The Ultimate Evangelism Social Media Swipe File

The Ultimate Evangelism Social Media Swipe File

Copy and paste these 93 evangelistic social media updates so you can share them on Facebook and Twitter in seconds. 

  • Pre-made social media updates will help you save valuable time because you don't have to search for great evangelistic videos and articles -- we've done the hard work for you
  • Optimized to get the most clicks so the maximum number of your unsaved friends and followers will be clicking on the evangelism links
  • Online evangelism teams are standing by so you don't have to answer unbeliever's questions if you don't have time

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Your most personal questions about God, Christianity, and the Bible are answered so your doubts are elimated and your faith is strengthened

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We answer unbeliever's most difficult questions about God so you can be equipped to answer your unsaved friend's and family member's questions

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Receive free ebooks, downloads, and guides that'll help you save time sharing Jesus with unbelievers online

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So glad to have found you here! I so appreciate your blog and emails! So grateful for your godly help!

Charlotte Ryerson
John Doe UI/UX Designer

You have just given another solid evidence of God's existence, strengthening my faith in the very Creator. Thanks a lot Sir, I shall remain ever grateful to you for all these.

Uday Pratap
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I really want to share your blog posts 'coz I want people to realize what I just realized. Your blog is a mind-opener, indeed.

Karina Fuentes
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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Hi, I’m Peter Guirguis. I started Not Ashamed of the Gospel in 2011 to help Christians strengthen their faith in God so they’d be equipped to share their faith.
I’m on a faith journey learning how to tell others about the One person that always blows my mind — Jesus. I hope you’ll start your faith journey with me by learning more about what this blog has to offer.
The Ultimate Evangelism Social Media Swipe File

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