’t suffer. If you truly understand the walk and realiance upon Jesus, then the walk is much easier. Instead of wanting things from God, you ask God to direct what is best for you. Instead of making rash decisions, you ask for wisdom before acting. I think many people do not understand this principal. For God knows us all intimately. He understands our desires, but doesn’t give us what we ask for at the moment or even in the near future. But if we put our trust in the Lord, and ask God what he wants for us, then what ever he gives us, we will be happy with. In fact, when we trust Him with our lives, we end up really enjoying the ride instead of complaining what we don’t have.

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  26. peter guirguis,

    hi my name is julie. i have been raised by two very very good christian parents who really really trust Jesus. me on the other hand seem different. about 11 years ago i was asked by my dad if i was saved and i replied as usual, but it really bothered me. i was so scared that i couldn’t eat or sleep and i felt like i was going to die. i began to doubt everything, but i was also scared to doubt at the same time. i began thinking if there was a God or no, was there a Jesus or no?

    for the next 7 years i would be stationed alone in my room or at the library looking things up and gaining evidence for a God and for jesus. i started to question even the evidence that i had, everything became very confusing to the point i nearly went insane. then after the seven years i felt better and started living my life as usual. but now recently this is starting over again, but this time i seem to be slipping moreso than before. i know all the evidence, i know there is a God, and yet i am still not able to fully trust in Jesus as my saviour. i feel a pressure in my heart area when i think about these things. like my heart is trying to shield me from Jesus. i know i sin, but recently when worrying about these things, i felt like something left me, and i havent felt much of anything. i feel like i have been left to a reprobate mind, because i know all of the evidence and yet i have not fully surrendered. i am a wishy washy person, and i always catch myself making excuses. i no longer feel the love for my family like i used to, nor of animals like i used to. i am scared but at the same time i don’t feel anything.

    i guess what i’m asking is if there is still hope for someone in my position who knows all of the facts and yet still has not surrendered. when i read your reasoning on why people don’t come to christ, i felt like it was for me. people love sin more than God. i am a very nice and kind person to everyone who knows me. but inside i’m a rebelious person who makes excuses and disobeys almost all authority. i need godly people to pray for me to stop being rebellious and to come to jesus christ my saviour. i also keep catching myself thinking if i would just do this or that, then i could go to jesus and he will accept me, but i wouldn’t even accept myself after the things i’ve said and done to God in my heart. i know what faith is. i am also afraid that God has given me over because of what i am doing, and he will say ‘pray not for this person seeing i have rejected her.’ i am confused but i still know what the bible says. i have no conviction (rarely do i have convictions for anything). i kinda had it when i read your post about people loving their sin more than God. there are also times when i’m terribly scared, then all of a sudden it stops and i don’t feel anything. i think that maybe God is sending me delusion or has left me to my own devices, then i get very confused and have to stop and rethink. then i also think, if i’m being sent delusion, i’m not gonna know it. do i think that i can out think God’s delusion? He will not send me delusion unless He knows that i am without hopes of ever coming to Him by way of the cross.

    is there any hope for one like me? could you send bible verses with your reply?

    1. Yes Julie, there is plenty of hope for someone like you! I read your comment and I can relate to so many things that you wrote. Please use the contact link in the navigation on my blog to send me your email address and we can talk more about this in private.


  27. Awesome article! Love it. I always try to share the word of god with my friends. They are atheists. It’s not bad to share the word of god right??? Sometimes people tell me to just keep it to myself… but I can’t help it.

    1. Post
  28. The pharisees were great debaters too and saten trapped eve with a debate of sorts..why surely…..and Jesus himself was quoted as calling the pharisees a den of vipers..the exact entity that tempted eve many years before..The lord clearly stated that we have been chosen before the foundations of the world..and you haven’t hence the argument you raised..we have compassion because you are a non believer …you have a seed of hatred..compassion blooms to love and hatred blooms to death…choose life!

