Would you want to know if heaven is real?

Would You Want to Know if Heaven is Real?

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Thought having doubts if heaven is real meant you had to suffer worry and anxiety? Not anymore.

There are people who have near-death experiences. They claim to have gone to heaven and come back.

Are they telling the truth? One scientist with a Ph.D. set out to find the truth.

Here’s what he found while conducting his research.

Go Everywhere campaign 2015 by Yes He Is Christian Vision

30,013 Christians Will Share the Gospel on September 30. Will You Join Them?

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September 30th is going to be an incredible day. That’s because more than 30,000 Christians are going to be sharing the gospel on the Internet.

And guess what?

All these Christians are going to be sharing the exact same gospel message even though they live in different time zones, don’t know each other, and have never done it before.

How? Read this.