10 objections new age believers have and their answers

10 Objections Believers of New Age Religion Have to Christianity and Their Answers

Peter Guirguis Apologetics 25 Comments

[alert type=”success”]Free PDF Version: If you’d like a PDF version of this blog post to keep permanently, then click here please.[/alert]Do you know anyone that is a follower of New Age religion? I’m asking you this question because a few months ago, I shared my story of how I left atheism, and became a Christian. Ever since I shared my testimony, I’ve …

Christianity isn't an evil religion

Is Religion Evil? An Answer by a Former Atheist

Peter Guirguis Apologetics 26 Comments

PDF Version:  If you’d like a PDF version of this blog post for free, then please click here. Every once in a while, an atheist responds to one of my tweets by sending me some kind of picture of a horrific situation, and telling me that religion is evil. Usually, it’s a picture of a malnourished African child followed by …