  29. Judah hung out with believers too…but wasn’t a true believer….once you have truly given your life over to the king of kings nothing can separate..believers are the first to say I’m a sinner! …but if we live in that sin…say sex before marriage….we are fully made aware of it buy the Holy spirt …because he is constantly drawing us nearer to God ..( truth) look around the universe on a beautiful day can let any person know that there something greater out there that created all of this it didn’t just blew out of LG even the scientists who call themselves unbelievers know that there is one thing out there that created all of this and they try daily daily to be like God why they can create a baby in a petri dish that’s pretty God like but they do it for all the wrong motives God created people to be creative with all the technology in the world if it was all done for the right motives we could feed the world we would have compassion but with the more technology comes more hatred now I’m doing what I was angry about in this post I am trying to convince you but you know what I am so thankful that the Lord chose me from the beginnings of the world I am loved and cherished I am wonderfully made and I cannot wait until the Creator reveals himself and bring his kingdom down to this earth we will still be working and having jobs we will still talk with the friends that we have today and it will all make sense and there will be no evil in this world while talk about a Hallmark movie I wish you luck my friend but please try Jesus again because you didn’t have him the first time because once you have them you know the truth and the truth set you free and you would never walk away from Jesus if you truly truly accepted him in your heart

  30. Wow. So the real reason that atheists (or anyone else) can’t believe in God is that we can’t be perfect. And in our “imperfection”, which was built into us (don’t bother arguing this because you can’t based on the totality of the biblical narrative), we owe a debt to the one who made us unable to be perfect. Why? Why would we owe anything other than a passing “thanks a lot” to such a being that would devise such a sadistic paradox? The very thing you have pointed out as why we don’t believe is one of my key reasons that there is *nothing* to believe in. If you indeed believe that billions upon billions of eternal souls will deserve eternal punishment for their inability to be perfect and to have problems with the concept of a petty, sadistic and horribly narcissist deity, then it is you who has the problem, not us. It feels pretty good to arrogantly side yourself with something that lets you be on the side of the “few”. That is not humility. That is not love. That is not “holy”. What is pure and beautiful is accepting that we are who we are, and it is up to us to make the best or worst of it, and that we don’t need to worry about pissing off a completely unseen and scientifically non-existent diety while we muddle through this life while he “sits” in heaven doing whatever the hell he doesn’t do.

  31. You really can’t see outside of your view can you. I don’t believe in your god for reasons that extend beyond your facile accusation that we just really want to live depraved lives. Take numbers 31:17 moses orders the destruction of the midianites all women (pregnant ones too) he says take amongst the little ones the boys and kill them and keep the ones who haven’t slept with men alive for yourselves. So basically little girls had to watch their whole family slaughteted, baby brothers and toddlers ran through and dashed to pieces then they were carted off and forced to “marry” the same men who did it which is rape by any standards. Then your god had 32 virgins consecrated (burnt) to him. He once burned 2 people alive for using the wrong incense with strange smoke he had not commanded then told their father not to mourn by rending his shirt or he’d kill him and descend a great wrath on all his people who had nothing to do with it. The Paul fellow you quote can’t get his story straight between him and Luke as to what allegedly happened when he supposedly met Jesus on the side of the road. Did they hear the voice see no light and remain standing or not hear a voice see a light and fall prostrate? If Jesus fulfilled the Isaiah prophecy about being born of a virgin how come it had NOTHING to do with him? The Immanuel kid was a sign to king Ahab or whoever that the 2 northern kings that were going to rise up and crush would be stubble before the child knew between right and wrong …. 650-700 year before Christ which might be why nobody ever calls him Immanuel. Why did Mary and her sons try to drag Jesus inside thinking he lost his mind? Did she forget the whole virgin birth? Why did Jesus say do not resist evil men but then he whips people and throws over their table in a manner that is remarkably like resisting me he deems evil. The list goes on and on and on. The Bible is straight up filled with gory rapey filthy gutter trash Bud.

  32. I am not a believer. I’m only 13. I may not think that believing will not make life better for me but my friend is a believer and he sticks to what he believes so for that reason, I think God is a great inspiration for the people who believe. By the way, the reason I found this site is actually because I’m writing an essay about Jesus Christ.

    1. Sorry I added an extra not in one of my sentences. I meant to wright “…think that believing will make life better for…” but even if, I’m glad you all have an inspiration that you look up to. Good luck on life and pray me luck for my essay.

    2. So Anthony you say that you are not a believer. May I please ask you if you have any kind of spiritual beliefs? And how come you chose to write your essay about Jesus Christ?

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